Some Good News And Bad News About The Mini-NES

Some Good News And Bad News About The Mini-NES

Most NES games do not hold up very well, but that won’t stop me from getting excited over the Mini-NES, a palm-sized device from Nintendo that gives you 30 classic games for $99.95. Today’s news: It will come with save states, digital manuals and a selection of graphical settings. In a press release (and new trailer) this morning, Nintendo said that the sleek new system will let you maintain up to four different suspend points for each game. You’ll also be able to see the original NES manuals by scanning QR codes that appear on your screen. And each game will be playable in three display modes: CRT filter (which adds a scan-line effect), 4:3 (which maintains the original aspect ratio) and Pixel Perfect (which turns every pixel into a perfect square).

The bad news? Bob Mackey over at USGamer got hands-on time with the system, and he has two nitpicks that will likely be very, very annoying: 1) The controllers are wired, and the wires are very short; and 2) in order to use save states or switch games, you have to hit the Reset button on the console. There’s no “home” button functionality on the controller.

Here’s the new trailer:


  • Almost like how both models of the Sega Master System had it’s PAUSE button on the console

  • Most games dont hold up? Are you crazy! Yeah NES had some bad games but even then, a bad nes game is still for the most part more playable than a bad xbone/ps4 game.

    And there are plenty of essential classics! The biggest issue is no cart slot 🙁

    • A bad nes game is in no way more llayable then xbox or ps. Nes was the wild wesf for bad unplayable games. That being said there’s still a large number that have held up incredibly well due to the simplicity and pure gameplay and design that made them great

  • That’s a non-problem for me you just need to be in arms length of the console, i have a 24″ screen I’ll be playing it on so everything will be close.
    Maybe an extra long hdmi cable will be handy for it on a large tv and loungeroom.

  • I decided to order mine from the UK. Only $75 inc postage. Now they are just trying to make sure everybody gets one.

    Nintendo would be mad not to do a SNES classic after this.

    • Maybe that will be next Christmas? Especially if this one sells like hot cakes.
      Heck, they could even do an N64 one, the components would be pretty cheap these days.

      Licensing would be the only issue you’d run into when wanting to include all the hit games. Rare made a lot of awesome ones.

      • I’d be all for a SNES and N64 – I can see them doing the SNES but not the N64 sadly.

  • A simple solution to accesing the home screen from the controller without adding a home button could have been just to get players to press start + select together.

    I still think Nintendo not allowing any further games to be added to the system seems like a massive missed opportunity on their part.

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