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    I've been absent so long my comments just go into moderation?

    Hi all :)

      Welcome back
      I still love your avatar image. What's been happening

        Been living and working in NYC for the past six months. Intend to come back to do annual PAX Melb pilgrimage with the group I have the past couple of years. :)

    I've started speedrunning Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. I could be far, far worse at it than I am.

    It's a strange beast to play. Not only is the game unforgivably hard, to the point where you can lose more than 5 minutes to a single mistake, but it's physically taxing. My back is incredibly stiff from playing yesterday and I stopped to stretch multiple times over the 2 and a half hours I spent streaming. I'd say that those people advocating for standing desks are right but I'm fairly sure that it would be equally uncomfortable.

    Streaming from a DS is simply not feasible. You can buy a capture card for a DS or 3DS that lets you capture the game directly. They cost several hundred dollars and you have to send your DS to Japan. You can do a firmware mod on a New 3DS to allow wireless streaming... of 3DS titles. For some reason, DS games use different hardware within the 3DS so you have to use pirated versions of DS games to stream them. That's frowned upon (and also I don't own a New 3DS).

    My solution? A webcam dangling from a desk lamp. It's surprisingly effective. Despite the fact that the image quality is not amazing and my hands consistently block parts of the screen, I still get a viewer every time I stream. Sometimes even several!

    One of the more satisfying bits is finding new glitches to make use of. Trauma Center's touch screen controls are weird. To suture a wound you have to use the suture tool and draw a zig-zag, crossing over the wound at least 3 times. That means if you draw an N or Z, you will consistently suture a wound. I've named this method "Kiwi suturing" but it basically means "the minimal effort to do it the right way". I've also found a way that abuses the touch screen called "Delta suturing". You hold one stylus next to the middle of a wound. Then on the other side you tap your other stylus far away, one tap aligned to the top, the other to the bottom. Release both styluses and a triangle shape will appear on the screen. The wound will also be sutured.

    The best part is that Delta suturing isn't necessarily faster than Kiwi suturing. It looks cooler though.

      Damn, that's all so cool! I only played through those games the once, ages ago, and was just happy with progressing the story!

      Oh man, I was watching you the other night and was unreasonably impressed by you using two styluses and I hate myself for it.

      I should clarify that when I say I was watching you, I meant that I was watching you through the window, not via stream.

        That would explain what Alice was barking at.

        The two stylus thing is funny. I've pretty much always done it. There are some tricks you can do that make the game significantly easier by using two styluses plus it makes tool selection much faster. The Trauma Center speedrunning community mostly plays the Wii games. They didn't get that using two styluses was ridiculously faster and easier than using one.

        Then szsk ( a Japanese dude that holds most of the records for the series) released a video where they beat UTK2 using two styluses.

        All of a sudden people understood. "Oh, using both hands means you can do more things and that's a good thing."

    Hey TAYbies!

    In response to decent arcade sticks costing 400 bucks here, I finished my design for an easy DIY arcade stick for the masses:

    20 bucks in case materials, two hours, and no skill required. It also has no external screw heads, tooless access to the internals, double-sided art layers, and spring-based wiimote retention (if you swing that way).

    I'm punting a couple more out for some of the brissie fighting crew atm.

    Last edited 10/10/16 8:58 am

      That's pretty damn awesome man! Really nice work indeed, and fantastic price point! Looks nice and heavy too! I have an arcade stick for xbox 360, which I use on my pc sometimes too, but the only shitter with it is it's just too light. Yours looks rock solid! 7/10! Would use for sure!
      I notice you said $20 in case materials though. How much were the internals (not including the wiimote)

      Last edited 10/10/16 11:56 am

        The buttons (11) and stick cost about 60 bucks, but the shipping can be cripplingly expensive compared to that (like 40 bucks from the US!). I spare myself some pain by buying in bulk, or from the UK.

        The PCB I used was from a five dollar knockoff classic controller.

        All in, that stick cost just under a hundred bucks. To have some high quality quality art sheets printed up would take it to the tonne.

        It's still half the price of the horrible mayflash arcade stick you can buy at JB!

        I also have a couple of Brook UFBs, which is a PCB which works with ps3/4/360/one/pc/pokken. It ain't cheap, but it's very very cool. :p

        Last edited 10/10/16 12:24 pm

          Quite reasonable really! Many years ago, I used to work for an arcade game co making lightguns. Wonder if I could hit them up for some cheap real arcade components....

            Light guns are awesome.

