Image: Kotaku / DoubleLobe7

How are you well? Good? Fantastic. It's ScribbleTaku time.

We're going to start off the week with a reader submission, courtesy of DoubleLobe7. This one might be trickier than it seems, so good luck!

We'll have a few reader submissions this week as well. If you'd like to get in line and have your drawings featured here, email in!


    I know it's not, but... Star Trek: The Rebel Universe

    Seems very ominous that the picture is labelled 1. Has DoubleLobe7 anticipated our inability to guess and supplied further drawings for the rest of the week???

      Partly that, and partly the fact I remember a guest drawing starting out on the 3rd and easiest scribble instead of the hardest. Apparently mine wasn't as hard as I thought though

    What was Friday's ST? I don't think we ever got the answer

    Pod racer

    Pixel Junk Shooter

    Did someone guess the last one? I didn't see the solution.

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