Surprise, Star Citizen Still Looks Good

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Given how inordinately gargantuan the scope of Star Citizen is, it's not a huge surprise that when everything starts to come together, it starts to look very enticing. Especially when there's a sandworm involved.

Uncut footage of the planetary gameplay shown off at this year's CitizenCon has been uploaded in 60fps, instead of the choppier and more interlaced live showing. It's also not interlaced and doesn't have any commentary from the stage presentation, giving you a better idea of what the in-game experience might be like.

Looking good so far. There's still quite a way to go, of course, and it'll be really interesting to see what happens when the first full star system is released with version 3.0. And there's always the singleplayer component, Squadron 42, although we won't see that this year. But there's still hope that we will see one of SQ42's 60-plus missions before the end of the year, which should be good fun.


    Don't get your hopes up about this being good...seeing that no mans sky was a flop ( and we all saw how much they bullshitted about that), chances are this will be a shit show as well so don't get to hyped.

      Yeah I know. If people go in expecting mediocre they might be pleasantly surprised, but I wouldn't talk this thing up too much...

      We didn't get to play the beta of NMS, we are getting updates and bits and pieces of SC.

      With this post you have lost all credibility and deserve to lose your posting privileges for comparing no man's sky to star citizen, didn't half the people shit posting star citizen say how great NMS would be over SC, not even eating humble pie but going straight to saying SC is the next NMS, you know NMS could take a leaf out of SC's book and spend a couple more years in the oven till it's ready, regarding procedural planets , everyone seems to want them and then some people get pissy when they realise that when you've seen 1 planet in no man's sky, you've seen most of it already. Be careful what you wish for.

        Yeah NMS was a fail. But there is nothing wrong with procedural if it's used properly.

        The trouble with shit like NMS is, just because you can make a procedural universe with 92834759287435 planets, doesn't mean it's fun. You actually have to build game play and interesting things into that huge universe.

        And not in the way NMS did... as in, build very little gameplay and very few interesting things, then flood every planet with them - so they become boring in less than an hour.

    Uh oh, procedural planets. We all know how that ended last time...

      Thay are starting with that as a base and then manually touching up and adding man made structures.

        I think that's the way to do it, although doing 100 systems' worth of planets might take a while, even if each system only has one planet.

          Only 1-2 planets per system will be habitable to the point of sustaining life. The rest will likely just be PG planets they can rely on algorithms to build without needing to touch up.

          So they'll be able to spend more time on the important planets and leave the Gas Giants and Dwarf Planets up to a randomizer.

            Yeah, they'd have to. Could you imagine hand placing assets on and writing content for thousands of planets?! Even 100-200 planets is going to be an amazing feat. I remember Mass Effect with planetary landings. There were hand-placed assets and content but it was really sparse and simple. Stuff like stumbling upon an ambush site or a pirate base.

              But then with planets they only need to design the hubs and other POIs. I would imagine there would be a plan for player housing where the players would build and place their own pre-fab housing.

                Even then... Look at games like Witcher 3, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution - these games have hubs of varying detail and size. The one thing that they have in common is that these hubs number in the single figures in each game. The biggest challenge from what I've read and heard about designing hubs, is getting them filled with meaningful content by the writers. Sure, plonking down a variety of standardised shops etc is not too hard, but putting in localised quest lines is another story. They had to cut at least one hub from Deus Ex Human Revolution because the writers simply weren't going to have enough time to do it justice.

                Now with Star Citizen you are talking about 100 hubs minimum for the planets, plus other hubs on space stations and asteroids etc. The way I see it, there are two choices: have barebones hubs with little to no unique content in each one, or do justice to all the hubs and take another 5 years to fill them with content. Even if Roberts goes for the latter option, he'd need to seriously hire a lot more writers. I guess there may be a third choice, to which you alluded, which is doing barebones and giving players the tools to populate the hubs. This isn't really an option without also giving players the tools to author quests and stuff. I'm not saying it can't be done, as games like Mirror's Edge Catalyst have done similar things, but it carries a huge degree of risk where players have the ability to permanently alter the game that others experience. It could turn out a lot like EVE Online in that respect.

      The editor demonstration gives a good example of what they can do with it.

      Procedural planets are only a small part of Star Citizen. Wheras it was 90% of the content in that other game. Big difference

    Shai Hulud cares not for your Dragonflies.

      It is by Roberts' will alone he sets development in motion. It is by the juice of the backers that development acquires speed, the builds acquire bugs, bugs become a warning. It is by Roberts' will alone he sets development in motion.

    This might be an okay game by 2027 when it comes out.

      Yes, you can wait until 2027, the rest of us will enjoy the game about 10 years before you do.

        If it actually comes out next year in a fully complete form then I'll be stunned. Star Citizen is basically Scope Creep: The Game.

          I reckon around 2019 honestly is when it will legit come out.

    Is this going to be the first game that need 1TB of storage?

      Procedurally generated generally means not that huge of an install as the maps are generated on the fly...but i would imagine it'd still be a huge install (50GB+)

        They've stated several times that it's likely to be over 100gig so we'll see.

    We'll see when this comes out, but I'm really starting to wonder if a game like this will ever be good. I'm concerned that the very nature of huge expansive space to explore means huge expanses of travel to be bored by. Large amounts of similar looking mountains, and then if the random events are irritating (which they often are in many games), this serves to make it all the more tedious.

    I'm not saying it won't be good, I really don't know. I want to it to be fun, but every game like this has lost me as soon as it comes out.

      Spend the 50 bucks or whatever it is now buying the base game and put your ideas to make that actually fun on their forums, if it's awesome enough people will back you to get it in the game

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