              Yeah they are pretty cool :) I was making ones with solenoid kickback systems too! Best part of that job was that I had to test them all by playing video games :D

    Hey, you, yeah you! Gonna be in melbourne? Gonna be at pax? Because Pax Meat is happening once again!
    If you haven't told me if you're coming, now's your chance!

      If we have told you, can we tell you again because we're very excited?

      Got my PAX pass at the weekend from the post office. :) Found out a friend is running a panel too (YAY) at 10:30am on Saturday (Um... booooooo). :)

    Mornin' all. Weekend was pretty quiet. Which was nice, dad & I spent most of last week fixing up the truck we own (ex-council tipper, not one of them things we call utes but are now called trucks) for road worthy which it passed with no faults which was nice.

    Got Green Day & Alter Bridges new albums, both are okay. Not their best work sadly. Green Day's sounds like they could be left overs from 21st Century Breakdown, but I actually like these songs ha.

    Suddenly I've remembered one of the costume ideas I wanted to do while I am still embeardened, so now I gotta mad rush to get it all going. And still need to figure out when I'm going/coming back/where I'm staying for PAX. Last minute whee!

    Managed to get all the junk packed back into my room before my parents got back on Saturday, not as much progress in the end as I was hoping, but took a fair chunk out of it. All the talk and pictures made me nostalgic for the trip I made a few years back with friends. Sunday, had a friend's 30th, damn old bastard. Ate way too much, didn't need dinner at all.

    Time to go scouting for materials.

      I thought I was on the last bit of my cosplay sewing, but discovered a problem when trying to fit the two halves of the pattern together. So I spent last night seam ripping :`(

        It's looking like I may need to do far more sewing than I planned, if I go down this path. Can't seem to find anything decent in a pre-made state :P

      Cosplay, ugh. The worst.
      Painting took 2 weeks instead of 2 days

    Heads up for later today: if you were interested in going to PAX, but couldn't grab a ticket or afford one, we're going to be running something on the site and across our social media channels. Stay tuned.

      Are they sold out already? : O

        So pax meat?

        I know I'm a broken record D=

          I'm sorry to be a pain, when is it again? I'll be marking Uni papers then which is an arduous process haha

            Saturday the 5th of November, 7pm to 1am, Backlot Studios

      Wanna add that people can get a chance to hang out with us cool guys? =P

      I've entered because even though I've got a single pass organised, a three day pass would be a convenient upgrade!

    Started playing Mafia 3 on the weekend... technical flaws aside, I'm really enjoying it. Sure, if you use USB headphones, you won't hear any dialog in the cutscenes, and you won't hear any dialog in-game unless the speaker is in your vision (luckily, Rocksmith has a similar issue, so I always have an analogue set of headphones connected). Sure, driving through downtown drops the game to 12 fps (using 30-50% of your GPU and 60-70% of your CPU to do so), and driving out in the relatively empty bayou it chugs at 20-25. Sure, dropping all settings from max to "low" will only increase the downtown framerate to 14. But the characters, the characterisation, the music (omg, the music!)... so good.

    Also got a second character to rank 5 in Iron Banner... not sure I'll bother with the last one. Two characters have given me plenty of infusion fuel, and I've got no room in my vault for any more. Had a bit of fun with the new exotic sidearm, tho - so much so that of the 114 kills I got over the 10 games it took to reach rank five, I apparently only got 26 kills with my primary. So satisfying to just melt someone rushing me with a shotgun...

      Partner and I hit Rank 5 in Iron Banner just last night as well.

      Loving the shit out of Control right now though. Wish you could veto out some of the shitter maps, though.

      \o/ woohoo!

      I hit rank 5 with the Warlock on saturday night (um sunday morning), and last night decided to play with the Hunter as a friend was trying to get to rank 5. The second character buff is substantial, I'm at 1100/2400 in rank 4 and haven't even completed two of the bounties so could make rank 5 with 15 more ability kills and 3 losses. I think I've only won 4 matches and played 10 or so with the hunter. Year 3 book going really well.

      Good Forge session last night too, that was fun.

      I'm still very amused by the Skirmish run I had with my level 3 Titan (now level 5).

    I had annual leave last week and apart from one day where I went to the beach I pretty much just played Forza Horizon 3. What a pretty game. I "finished" it in the sense that I reached the final Showcase (accumulating 10,000,000 fans) but there are so, so many races left to finish and I haven't even maxed out all of my festival locations.

