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    It's that time of year again! Pax is almost upon us so, I need to know, Are you coming to pax meat?

      Ooh I was wondering when this would come up :D What are the details?

        Saturday the 5th, 7pm to 1am (or something like that) at Backlot. No price at this point in time

      Not sure about Mrs Tigs or Tiglet at this stage. Might see if we can get a babysitter but not sure

        Alright, just let me know

      We're at the exact same place we were at last year due to hugely positive feedback.

      We'll be at the Backlot - 7pm to 1am on the Saturday of PAX.

      In terms of pitching in for the costs to book this place, we'll be providing that a bit later once we get the details more nailed down on that part.

        Are we looking at the $35 ballpark again?

          Depends on the numbers that say "yes", really. The more that confirm that they're coming along, the more the overall cost per person spreads (Meaning less per person), but $35 will be the very most we'll ask for per person.

            No worries, knew it wasn't all locked down but wasn't sure if prices were greater than last year or whatever. Also figured a ballpark would be helpful for new people who didn't make it last year so they know what they are saying yes to

              at the moment, we have 15 confirmed and it's $66 PP. So Invite everyone and tell everyone! Only YOU can make it cheaper =P

                Oh good. Mark me down and email through or hit me up on Twitter for where I need to pay for stuff.

                  That's not the final price. You can pay on the night, or pay Techie via paypal

      Only if someone takes a laptop and a webcam... :(

        i don't have those. Maybe someone else will

      Craaaaaap I completely forgot about it or to even think about accommodation.

      Hi @scree! I'm hoping to be in town for PAX. I'm currently living overseas, but intend to be back in early Nov for a short vacation.

    Anyone who has had the PS4 random eject problem stop and watch this:

    Turning the screw, removing the button and rubber foot can only be temporary fixes. This is the definitive way to fix that problem. Saved my ass on the weekend. Spread to anyone you know who has had the problem.

    Had to put our dog down on Saturday after his gut shut down. It was sad, but he was 18, which has to be some kind record for a fox terrier.

    He went blind several years ago, but was chasing the neighbours chickens just last week.

    He had a pretty good life.

      Aw man that's sad, sorry to hear! But 18 is a great age for a dog! What kind of dog was he?

        Little fox terrier. We had a lab which died at 12, but this little guy kept on truckin'. I think the smaller dogs tend to do better.

        I'm thankful that neither of them suffered during their lives, no significant injuries, arthritis, or hip issues.

      Sounds like he had a big heart for a little dog. Sorry for your loss

      It's strange when they go blind. You get used to them just needing a little help getting around but ultimately being happy and still themselves. My dog was fine for years just wandering around bumping into things, so it was a bit of a shock when her legs gave out and there was nothing I could do. I felt like I should have been able to make a little adjustment, give her more attention and go on like normal.

    Whee another week of TAY. How was everyone's weekend?

    I myself had a pretty good weekend, worked both days but that's alright i've been enjoying the money I get from it, ha. Even if I did wake up late Saturday morning >_> did make it to work on time, but still!

    Also disappointed the lightning port on my iPhone 6S has become loose to any lightning cable, for something that is only 6 months old pisses me off. Was chatting to the apple bloke at JB about it he said take it back to where I purchased it and ask for a refund and buy an iPhone 7 for the same price, I like his thinking. But i'm not overly sold on the taptic home button on the 7, it doesn't feel natural unlike the track pad on the 2015 MacBook which feels like a real button when clicked.

    Apparently I've played the original Drysdale Ex for over an hour.

    I've beaten the tutorial & died twice in the first level.

    I think I might like it, but yeah....tune will tell I guess.

    Just found out how to set tactics for individuals in Pillars of Eternity after 3 hours. Will cut out a lot of the micromanagement, I will make progress faster now.

      Now we play the autocorrect game...

    One more week til I go back to work hopefully! w00t!

