Shadow Warrior 2 Sees ‘Fourfold’ Sales Over First Game

Shadow Warrior 2 Sees ‘Fourfold’ Sales Over First Game

It’s a shame Shadow Warrior originally came out of 3D Realms and not id Software — a massive opportunity missed for a quad damage joke, I’m sure. Not that developer Flying Wild Hog needs to worry about failed wisecracks when Shadow Warrior 2 is hitting it out of the park commercially and critically, a fact well-evidenced by its “fourfold” sales boost over its predecessor.

The details can be found in a press release from publisher Devolver Digital and the studio, accompanied by the above video providing some “behind the schemes” information on the game’s creation.

There’s also mention of Flying Wild Hog’s plans for Shadow Warrior 2‘s future, including “free content drops” in the form the “Nobitsura Kage”, the signature weapon of protagonist Lo Wang; an “ultra-hard” challenge mode and co-op characters.

Everything is coming up trumps for these guys and honestly, it’s very much deserved.

Four Times as Much Wang: Shadow Warrior 2 Quadruples First Week Sales over 2013’s Shadow Warrior Reboot [Gamasutra]


  • Totalbiscuit slammed this game.

    I feel like he should just shut up sometimes. I mean this game has some issues, and I say “some” very lightly because I have not run into any myself.

    I think this game is a great FPS, more so than the latest Doom in my opinion. I mean the fact Totalbiscuit thinks they injected co-op and loot into the game because every other FPS has it…. I know I am right when I say they put co-op and loot into the game not because of a trend but because it makes the game fun, challenging and gives more customization to the game. I mean of course these things add $ to the overall sale because people like co-op shooters, but it’s done right, and when its done right its fun. Clearly he has some agenda against this game

    Don’t listen to his review, he has lost it on this one.

  • Selling well with 0 drm to boot. Now if other large publishers were paying attention and would stop wasting money on bad drms that would be great.

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