    One weird thing about this game is the flexibility. Not only can you blueprint your own races, but the game scales car power to whatever you're driving. Unlike Forza Horizon 1 where you needed to use a specific class of car, the default races are defined by car "type" and you're not forced to use an A-Class SUV if you prefer a B-class one. The opposing vehicles will scale to that so the races are always fair. It was weird to get used to but ultimately it's easier to just not think about it and just keep pumping that right trigger.

    Showcase events were a blast but it was funny playing from the perspective of being the festival "boss" and the showcases being pretty much the point of the game, whereas in FH1 (my only basis for comparison, I didn't paly FH2) the showcases were great from a spectacle perspective but also an opportunity to win sweet new cars (as was beating your rivals).

    Anyway, PLENTY of content left for me to churn through, and it never really stopped being fun. The game kept prompting me to bump up the drivatar skill level because I was mostly winning but I don't think the game appreciated that I wasn't exactly cruising through those races. Keeping everything on default (medium difficulty/average drivatar) was the perfect challenge balance for me.

    Morning all.

    I've been getting into GTA online recently and really enjoying it. Been too shy to try the heists cause it would mean I've have to talk... But I took a shot on Saturday and joined someone's invitation. Unplugged the mic cause I was scared... and the other guy didn't have a mic either.

    It was pretty damn cool. I made a few errors cause I was unfamiliar with the mission. Got in the wrong car etc. But it went smoothly. I was the getaway driver and figured out almost too late that the helicopter chasing us was trying to pick us up. The pressure was intense as I didn't want to let down my heist partner. Success though. Felt really good. So plugged in my mic just to say thanks and that it was awesome.

    Then the guy shot me in the back and stole my money.

    I know this happens all the time but this was my first time and I got played. I can't express how disappointed I was. I know it's part of the game but man, it put me off.

    I've requested to join an Australian crew in the hopes of being able to play with more like-minded people. I don't mind talking on mic if there's no danger of being trolled and called names... I can't handle that shit. It depresses me. But the game is amazing.

    Hope you all have a good week.

      Have enough people share a sandbox, and odds are someone will pee in it. :S

      Hope you find some good people to play with.

        Fortunately this never happens with swimming pools.

        *puts hands over ears* *shuts eyes* LALALALALALALALALALALALALALA

    Well my weekend mostly involved jealously looking at the oktoberfest shenanigans coming out of Brisbane and then feeling slightly better when the hangover tweets started the next day.
    Otherwise the weekend was nice, housewarming BBQ and lunch down at the cafe were the main activities. Gaming wise we are still working our way through Alan Wake.
    Shared this story on twitter but will reshare here. We were reading a good night story to Tiglet and it goes through all different animals that you say good night to. So we get to the little pup page and I ask Tiglet if she wants a little puppy like that one. Her response was "No, Jigglypuff". So kinda happy she isn't after a puppy just yet, but lord knows where I'm going to get a Jigglypuff from.

      Can probably get a half decent plush one from ebay.

        Tough choice on what to get considering she calls Pokemon the turtle game

          You take her to a store that sells the starters and let her choose. =P

            Might have to see if I can do that at PAX. But I think the choice at the moment is between Squirtle and Jigglypuff

              I think Zing has a wide variety as well. Just in case.

      lel those hangover tweets were a blessing to me too! I would love to have joined the festivities, but just can't quite yet.

      Alan Wake. I have this in my Steam PILE OF SHAME. Should I?

        Absolutely. Has been in my pile for ages and it is really, really good.

          Excellent. Will give it a go over the summer hols.

        Yes. Alan Wake is great. The combat is a bit wonky but the writing is Remedy at their absolute best. Fantastic atmosphere too.


          Rebuilding an older PC (with a GTX 680 and a reasonable CPU) at the mo, maybe Steam to my TV is the way to go. Hmm. :)

            680 should handle Alan Wake fine, it was a 360 game after all.

              680 handled nearly everything fine at 1080 (actually at 1920x1200) until this year - it got a bit upset at driving around on planets in Elite: Dangerous and I had to cut Rise of the Tomb Raider back to medium settings to be playable. Anything that's more than a couple of years old should be fine (shut up you at the back about to mention Crysis... no, shut up...).

              Looks like I have a plan for my old Shuttle PC then (yes the 680 fits in it... JUST). :)

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACDT, 8pm AEST, and 8:30pm ADST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    The party is deep in the fey forest searching for the missing Valerian Knights. Magic confounds their search so far but what else will they find?

    Let me know if there are any issues with playing tonight.

      Slight change in the start time because I'm terrible at figuring out daylight savings. It'll be 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT.