    Also, if you haven't done so yet, check out my new song! (NSFW lyrics)

    Let me know what ya think! Share with ur friends! :D

    My weekend was good. Had my brother's up for the weekend, that included a concert, a distillery, Boardgames and Games night with some outher friends(where my name was decided to be Lionel Cupcake McNef). Then yesterday I took them to the station and spent the rest of the day playing Star Trek online with @Saturday . I am finally Vice Admiral, can't wait to crack the next rank :D

    Aside from my front yard becoming a bit of a swamp thanks to a clogged drain pipe, my weekend went pretty well. Played some 40K Chaos RPG on Sunday where the players are gearing up to start building a psychic brain tank because a daemon engine is just too dangerous. A friend of mine is potentially looking to start up a Call of Cthulhu game which I really want to get in on but I might end up joining a Star Wars game instead. Too many games, not enough time.

      Nothing could possibly go wrong with a psychic brain tank... :)

      You've reminded me that we need to get our gutters cleaned out...

        Yeah it's a nasty sight and smell at the moment so I wouldn't want anyone else to be in the same spot. Hopefully my body corporate doesn't drag their feet on this one and gets it cleared before the next rain.

    Has anyone bought or sold old dungeons and dragons books recently? Thinking about offloading a bunch of 3.5e books, since we aren't ever going to play 3.5e again. Looking at prices online, they range from the very cheap ($15 for the entire core set, used), to the obscenely expensive (saw Book of Exalted deeds for GBP55).

      Depends on the quality. I would say if you've kept them in good condition I reckon you could easily sell them for about $20-30 each. Finding a buyer who wants them is going to be the tricky part.

      Last edited 26/09/16 12:24 pm

        That's what I'm expecting, but who is going to buy them? New players? As a DM, I'd point them toward 5e or Pathfinder. Group still playing 3.5e? Might be able to sell a couple of the sourcebooks, but I'd expect any group that's been playing one edition for 15 years to probably have a pretty big collection. I see them for sale, I just have no idea who's buying them.

    So the weekend was nice.
    Went home fairly early on Friday night so we went for a walk and got some Milk for Tiglet and some beer for me. Ended up staying up late (it was after midnight *gasp*) playing far cary 3 and drinking beer. Was nice as I hadn't done that for a bit.
    Saturday morning we decided to go out as the rest of the weekend was meant to be quite wet. Just did some walking and a trip to the cafe. played a chunk of MPQ and otherwise just chilled out at home.
    Sunday we took her big ball to the park and did some running around. The the in-laws invited us around for pizza dinner so we went and tiglet had a play with her cousins. Got home and played more space food truck as well as more MPQ. Was ranked 4th in the current round when I went to bed so hoping for a top 10 result.
    Just a nice relaxing (mostly) family weekend. How was your weekend, busy or relaxing?

      I took Batboy to the drive-in with his cousins to see the pet movie. They didn't watch that much, and preferred wrestling in the back of the kluger (3 little boys 6, 5 and 4) while my sister and I ate their popcorn :)

    The discussion we didn't want to have.

    What do you want to happen to Talk Amongst Yourselves? TAY isn't really the gargantuan beast that it used to be -- last week it only got up to two pages in total, which I imagine would be a bit heartbreaking for people who have been around here from the beginning.

    I said I'd fire up a chat with everyone before making any changes, and this is that chat. What would you like to see happen? I have some ideas of my own -- perhaps converting it into a morning Off Topic, and changing Off Topic on Tuesdays to something else -- but I want to see how everyone feels about it before doing anything.

      unfortunately, most people have moved to twitter, so you may want to ask on there too

      Personally I like TAY, but would like to see it last for maybe 2 weeks rather than 1 week.

        Maybe we could trial month long tays?

          I'm just a bit concerned that without the Monday morning fresh start to spur people into talking it may get quieter.

        If it stays at this kind of level, I can see that working! It would be a shame to see TAY disappear, given it's one of the longest running things on this place, but I understand things have to change sometimes.

          No! We can never change anything, ever! =P

      I think it can become a fortnightly update until at least the end of 2016. The daily Off Topic sounds like a good plan.

