Skyrim Will Get You Free Sweet Rolls In Sydney This Weekend

Skyrim Will Get You Free Sweet Rolls In Sydney This Weekend
Image: Bethesda

The best part of this might actually be the box.

It’s a Skyrim promotion that’s supported by Bourke Street Bakery, which has stores in Sydney’s CBD, as well one in Sydney’s south at Kirrawee, North Sydney, Parramatta, Alexandria, Banksmeadow, and Neutral Bay. All you have to do is wander in to any store from 10:00 AM on the weekend and ask for a sweet roll.

That’s it — no Skyrim Special Edition receipt required, no embarrassing Fus Ro Dah screams in public, or branding your body with Bethesda tattoos. It does say you can only get one per customer, and stocks are limited to what each store has.

If I were you, presuming you really want a sweet roll, get there at 10:00 AM sharp. There’s always queues at Bourke Street Bakery; imagine what it’ll be like when everyone knows you can get free rolls for breakfast.

Alternatively, you could make them yourself with a mixmaster! Read the recipe below, and use this video as a handy guide.

Hi Protein Flour 540gm
Butter Unsalted 270gm
Salt 10gm
Milk 190ml
Brown sugar 85ml
Yeast 20gm
Beaten Eggs 155gm

As for the glaze, you can buy fondant glaze at a nearby supermarket. If you don’t want to do that, just get 110 grams of icing sugar, 125 grams of glucose, 15 grams of water and half a gelatine leaf. (Or just bugger the glaze off and use, I don’t know, jam or custard instead.)


  • Why does it say ‘Bourke Street Bakery’ when it’s in Sydney?

    As a Melbournian, this confuses and infuriates me.

    • There’s a Bourke Street in Sydney. Not as well known as the one in Melbourne, but it does predate it by about a decade.

    • LOL, I guess you’d be driven insane by the knowledge that Bourke Street was named after NSW Governor Richard Bourke, who also approved and named the settlement of Melbourne 😉

      • Off topic, but I aways found it funny that one of the main roads out of Melbourne is Sydney Road. I wonder if that grinds their gears.

        • i’ve always appreciated how Brisbane was named after Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, the 6th Governor of NSW.

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