    Dangit. Went on a scouting mission for materials, wasn't so successful. Though didn't get to check out all the places I was aiming for, not that I predict much success in those anyway.

    Also, almost got wiped out by someone on the road yesterday who decided he didn't want to wait in the stationary lane he was in, and with little-to-no indication of being about to do so, pulled out into my lane on this 80km/h road, I would've only been maybe 100m away from him at the absolute most. Never mashed my horn so hard or angrily in my life (usually forget it's there til after it's time to use it), car must've come an inch or two from hitting his. Fucking idiot. And with Canberra plates no less.

    /rant :P

      Ugh. Adrenalin hangover too I bet? :(

      Glad you're ok though. :)

        Like you wouldn't believe :P

        Combined with the food coma of the excessive consumption at the party afterwards, I was well wrecked.

    My arm has fallen asleep from Max resting her head on it.
    This is a good problem.

    Bloodborne Update:

    Ding-Dong The Vicar is dead. Currently getting all sorts of deaded in the Forbidden Woods, with @batguy laughing every time I walk into a trap.

      Oh yeah, the woods are a fun place filled with fun GIANT FUCKOFF SNAKES

    The future of gaming is driving drones on the moon (or below its surface)...damn it its 4 am in Darwin and the possoms are going nuts on the roof becausr its already thirty degrees. Its going to be an evil hot day.

    Proxima B: described as earth sized with an ocean depth of 124 miles. Except the ocean pressure climbs to 2.3 gigapascal. It probably has solid oxygen (Oxygen-4) around its core. Not only is it a diamagnetic, it has an intense negative charge preventing the escape of hydrogen to the surface.
    Its more likely this is a Super-ocean much larger than earth and as a consequence has a solid oxygen core (Oxygen-8). Oxygen crystals lined up with magnetic fields so where those fields pass through sufficiently low pressure the oxygen crystals revert to oxygen and bubble to the surface.
    The Unobtanium for Proxima B will be Oxygen based opals that only exist at core pressures and go to air when removed.

      I'm looking forward to this being updated in Elite: Dangerous so I can visit.

    It's a new anime season so it's time for...
    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions
    Watching the new season so you don't have to

    Once more into the breach. I was way behind in finishing last season stuff off (still have one or two to knock out) mainly due to picking up WoW again, so this is a week or so late.

    3-gatsu no Lion
    Aka 'Sangatsu no Lion' or 'March Comes in Like a Lion'. I had my eye on this one going in, and am happy to report that it lived up to expectations. Adapted from a manga by the same author as Honey & Clover, I'm not entirely sure what it's about, but it seems that it involves a guy who is a professional Shogi player despite still being in high school. He seems to have a strained relationship with his dad, who is also a pro Shogi player, though not as good. It's hard to give an accurate synopsis of this without knowing where it's going, honestly. The big draw here is that it's SHAFT animating, with Akiyuki Shinbo directing. Shinbo is one of those directors that always has his style, but he either tends toward slice of life or comedy stuff (eg Hidamari Sketch) or stuff where he can go balls-out on the visual side (eg Monogatari, Madoka Magica). This is the first time I think he's done a serious drama. His visual style is still right there though - rapid cuts of elements of the scene to set the tone and so on. Masterful work IMO. Worth it just for that. This one looks like a regular watch for me.

    All Out
    Was anticipating this a bit, because it's a Rugby-themed anime and that's never happened before. I'm not sold on it though. It seems to be fairly good for what it is, but it's a sports anime and follows the sports anime tropes. Seems to have a dual protagonist thing going on. One of them is short, knows nothing about the sport and has anger management issues. The other is ridiculously big but apparently scared of hurting people because of his size, and quit Rugby because he dislocated his friend's shoulder in a match once. My biggest issue is that both these guys give me the irrits. Additionally if I was going in with no idea about the sport, the first episode would have done sweet fuck all to make me interested in it. Also gives the misleading impression that tackling is shoulder charging, clotheslining or just crashing into people - all of those are dangerous ways to do it. I'm going to give it a bit to get into it, though. Sports shows usually ease the viewer in and stuff. But it's going to lose me quick if it doesn't improve.

    There's actually quite a few shows out of this new studio I hadn't heard of this season. Turns out I hadn't heard of them because the studio's Chinese. The first point that I though something could be wrong here (aside from the fucking retarded titled) was the fact that the copyright is held by Tencent. So presumably this is some kind of shit phone game tie-in. Anyway, it was pretty awful. Apparently there was some virus or something and a cure was developed but it had the side effect of turning some people into basically vampires. Main character and his group are all afflicted. So for some reason they break into a bank and the heist goes bad and they're arrested. Then sentenced to death because everyone in the bank was murdered after they left. Yawn. The plot is trite and the setup is dumb but the execution is where this really lets itself down. It's just bad. Dropped hard.