      I don't like the idea of doing a daily off topic. I think that would make the problem worse as there is no incentive to have longer conversations if it is just going to be wiped each day.
      Leaving it go for a fortnight might make it more useful and have weekend posts be more viable as people can check on Monday and continue the discussion.
      The other super important part of tay is as a support network and having somebody be able to post and people who only check occasionally be able to see and offer support is good.

        The support network aspect part is what I'm most wary of, since I'd loathe to damage that in any aspect. We'll see what the response is like at the end of the week, but leaving it up for a fortnight seems like a very reasonable measure so far.

        Agreed with tigs, prefer a longer TAY than a daily off topic.

        Edit: Giggity, who says size doesn't matter ;)

        Last edited 26/09/16 4:51 pm

        I'm with @tigerion on this one. TAY's purpose for me was always an area where longer-term discussions happen, rather than just the daily stuff. Agree that TAY needs to last longer before it's reset. Could try fortnightly or even monthly.

      Hmmm. What if instead of reposting TAY with the While You Were Sleeping article it went up around 11AM?

      The old community awards where Mark would give out promo goodies that had been sent to the office seemed to spur interest in TAY and general discussion. I assume it was dropped because it was too time consuming and expensive to pick the winners and ship everything, but maybe we could brain storm a more practical alternative?

        The biggest issue I saw with Kudos is that it was often the same people being rad. Which I guess isn't an issue.

        Also it being weekly was a pain for @markserrels to manage I think? I wonder if it was monthly or something it'd work?

          Yeah it's a bit hard when you've already got a community full of good people. Even if you take a bunch of regulars out of the running it's really hard for anyone to stand out when being good is just sort of how people are in here. Nobody needs an incentive to be nice they just need a reason to post.
          I think fortnightly might work better than monthly since it's purpose would be to promote TAY activity. Even with Alex already reading lots of comments and TAY members reporting good ones to him that's a fair bit of work just to decide the winners.

      Back in the long-long ago when every comment was individually approved, we were lucky to get a second page.

      I'd walk a mile in the snow...


        I had to post uphill in the snow and if I didn't post often enough they would beat you with an oar.

          if I didn't post often enough they would beat you with an oar.

          I think you just saved TAY. To the oar store!

        I miss the good ol days of having to refresh every 10 mins to see if there was new replies! As handy as auto moderation is at times, it did its part in keeping me here ;)
        I have to shoulder part of the blame for TAY becoming what it did, along with Chuloopa and Qumulys. I don't think any of us ever expected it to blow out to become what it did ;)

          I can't access Tay at work & doing it on my phone is painful

            I can access TAY at work, but would prefer to do it on mobile... But it's horrendously laggy and glitchy. Right now righting this comment I can type about 20 words before it catches up. Editing when the responsiveness is that bad is just too much work.

            Yeah I rarely have time to check it at work when I'm there. Back when I started chatting in here oh so many years ago, I could easily sit in here and check from time to time throughout the day, but my current job is a little too hectic to have that luxury. That's partly why I haven't been in here as much, cos when I'd get home, and see like 4+ pages of stuff every day, it was all just a bit too much. Seems much more manageable now :)

          How's things going at your end by the way?

            Not too bad thanks! On the mend, and should be heading back to work next week! Had some minor issues last week, but looks like they passed thankfully, so it appears that everything is still on track for the moment :)

      A massive TAY recruiting campaign and promotion, involving PAX Meat, half a sausage roll and a party popper.

      Also, fortnightly.

      The barrier for entry on mobile is getting pretty horendous, which makes it harder to bother checking in more often. I do 99% of my internet browsing on mobile these days.

      Access - I just had to scroll through 4 pages of auto load more articles just to find TAY, and I pretty much give up if it's a weekend since the browser caching gets kinda screwy if I have to go past page 5 / set 1. Maybe a more direct access path like a permanent URL for the current one?

      Ads - The 'Promoted Ads by Taboola' feel like they've multiplied every time I come back (seriously, there's enough there on this page now to fill my screen 5 times before I get past them), and they always seem pretty obnoxious or irrelevant. Especially annoying is when TAY does get to multi page and I open TAY, select latest page and it loads an ad into the place where I chose 'Last Page' and opens the ad link instead of the page. Happens far too often to just be a small chance timing window.

