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Planky finally survived to the second day, but it didn't take long before people picked up his latest scribble as Street Rod 2. Nice work on spotting the difference with the 3D jerry cans, by the way.

So, new week. New scribble. This one isn't from me; it comes from Kotaku's commercial editor Tegan. Who is far, far better at drawing than I am.

Good luck! And email in if you want to see how long you can befuddle people.


    Instantly thought and no doubt instantly wrong but Assassins Creed 3.

    Ahh Shareware, how I miss thee

      Back when Epic Games was called Epic Megagames, and they wrote cheeky messages in the readme files about how you should support them with money. One Must Fall 2097 was probably the first game I bought as a kid after trying the shareware, probably long, long after they actually published it. I think the game came out in 1994 and I probably bought it in 1996?
      I can't remember how much it was or what form I sent the money in. I like the idea that a befuddled Epic staff member received some crumpled Australian currency that didn't remotely match the value of the game and just sent me the discs anyway.
      Don't know if I ever even finished the shareware demo on Jill of the Jungle, though I recall playing it a lot.

    came to say Jill of the jungle.
    realised i'm now over 12 hours too slow. RIP me

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