    Brave Witches
    New spinoff series in the Strike Witches franchise, this time focusing on a new group (the 502nd 'Brave Witches', rather than the 501st we're used to). Let's get it out of the way first: yes, this is a world where a global military conspiracy resulted in the removal of pants and/or skirts from the female uniform. Yes, it's dumb. Anyway, I've had a soft spot for this franchise for years, being a big fan of the original artist as well (Shimada Fumikane) as the character artist & director of the series (Kazuhiro Takamura). Takaaki Suzuki returns as a plot consultant too, fresh from Haifuri and Girls und Panzer. The conceit of the Strike Witches stuff is that it's a faux WW2 setting except the enemy is a supposedly alien species, the Neuroi, and the only effective defense against them are Witches. They're all based off famous aces from WW2 and all fight by flying around with propeller things on their legs. It's very stupid, but I like it all the same. Anyway, in this specific case, the main character is once again a raw recruit from the Fuso Empire. Her older sister is one of their greatest aces and she basically lives in her shadow. Some stuff happens and she finds herself sent to the European front to join a new squadron. She's a little bland, honestly, with that tried-and-true 'I'll do my best' trope in full force. Cute voice though. I'm expecting that much like Miyafuji in Strike Witches, she's deliberately a little bit boring to act as a sort of Everyman backdrop for the rest of the cast, who haven't been introduced yet. This is without question a regular watch for me, it's right in the center of my strike zone. But despite high production values I expect it to be a bit too niche for most.

    Cheating Craft
    Absolutely fucking awful. I didn't finish the episode. Apparently it's set in some kind of perfect utopian meritocracy where your entire life's trajectory comes down to how well you do in the national high school exams or something and some people cheat and that's about all I got out of it before dropping it hard because a 12 minute episode was 12 minutes too long. Terrible. Dropped.

    I need to preface this by making an unpopular declaration: Hellsing is overrated, mediocre garbage. That said, this is adapted from a manga by the same guy as Hellsing, and seems to share a lot of similarities. That series always really clicked with a lot of people in the west and I expect this one will too. Visually, it looks so much like Hellsing Ultimate that if I had just seen random shots from it I might even have assumed it was the same show. That's either a good or a bad thing depending on how you feel about Hellsing, I think. It's violent and gory (people literally getting decapitated and stuff) so it'll probably appeal to the American's bloodlust as well. Main character is a talented Samurai of from the Satsuma clan, and after they're routed at the battle of Sekigahara, he finds himself mostly dead, then suddenly he's in a corridor with a creepy man with highly reflective spectacles (Hellsing staple) and then finds himself in another world, where he meets up with two other people. One of them is Nasu no Yoichi, the famous archer from the Genpei War, and the other is Oda Nobunaga. That's really all that happened in the episode so don't know where it's going to go. It's well-made, with a striking visual style and a lot of violence so I expect this will be popular, but it didn't do much for me personally. I'll probably watch it because it seems okay and there's precious little else to watch, but it's right on the verge of me dropping it already.

    Shuumatsu no Izetta
    Aka 'Izetta: The Last Witch'. I had my eye on this one going into the season as well, and first impression seems pretty reasonable. An original production rather than an adaptation, it involves the princess (Otofine) of a small European country that looked to be Switzerland or something, in a sort of alternative-universe World War 2. Germania has started invading the other nations, and with her country in their crosshairs, she's traveling to a neutral zone to negotiate help from Britannia, but before negotiations can conclude, her nation is invaded and she finds herself captured. She finds herself on a transport plane along with a strange stasis-pod-like thing which turns out to contain a girl that's actually a witch, and that girl is someone that Fine knew as a child. Additionally in her country they have a legend about a witch that repelled invaders and lead them to victory or something. It seems to borrow a little from Valkyria Chronicles and a few other things, and the plot's certainly nothing that new, but the execution is very good. High production values, nice character art, interesting enough plot, and I kind of dig alt-history stuff too. I'm leaning toward it being a regular watch but it's going to depend on whether it stays strong or loses its way an episode or two in.

    Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
    Touken Ranbu (the game) is basically a reskin of Kantai Collection. Instead of WW2-era warships turned into cute girls, its conceit is taking famous swords and turning them into cute boys, aiming at the female audience. Somehow things went weird though, and the KanColle anime adaption was an utter shitshow while Touken Ranbu gets a really good adaption by Ufotable. :( Anyway, this wasn't terrible but it's not really my jam. Additionally it feels very much aimed at fans of the game. Huge cast and most of them have very complicated names which are hard to remember. The central character (the Fubuki of this setting I guess) is Yamatonokami Yasusada, one of the swords of the Shinsengumi captain Okita Souji, so he dresses in that ice-blue Shinsengumi haori and so on. This felt like it channeled the game much better than KanColle's shitty adaption did. It was basically 90% the characters fucking around and 10% them going off for some combat. Feels like the people involved actually played the game. It's not for me though (I'm not really into cute boys), and it just undescores for me how badly fudged the KanColle anime was, so probably dropping.

    Mahou Tsukai no Yome
    Aka 'Ancient Magus Bride'. What is it with shoujo anime and having a girl that has red hair so she stands out? This seems intriguing, though. Basically, the main character is the apprentice of a magic user who may or may not be human (his face looks like a goat skull?). This is another one that seems like you need to know a bit more about it before you can summarize accurately, but it seems that she was an unwanted child and additionally can see monsters that no one else can, so basically your standard tortured 'special' childhood. It seems like it could go interesting places depending on how it develops. I don't like the art very much though, there's something off about the character design (I don't mind overly large eyes, but the protagonist is the only one that looks that way and it just makes her seem like she's staring at everything). I'm intrigued enough to give it another couple of episodes, though. It kind of reminds me a bit of Howl's Moving Castle.

    I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in the board meeting that came up with this, because hooooly shit. Anime isn't exactly socially progressive, but this...fuck me. I only got a couple of minutes in before declaring "this is utter shite" and then bailing, though it doesn't seem to be poorly made or anything (the opposite, actually), the actual premise is the problem. Imagine if T&A was a sport. Seriously. Remember (if you admit to playing it) that shitty mini-game in Dead or Alive Xtreme where two girls stand on a floating platform in a pool and then compete to knock their opponent off into the water by smashing their butt and/or boobs into them? Yeah. That's what this show is about. It seems to be a standard sports anime formula, but the sport is literally butt battles. I don't know what to say. Aside from the fact that I'm probably not watching more. I don't even know why I find it so offensive, but I really do. Maybe it's the unabashed pandering. I don't know. But seriously, yuck.

    Vivid Strike
    I remember a time when the Nanoha series was fucking awesome, before it crawled up its own asshole because the people involved had no idea how to bottle the same lightning a third time after the first two seasons. Conspicuously absent from the title now is the 'Nanoha' part, presumably because of Yukari Tamura's public spat with her record label last year, which is a shame (and it also probably means no Fate appearance or the whole we're-not-saying-they're-a-lesbian-couple-they-just-live-together-and-have-a-daughter schtick). Also I think this is a quasi-sequel to Nanoha Vivid from a year or so ago. I say quasi-sequel because Vivio and Einhart appear to be supporting characters and there's a new lead. I never finished Vivid due to it being kind of mediocre and also the subs drying up, but I kind of want to go back and finish that before I get into this one, even though it feels like it's pretty self-contained.and accessible as a starting point. However anyone looking at this seriously that's not into the franchise will be doing themselves a massive disservice by watching it first. Go back and watch Nanoha and especially Nanoha A's (the movie adaptions are fantastic), then don't bother with the rest unless you're really into it. Going to see what else shakes out of the season before I decide whether to watch this on the regular or not. CR subs seem a bit shit too - character's names are misspelled. :(

    Flip Flappers
    Weird show. The plot is... I don't even know. Insanity. Normal girl meets weird girl that flies around on a surfboard and then they get transported to another world that's all full of snow that tastes sweet and some stuff happens and normal girl gets super long glowy hair and beats the giant slug things and then they go home. Or something. That said... holy shit that animation. I had to pause a few minutes in and look it up to see if it was Gainax or Trigger. It's channeling FLCL in a massive way. That same exaggerated distortion, the sensory overload with explosions and speed and everything. Plus the batshit insanity. The last thing I saw that had animation like this aside from moments in The Rolling Girls was probably Kill la Kill or maybe Kyousougiga, though in that case Yoh Yoshinari's style overrides the more Gainax look. I don't know where this came from either - the director worked on bits of Space Dandy but it's his directorial debut. Animation director's resume doesn't stand out. The studio itself (3Hz) previously produced Celestial Method and Dimension W, which were both solid but unremarkable. And then suddenly this explosion of color and light and movement. If the animation stays at this quality, then I'll definitely be making it a regular.