      Video ads - part of the way I'd use TAY is to take part in a conversation, then go browse a few articles and keep an eye on the user prompt at the top for replies. Those auto play video ads embedded in the middle of articles are killing that - it's unnecessary bandwidth burn and it stops any music / audiobook / podcast I'm listening to. While those ads are in play, this is the last site I want to browse, which then means less time in contact with TAY.

      I just can't be bothered dealing with a lot of these issues when Twitter is so immediately accessible these days. Improving the mobile friendliness and ease of use would certainly go a long way to bringing a bit of the old glory back to TAY.

        Curious whether this is part of the mobile site or if the full site is bad too? Just wondering because I only have Opera Mini available in terms of mobile browsers that aren't chuggy as fuck on my phone, and it gives me the desktop page where it's a fairly painless experience for the most part (though getting replies to stick can be nearly impossible). Though the edit button doesn't appear for me any more so I need to switch to Mobile to access those, and god damn those taboola link image things are friggen GIGANTIC.

    Fired up Cities: Skylines, aka Traffic Simulator 2015, again on the weekend - after a few tries at starting cities, I finally ended up with positive cashflow and can start working towards creating and clearing bottlenecks.

      I only ever seem to create bottlenecks... I can easily get positive cash flow, enough to cover the first wave of deaths, but then traffic just becomes a snarl and I burn through stupid amounts of cash trying to fix it... and fail.

        The major trick I've learnt is to leave lots of room around your major connections so you can upgrade as required. This time around I just put my initial industrial area (that I've now gotten rid of, in order to reduce pollution) nearby. Once the population grows, that entire area will be a big interchange.
        I've seen some great articles by traffic experts on how well C:S does traffic, and that it is actually possible to make it all work - just that 90% of us have NFI what we're doing.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    A pile of gold is on the line as the Monday Knights venture forth to rescue the Valerian Knights from the fae.

      I see how it is, you guys start dealing with the fae *after* you get rid of the fae-bloodline sorcerer. :(

        Yeah that was my bad sorry. Unfortunately fae creatures tend to be pretty darn hard to use early on as they're more mid-range in their recommended difficulty for adventurers. I still could have thrown you guys into an enchanted forest or something like that and assailed you with pixies so I'm sorry that the opportunity never came up.

          I'm not really worried. They'd have just rolled save vs all my spells anyway. :P

    What a tiring weekend. Got a couple hours sleep on Friday night before Wrath of the Machine launched at 3am, and we jumped straight in, with levels ranging from 354 to 367. Absolutely love the aesthetic, the boss fights are awesome, and the mechanics are much better communicated than KF.

    We blasted our way through, spending most of our time refining strategy and fine-tuning our coordination, and hit the final encounter around 6:30am. We were all a bit frazzled by that point - I don't think any of us had got much sleep in preparation for the all-nighter, so we got through the first half of the final boss fight, and spent another hour on figuring out the mechanics of the final fight, before opting to go back with fresh minds and higher light levels - we didn't have the damage to beat him in our test runs, but I think we could have eked out 50-60% more damage had we been more awake. Five of us did some more practice last night, worked through some strategies, and even made it through a couple of damage cycles (albeit with pretty abysmal damage as we were missing our hunter), so I don't see any reason why we won't get it completed tonight or tomorrow, depending on availabilities.

      Got my Gjallajalla last night. Also had an epic sesh in Archon's Forge with @rize and @cakesmith. Went up from 344 to 351. Then realised I had ALL THE MOTES OF LIGHT and spent them in FWC so my Hunter is now themed and is 353 and strike ready. Tonight, STRIKE TIME. And back to my Warlock to finish the quests with her, and maybe Dead Orbit theme her.

      So whoever's up for Daily/Heroic tonight and maaaaybe a nitefail, hit me up.

    Went into the weekend with aspirations of finalising preparations for a Pathfinder session I'm running next weekend... got as far as procuring some extra dice before I got lost in Sunless Sea and Longmire.

      Did you see that Failbetter announced a follow-up to Sunless Sea called Sunless Sky? I'm assuming airships will be involved.

