Some Battlefield 1 Players Are Sucky Squad LeadersĀ 

Some Battlefield 1 Players Are Sucky Squad Leaders

Being a squad leader in a Battlefield game can be intimidating. It's hard enough worrying about your own skin when there's tanks rolling around, mortars dropping, and baddies on the prowl. I get it. But some of you suck at doing your job.

Some of you are great squad leaders but for you clowns who are cowering in the trenches, here's some things you should know.

1. Give Orders, Dammit!

Some Battlefield 1 Players Are Sucky Squad Leaders

You're not a great leader if you're not giving orders. Issuing orders and directing your squad on the battlefield is essential. It's also super easy! I mean, look up above: I do it while riding a horse.

Just hold down your spot button to open up a menu where you can tell your team which objective to attack. On PC, this is the Q key. On PS4, hold R1. Xbox users can help their squad out by reassessing their life choices and actually playing on a decent platform.

Completing attack orders grants an additional 100 points. Over the course of a twenty or thirty minute Conquest match, these points will add up and help everyone in your squad level up faster. In Operations, coordination will help your team make a concentrated push against control points, maintaining your momentum and stymying the enemy.

2. Unlock Your Squads!

Some Battlefield 1 Players Are Sucky Squad Leaders

Unless you're playing with some friends, there's no reason to lock your squad. Not only are you potentially denying your team extra points but you're actually limiting the number of spawn locations. Squad members are able to spawn on top of their teammates instead of being forced to spawn at a control point of vehicle.

When the pressure is on an enemy control point, you need to get bodies there and you need do it fast by spawning on your squad. A locked squad like the one you see above accomplishes nothing. In fact, it actually helps the enemy. Players get an extra fifty points for wiping an enemy squad. If you are a one man squad, you might as well just be giving those points away.

3. Pick Your Class Wisely!

Some Battlefield 1 Players Are Sucky Squad Leaders

We all have our favourite classes and loadouts but being a squad leader means making the tough choices. Instead of hunkering down on the outskirts of the map and sniping folks with your brand new M1903, consider leading from the front as an Assault.

Medic and Support squad leaders are particularly useful. The ability to drop health or ammo will make sure your squad is always in tip top shape for your next charge at an enemy position. Bonus points to any Medics who revive downed squad mates as well.

Ultimately, I do think you should play the class that you are comfortable with and be where you think you can do the most good. That noted, squad leaders need to be adaptable and aware of what is required on the field. Don't be afraid to switch it up if your squad is in a bind.

These pointers should help you contribute during the battle if you find yourself thrust into a leadership position. Besides, if they ever implement Battlefield 4's mutiny system you'll have to do your best unless you want to be given the boot so you might as well get in some good leadership practice now.

Be active and audacious! Your team is counting on you!


    "Xbox users can help their squad out by reassessing their life choices and actually playing on a decent platform."

    Stopped reading this article right there.

    If you're going to do an article giving tips on how to improve their game, don't diss their console of choice. It's extremely juvenile, petty, and unprofessional.

      Its funny tho hehe

        It's funny, but also comes off as childish. I mean, you've basically alienated a large section of potential readership by doing that.

          When I had an xbox one I would have agreed. This isn't junior school and people should accept a joke and move on, I did. I used to make fun of myself for having an xbox one, I didn't get defensive about it. Its better to accept things and make fun of yourself in life.

          That's just the kind of thing an xbox lover would say.
          We don't take too kindly in these here parts.

      I think the fact that a joke about a video game console apparently upsets you is what's juvenile and petty.

      I agree, there shouldn't be any bias here for any console, quite unprofessional. We're all entitled to play on whichever platform we prefer. The article isn't even about consoles too...

      Last edited 22/10/16 3:23 pm

        It was professionally funny tho. Sorry.

        Not sorry.

      Same here. I am just glad that Heather Alexandra will never be in my squad.......

      Typical xbox fanboy. The truth hurts . Check the stats. Always more players on pc an ps4. Xbox players are immature! Not once since the move to ps4 has a 14yr old told me all about what he has done with my mother!

    Don't expect teamwork in Battlefield at all. Not expecting it just eases the frustration.

      It works when you have a good group. We had a full squad and bit more working together last night and didn't lose a single match thanks to good teamwork.

    How about adding in a tip for suad members? Such as 'STOP REQUESTING ORDERS WHEN I'VE ALREADY GIVEN YOU ONE!'

    The locked squad thing is unfortunately a default setting if people are in a party. You have to manually unlock it and a lot of people don't realise it.

    The squad orders thing is infuriating though. If I'm squad leader I'll spam the orders. You get SO many points. Whereas all my matches today, I've had to message the guy telling him we all get a crap load of points, and all he has to do is point at an objective. Half of them still don't.

      Yeah, it's a bugger, happens all the time. I find that not only does it give you more points, it gives your squad a common goal, which is quite powerful with the right squad. Unfortunately most people play as lone wolves. In these situations I find a new squad or make my own - not difficult to tap Q on likely objectives, and as you said - it's a points bonanza!

    On a mildly related note I think they need to tinker with the squad spawn system. Becomes quite a chore exterminating an entire squad that can spawn on eachother relentlessly. Especially frustrating to be killed by someone who just spawned in, no less. I reckon they should change it to ye olde spawning system where you can only spawn on the squad leader. Promotes gameplay where your CO is the most valuable target.

    Having a good squad makes a massive difference in gameplay. Was running with a great squad last night, plenty of revives and heals, covering fire, achievable orders. Having a blast with the medic class and support. Using mortars on rush is great fun.

    I find its the squad members that suck the most like the ones on the opposite side of the battlefield constantly asking for orders............ if you are a squad member STICK WITH YOUR SQUAD LEADER! I know marking objectives gives squad points and that is fine but sometimes we forget to mark objectives, but if the squad was actually playing as a squad its an unnecessary action.

    there is also a horrible bug that enables squad members to spawn on a dead squadmate a few seconds after they die, WITH might i add spawn protection. there is nothing worse than taking someone down seeing their body on the ground and then another squad member spawning off them while you unload the last half of your clip into their chest dealing no damage and then them noticing you spent a whole cartridge into them and knifing you to death....

    Apart from those whines and with the major letdown bf3 and 4 were bf1 truly is the best battlefield game since battlefield 2 for me

    Last edited 22/10/16 6:06 pm

    Its quite funny to see those portrait shots of the tommies and doughboys, all striking hangdog gangsta poses.

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