      All Out

      Have to agree about this show. The two main characters are frustrating as hell and the lack of any actual rugby was annoying. I'm not going to continue with it despite having reasonable hopes for a good show.


      I admit that I watched Keijo after a friend told me about how ludicrous it was. It is as stupid as you say and I could not find any redeeming qualities aside from the animation being good. I can handle a stupid premise but this was just beyond stupid fanservice.

      I'm still yet to find a show I want to watch this season. Always appreciate your tireless work in sorting through the utter crap.

        For me right now, I haven't watched them yet but I can guarantee that Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans S2 and Hibike Euphonium S2 are regulars. The former was the best Gundam in years, and the latter is Kyoto Animation doing stuff that they didn't self-publish the light novels for, so is actually good.

        From the stuff in the list here, Sangatsu and Brave Witches are absolute locks for regular watch. Izetta is a probable, and I suspect Drifters will be too. I have a strong suspicion I'll end up watching Vivid Strike but it'll be in bursts rather than on the regular.

        I also watched Bernard Jou Iwaku. Don't repeat my mistake. 3 minutes 30 seconds of my life I will never get back. I watched Sengoku Choujuu Giga as well and that's also shit - basically Sumi-e style where the people are animals or some shit and it was just a dumb comedy segment. The only remarkable thing about it was the narrator which was unmistakably Megumi Hayashibara who hardly ever does anything any more and I wish she did because her voice is so smooth.

        Stuff that I haven't watched yet (I do do some basic research so I know what I'm going into)

        - Bungou Stray Dogs S2 - I watched one ep of S1 and thought it was okay, but didn't ever go back, so I'd need to try and catch up first.
        - Bubuki Buranki S2 - I didn't finish S1 but it wasn't terrible so maybe will catch up
        - Time Bokan 24 - Probably not.
        - WWW.Working - Probably not, Working is dead and buried for me now and friends have told me the new cast for this is shitty
        - Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku - Unlikely, but who knows?
        - Tiger Mask W - Not sure if this is a remake or sequel, but Tiger Mask is an old classic so maybe?
        - Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 - Didn't finish S1 I think?
        - Magic-Kyun! Renaissance - Otome game stuff, very unlikely
        - Nyanbo - I actually watched half this, but I wasn't stoned so it didn't work :P
        - Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - Might be okay, girls' Table Tennis
        - Trickster - Dunno anything at all
        - Gakuen Handsome - Looks awful (that art) but I hear it's an otome game parody so maybe?
        - Nanbaka - Unlikely, sounded shit.
        - Nazotokine - Possible. It's about puzzle-solving.
        - Nobunaga no Shinobi - AFAIK short-form show and that'll kill it for me. Probably not.
        - Regalia - I didn't mind the first ep of this despite them pulling it after ep 4 last season because of it being underwhelming quality, so may try it again now it's restarted. Possible but unlikely.
        - Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari - Heard positive comparisons saying it's the lovechild of Barakamon and Amaama to Inazuma, which sounds okay to me, so a possible one.
        - Occultic;Nine - Heard less than stellar things, but it's the Steins;Gate author & franchise so worth a look. Possible.
        - Long Riders - Some kind of thing about biking I think? Probably not a regular.
        - To Be Hero - I think this is another Chinese one so probably not.
        - Yuri!!! on Ice - Ice Skating thing that apparently doesn't involve any yuri so probably not. :P

        Very weak season. I think I have five to six regulars and maybe two more. I normally have like 12+ series on the go so that's really low. There doesn't even seem to be the usual generic harem action show and the fanservicey ones are trashier than normal.

    @alexwalker: something that always annoys me when I make longer posts like the one above that uses a lot of HTML: every single time, when I post, it will send me to a Captcha page, and when I click the 'I'm not a robot' thing it'll redirect me but eat the post. Don't know if it's getting auto-moderated or just thrown away. But I'll post again, complete the captcha and the second time it will post correctly. It's very annoying. Maybe something to pass on to the web team?

      Yeah, that's weird. Thanks for the heads up.

        Haven't figured out if it's post length, use of spoiler tags / HTML tags, or some combination of both. Also could be the combination of that plus the fact that I'm usually posting from work so am behind some transparent proxies / NAT etc.

    I always skipped over TAY for some reason in the past, I just had nothing to say lol.
    So I just type the words here? here goes.. Hello everyone!


        Hiya. Is it allowed to post links to stuff on Youtube you made? Like a 360 degree video?