        Yeah, a bit excited, even if it turns out to be a repaint of Sea with airboats and slightly different mechanics; something about "a whole new woooorld..."
        In the meantime though, trying in vain to catch up before Zubmariner is released.

    Howdy folks. Who's going to be at EB Expo this weekend? I'll be going just on the saturday, and mostly just to go to the esports arena and play some Smash Bros. But I'll have a wander around too and check out Nintendo stuff (not Breath of the Wild unfortunately since I didn't even enter the contest) and hopefully PSVR.

    Things scree is currently doing:

    -Organising Pax meat
    -Working on Callie Cosplay
    -Working on Stained glass Zenyatta poster
    -Organising Mum's appointments and taking her to them. (there is a lot in October)
    -Drawing dogs with overwatch character clothes on them
    -Writing the visual novel script
    -Playing overwatch

    And I'm still getting new ideas. I hate being so creative sometimes.

      ooooh I have to see this Callie cosplay once it's done :D

        If it gets done in time. D=

    Neat. Woke up to an email from the Metallica store telling me the band have released another song from their new album and there was a digital download waiting for me! Not a bad song at all to be honest!

    Welp, no dice last night... tho we did get two more runs of the raid up to the final encounter. First run we had 4 hunters, and basically chained tethers the entire raid; second run we had 4 titans... And holy crap, striker titan with Dunemarchers, Memory of Jolder, Juggernaught and the raid shotgun ("quantiplasm~")... overpowered as hell. The speed!

    Dunemarchers basically up your sprint speed to equal the average titan-skate (and doubles your turning sensitivity), Jolder removes the sprint cooldown so you'll never stop running, Juggernaught to give you extra armour while charging at an enemy, and the raid shotgun with gives you even more speed and armour on a kill.

    Apart from one or two sections where I had to swap to a sniper rifle, I ran that setup for every encounter... This is why striker titans seem stupid - they're just having way too much fun to worry about being effective. :P

      Might start my Titan this week...

      Also, Memory of Jolder with hunter is fun. I'm tweaking her, reckon there must be a way to make her more absurd. It probably involves Bladedancer. *scratch head* :)

      Last edited 27/09/16 4:14 pm

    Played a lot of WoW over the weekend. Finally leveled up to the Legion content... and I think it sucks. :( Right from the horrible instanced bullshit it's just been a litany of corpse runs for me, usually caused by the combination of mobs taking a million fucking years to kill combined with the super-fast respawn rate on everything due to all the areas being chock-full of players. The areas themselves are incredibly poorly designed, and the progression loves to lead you into dead-end quests or send you to places that there's no obvious path to get to, and what path there is usually takes you through areas filled with hyper-aggressive mobs that have insane aggro ranges (it feels like they aggro as if they're level 110 and you're much lower level).

    The actual plotlines and quest design is generally fine, but it feels like it's been layered over area and mob design that's straight out of 2005.

    Swapped over to tanking spec to try and get the tanking artifact, having not played Protection Paladin since they completely fucked it and made it incredibly unfun to play in Cataclysm, and proceeded to die horribly while getting said artifact. Plays even worse than it used to. Far too many things to keep track of, cooldown-heavy and just generally feels like shit. I want to pay attention to what's happening around me, not have to stare at my bars. May just need a little practice, but it felt like the NPC healer was too busy DPSing shit to bother healing me.

    Hey, I'm working from home... having a pantry full of snacks available is very, very, very bad. Also, it's cold today... WTF spring. Where'd you go?

    Ha awesome. We had an empty set of shelves at work today (we were using it for stuff that was on clearance) and the boss wasn't sure what to display there, I made the suggestion that we put the Lindemans wine that are on special atm 6 for $30 there since there 5 shelves & we had the 5 varieties. So I did up a nice display & it's noticeable as you walk in from either entrance. And just after I left he sent me a text with a copy of a receipt selling a few dozen to one person, so I guess that worked :P

    Have to say, I'm pretty stoked about this! :D

    ugh.. doublepost.

    Last edited 27/09/16 4:55 pm

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