Two and a haif was the first to correctly pick Blake Stone as yesterday's game, and they did it in good time too — under 10 minutes. Nice work. Planky's going to have to push you all harder next time.

But today is my turn. I haven't made an appearance in ScribbleTaku so far this week. You've all been doing so well, so it's time for a bit of a challenge.

I'm quite happy with my tracing on this one. I think I've gotten the likeness down well enough. Good luck! And don't forget to email in if you want your own scribbles featured.


    Body blows?

    Edit - there was also a robot fighting game from the early 90's, I think it was called 'one must fall' or something like that

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      Ome Must Fall 2097

        I.e. the game I spent way too long on as a kid.
        *quickly googles for emulator*

          You should be able to run it in DOS box. I had it on pc way back when. Great game!

            It runs fantastic in DOSBox, and there's even MUGEN ports and fan expansions as well.

              There's even wha?¿

              Awww that second question mark is supposed to be upside down. Looks fine when I type, but comes out like that in post :\

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                Maybe he got a little way into the phrase "and there's even a sequel" but it reminded him how terrible that sequel was and he gave up on it.

                  Nah, was just a broken link. Was talking about MUGEN ports and the things I brought up when I wrote about OMF2097 last year.

    One Must Fall 2097

      hehe was my first thought too ;) Beat ya by one min tho! (With full name any way. Credit should probably go to noobi if right)

    Came here to say One Must Fall but already beaten to it

    Definitely looks like One Must Fall 2097. Pick Raven, smash everyone else.

      Jaguar all the way mate. (Although Gargoyle was nuts if you played it right.)

    That city fighter game that appears on all those "popstation" type devices that ashens reviewed?

    Isn't it the first game that the Epic Games bloke created? Sorry I have forgotten his name

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      Your thinking of Tim Sweeney, and his first game was ZZT. One must fall 2097 was one of the games his company published, afaik.

    Damnit... first one I've known... OMF2097, looks like a Chronos vs Jaguar

      It's the Endurance icon you see on the training screen when you're in the tournament mode, although I think the Jaguar is the base silhouette for all of the icons.

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