Image: Kotaku

Upon reflection, maybe it was a little too difficult to pick yesterday's game. After all there are so many things that it could have been.

So here's a second clue for you all, from the same game.

You shouldn't have too many problems now. And as an added reminder, here's yesterday's clue.

Image: Kotaku

Good luck!


    Jones in the fast lane

      Wow that takes me back. Loved that game.

        Played so much of it and don't think it is right but was my first thought

        Although this is Alex so it could be a cricket thing

        Last edited 20/10/16 1:02 pm

    Dayum, the list is short, cant figure out which it is though. Some football game, whether its PES, FIFA, or Madden I have no idea.

    I'm going with a FIFA game, but which one. FIFA 2005?

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