Skyrim, Then And Now

When people think of Skyrim, they often think of the PC version with all of the additional fan expansions, HD textures and all the other mods. But it's easy to forget that Bethesda's gargantuan dragon-slaying RPG came to PS3 as well.

Things have come a long way since then.

Over the weekend PlayStation Access uploaded a video comparing the graphical overhaul of the game from the PS3 to the PS4. While it won't come close to the level of absurdity that you can get with 2K texture packs and the like, it's a substantial upgrade.

Anyone looking forward to diving into Skyrim again this week?


    Played it, loved it and moved on. As much as I'd like to revisit it, there are other games I haven't played yet that I'd rather devote those hundreds of hours to.

    Well the PS4 version just needs to work since the PS3 version was such a mess.

    Haven't really played it since I first finished it. Fairly keen to jump in again. I don't think I finished any of the major expansions.

    I never really played this, for some reason. Pretty keen to get stuck in.

    With the mods situation, I'm thinking of going with Xbox One.

    After playing Witcher I can't go back to Skyrim. It's just a time sink.

      I should really finish W3.....

        I should finish W1, so I can get started on W2 and justify buying W3...

      I feel sorry for you. If your bar is now that high, you'll never enjoy another RPG again.

        Hahaha. Don't feel sorry for me. I played the Witcher. I have truly lived!

        And I've been trying to cut down on the RPGs for a while now. They're just too time consuming.

    Played 350+ hours back on the 360

    Will be picking it up on Friday for my XBONE (pity about the MOD situation on the PS4 but o well, will save up space) even though I have all the games to play.

    Can't wait to be a stealthy archer!

    I'll pass. Already invested probably 100+ hours of my life into that game, no need to go around again for the heck of it.

    If it was Oblivion Remastered I'd be all over it like a rash.

    Could you really go back to this after Witcher 3? I recently reinstalled it on my new PC with all the bells and whistles of mods and it was still an old and clunky snoozefest.

      yes, and at least for PC user's it's a free upgrade if you already have the DLC

      I agree. I was really impressed when it first came out but it hasn't aged well.

    So keen on this, I've been more excited for Skyrim than any other game this year. Probably the best fictional world created in a video game

      Probably the best fictional world created in a video game


        What's your favourite then and why? I've been playing Elder Scrolls since Morrowind came out and as much as I liked The Witcher, I don't think it the same kind of atmosphere, its flat in The Witcher. A hokey mediaeval world with pantaloons and drama plays.

          +1 Janedoe. Totally agree.

          Also, Skyrim allows me to create my own character, which for me is essential to the RPG experience (whether it be a tabletop RPG or on PC). As much as I enjoyed Witcher 3, truth is I don't give a fuck about Geralt of Rivia... in the same way as I didn't give a fuck about Commander Sheppard before him.

          In Skyrim I can forge my own legend ... not someone else's ... :)

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