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Wasn't One Must Fall: 2097 a great game? Everyone seems to have thought so, since it took about four minutes before everyone simultaneously picked it up.

But what memories. Still holds up today, OMF. Anyway, here's a new ScribbleTaku.

It's all about the reader submissions this week. And Planky's back, hoping this game hangs around until at least tomorrow.

(It probably won't. You're all pretty good at this by now.)

Good luck! And if you want to have your scribble featured, email in!


    not that mario paint game that was on that god awful kiddie game show in the 90's is it?

      You don't mean 'AMAZING' do you? that game show was horrid, I always felt I could beat any of those kids in Mario Kart... and they always ran past the keys!!!

        The main thing I remembered about A*Mazing was that right after the movie Free Willy came out every single kid's answer to "what do I want to be when I grow up" was "Marine Biologist".

    If there were eyes drawn on the paint cans I would say Conkers Bad Fur Day for the N64

    Chefmaster 2000?

    I dunno I'm feeling cooking game for some reason...or maybe that's just because I'm super hungry and lunch is not for another 3 hours... T_T

    Secret of Monkey Island 2?

      Yeh I was thinking it was the mugs getting melted by grog. Think that's Monkey Island 1 though

      Last edited 27/10/16 1:00 pm

    Pretty sure it isnt, but I keep coming back to Wizball with this one. Fairly sure that had 3 paint tins in a triangular pattern though, not in a line like this.

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