Star Citizen’s Singleplayer Campaign Delayed

Star Citizen’s Singleplayer Campaign Delayed

Star Citizen’s singleplayer campaign module, Squadron 42, has been officially delayed into … well, the future.

The move was announced (via Kotaku UK) on the Citizencon livestream, an event for fans and backers of the ambitious space shooter. No revised release date was given, and given the reasons stated — that many levels for the game are still in a preliminary “grey box” stage — who knows when that date would be.

It’s hardly surprising news. Most people would have expected this delay, since it’s now October 2016 and Squadron 42 has never looked or sounded like it’d be formally and finally released between now and Christmas, but official news is still official news.


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  • At this point I’d be more worried if they met their deadline. I was originally going to build a top-end computer for this mid this year to coincide with one of the releases (probably the original release date or something, can’t even remember now) but instead spent that money on a holiday expecting this to be continually delayed into early 2018.

    Now that the single player is their priority to finish first, I feel pretty comfortable about being about to save up again.

  • Please feel free to mention any other parts of the CitizenCon livestream, rather than just pinpointing things that make great clickbait articles.

    • The funniest moment for me was after those dudes droned on for 45 minutes about forums/chat there was a video sequence… which turned out to be an elaborate advertisement for the $750(!) Polaris. “War Bonds” indeed….

      The beginning of the stream looked like a pitch to potential investors. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was where it was aimed, given that they talked about community engagement, forum topics and post numbers etc.

      Then there was that bit where they had Tusken Raiders. Who stood there shooting at the player while they were sniped one by one.

      Then there was the bit where they had the worm from Dune (which spazzed out and disappeared at the end).

      Speaking of disappearing, the massive sand storm that approached turned out to be nothing more than a zephyr, disappearing almost instantly it reached the player’s position.

  • The stream was a shocker. 45 minutes talking about new forums/chat system? No game play for S42? No Star Marine? No 2.6? No confirmation 3.0 will be out this year as promised?

    Instead, Roberts went full retard and started talking about 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 4.0!

    The planet stuff looked cool, but it was obviously staged.

        • It’s a combination of hand crafted and procedural with the major benefit of the tech being able to load the terrain at runtime thanks to the procedural generation.
          I’m not sure how that relates to being staged? It was a purpose built demonstration if that’s what you mean?

          Considering they said that one of their major blockers was AI I’m not surprised the AI was shoddy.

  • This is looking more and more like the Chris Roberts Retirement Fund and less and less like something that will actually release. As an original backer, this is all a bit shit.

  • Honestly how can any stage still be at grey box or concept stage? Chris Roberts stated he and a select few had started dev in 2011, then started asking for funding in 2012. During initial crowd funding they stated a late 2014 delivery for single player, it’s now late 2016 and it’s time to focus on squadron 42… so glad I got my money back, if it ever eventuates into what was originally promised, I might buy it but I won’t hold my breath, late 2018 is my guess.

    And oh my god, according to their website they took in another 1.5 million dollars in crowd funding yesterday… a fool and his money and all that..

    • Sunk cost fallacy. “I’ve already sunk $5000 into this project and if I don’t spend another $750 to support it then the project might fail altogether and I’ll lose my $5000.” Plus, by giving more I’ll look like a hero and can big-note myself to fellow cultists.

  • After all the trouble we have had in recent years with early access games ending up as junk why are so many people still throwing money at this?

    It’s not even like they should need it, the furthest stretch goal has almost been doubled.

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