Sony Announces New Third-Party PS4 Controllers

Posting on the Playstation Blog, Sony showcased two new controllers by Razer and Nancon that will be released sometime this year.

The first is the Razer Raiju. It is designed for "conquering professional esports tournaments" which sounds pretty hardcore for a controller. There's a few features that will add to your experience:

  • Two extra bumpers and two extra detachable triggers
  • Built-in control panel on the front of the controller
  • Trigger-stop switches and hair trigger mode for ultra-fast trigger responses
  • Two custom profiles which you can instantly switch between and modify
  • 3.5mm headset jack and dedicated headset volume and mic mute controls
  • Detachable analogue stick rubber caps which provide extra grip during intense gaming sessions
  • Compatibility with all PS4 systems via the braided 3m-long USB cable — detachable for easy storage.

Extra triggers are one of my favourite things about the phenomenal Xbox One Elite controller and I definitely like having volume control built right into the controller. Unfortunately, the controller itself is pretty ugly. Look at this thing:

The Razor Raiju

The triggers seem pretty big and that mic control panel gives it this weird little controller butt that doesn't seem too great. Those analogue caps seem pretty snug though.

If you're looking for something a bit more aesthetically pleasing but still customisable, there's also the Nacon Revolution Pro controller. It has the following features:

  • 46° amplitude dual analogue sticks, enhanced with innovative firmware for advanced esports accuracy and reach
  • Four extra shortcut buttons
  • Eight-way directional pad
  • Four custom profiles — all configurable via the companion PC application, enabling players to: Re-map buttons, assign macros to the four shortcut controls and adjust analogue and trigger sensitivity
  • Two internal compartments with six additional weights — for a tailored balance and feel
  • Compatibility with all PS4 systems via the 3m-long secure connection USB cable — detachable for easy storage.

Having multiple profiles and settings seems pretty swell if you're really into some diverse games, and I'm digging the adjustable weights. Having a controller that feels balanced in your hands makes a major difference. And as stated before, it just looks nicer too.

The Nacon Revolution Pro

The analogue placement isn't as tight at the Naiju or the Dualshock 4 but making the D-Pad eight way compared to the standard four gives some better control to folks who don't always prefer analogue controls. It's also shaped a bit like a boomerang, which means you can throw it at the wall in frustration and it will come right back to you.

You can check out the Nacon Revolution in more detail here. You can sign up for notifications about the Naiju's availability here.

I'm a huge fan of the Dualshock 4 but the lack of a first party version with the customisability of the Xbox Elite has been an ongoing disappointment for me. The Naiju and Revolution seem like pretty good options for players looking for a little more from their Playstation controllers.

[Playstation Blog]


    These look cheap and ugly. The best thing I ever did was buy an Elite Xbox One controller, by far the best investment.

      does it work on ps4?

        There is a way to sue the Xbox One Elite controller on PS4, but it's kind of complicated. Don't know if it's worth the trouble.

    On the plus side being officially licensed means you're not going to have to worry about future firmware updates blocking them. Other than that.... eh.... I'd love an elite controller for PS4 but neither of these are at that level.

    Yeah, I'm not sure about these. I was personally hoping for an official first party PS4 Elite controller, but I know their VP of Hardware ruled that out.

    Eh, guess I'll continue using my Battle Beaver (terrible name, awesome controller).

      Thanks for putting me on the Battle Beavers (lol).
      Can you tell me - Do they use a standard DS4 controller as a base for the customisation or is it their own version?

        No problem, they're an awesome small company (with a terrible name haha).

        They use official first party DS4s as a base, unlike Scuf. Their build quality is much, much better. I've had a couple of Scufs, and they've both broken. No such issues with the Battle Beaver.

    Look like garbage and no wireless. half arsed attempt at Xbox Elite controller.

    Unfortunate, if Sony invested in a first party controller of the same quality as the Elite, I would def buy.

      Razer mainly focus on pc, this controller features most of what their sabertooth model does, the lack of wireless is actually a feature, better connection and no chance for any interruptions due to interference or battery.
      yes it was very disappointing that sony never attempted the elite design it self, but ive bought scuf controllers for both ps3 and ps4 so it was never really an issue. the only issue i see with these controllers will be the price tags. for comparison, locally a ps4 controller is $78 and the razer pc controller i paid around the $80 mark, so realistically im hoping for nothing higher than $130..

        I get that a wired controller can be a benefit, but they're making a controller for a console audience so having a wireless / wired option would probably make it more appealing to a larger portion of that audience.

        I've had a bit of Razer PC gear in the past and NEVER AGAIN. Very average build, bad drivers, horrendous customer support (or complete lack of) and hugely over-priced. They will never get another cent from me.

    i dont know if i like the idea of having programmable macros on a controller

    could anyone tell me what's so good about xbox elite controller?
    i mean, personally ive tried both and i prefer dualshock
    but most things i read online, other people prefer xbox?

      In the words of my good friend Boris

      Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov: Heavy is good, heavy is reliable

    Razer Raiju December 9th, JB Hi Fi exclusive, $229 (AUD). According to JB email I just got

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