          Yeah, go ahead.

            Okay thanks! Here you go people, enjoy. Best enjoyed in a headset of course.
            This is like the first ever 360 thing I made without procrastinating and not finishing it :)

      Hi! What are you playing at the moment? Are you coming to PAX this year?

        At the moment I am switching between Fallout4 and Space Engine. What a combo haha.
        Also never been to PAX. Am always too busy with work :(

          Well, If you're a Melbournite, I definitely recommend checking it out, even if it's just for one of the weekend days. This will be the third year I've gone and it's always been worth it. Of course, meeting up with TAYbies is part of the attraction ;)

      Welcome to tay. It used to be more of a monster. Most people have moved to twitter because they are the worst. =P
      Don't worry, those who are left are definitely worth chatting with!

    I have a question. I wanna buy some stuff from the states but the company I buy from do not ship outside of the USA because they have local variants in a lot countries (Dickies clothing) but i'd rather buy from the states for 2 reasons a) their US pricing is about 1/3 the price in Aus & b) there's lines that just aren't available here that I want.

    So who is the best shipping company to go with..? I guess preferably someone who has their receiving warehouse in a tax free state like Oregon.

      The last couple of times I needed a US proxy shipper I used ShopUSA and they were okay. Obviously nowadays I just have Amazon ship stuff to me direct (but I live in WA so 9.8% sales tax)

        Ah thanks! I've heard good things about them. Last time I used a proxy shipper (Price USA I think) they weren't that great, high fees and didn't let me choose an economical postage option, only 3 day postage from memory.


    Atheon: done it all the way through a few times.
    Crota: done it all the way through quite a few times!
    Oryx: Done it all the way through twice, and done bits and pieces at other times.
    Aksis: Done the first encounter once (not very hard, good fun). Totally underpowered for the second encounter...

    So, last night, after doing a bit of Iron Banner and getting my second character to Rank 5, and then some Archon's Forge, while I was trying to sort out the deluge of engrams, I got dragged in for a bit of raiding. Good, thinks I, I'll get another chance at the first chest. Woohoo...

    ...and then we arrived at the final encounter. Which I'd never seen before. With a 356 Hunter. And zero heavy engrams. Uh-oh. "Guys..." "We'll be right" As it turns out, one dry run while I was just trying to follow the damn encounter where we still managed to smash the boss down to about half, one where I stuffed the team by lobbing a bomb clear over the bosses head and then jumping on a wrong pillar, and a couple where we just died and failed, we did it! Was amazingly good fun and I actually think I wasn't completely useless as I was starting to get the rhythm of the encounter and was lobbing good accurate bombs (apart from that first one - I blame switching from Warlock to Hunter...).

    TWO 365 drops. Then went and sorted my engrams, dived back into Iron Banner to get my last bounty and I got the Iron Saga boots so Hunter has a full set of Iron Saga gear. Switched back to Warlock and some creative infusing means I can run a 361 Hunter or a 360 Warlock (or a 27 Titan :-p ), so I think I'm ready to start running Nitefail this week, and redoing the Rise of Iron story in Hard.

    Thanks to my favourite Destiny mentor @os42 of course. :) \o/ If you're up for it, sir, I think taking a look at the Year 3 book and filling in the gaps like the low-level strikes and the Rise of Iron story missions on Hard might be a good thing to do.

    Also, need to do Aksis in the right order from the start... ;)

      Thank the other guys, who invaded the chat :P But yea, I was honestly expecting us to hop in from the start - we all had at least one character who'd missed out this week due to Banner taking precedence. Was looking forward to more than one loot drop, but I guess it still leaves a bit of mystery for when you do the intermediary areas with your group - they're a lot of fun to discover as a group :)

        Yeah, was a top invasion. Very funny too. One, then more, then EVERYONE. Haven't spoken to most of them for such a long time too, and they're all reliable, pretty patient when a n00b's on deck (probably helps that I do listen and don't usually make mistakes more than once!) and most importantly not a bunch of toxic ragers! :)

        How many low-level strikes you got left to do, or did you finish them? I think I've done 5.

    They're good guys, and they're not prone to rage-quitting - they enjoy working the raid out for themselves, so they're pretty patient with other people learning the encounters as well. And you did really well, too - you observed, you learned, and you never made the same mistake twice. And the pillar was kinda our fault - I don't think anyone mentioned that they disappear once they're used... and they honestly don't look big enough to protect everyone :P

    I still have 8 more strikes to do, 8 more hard missions, three more weekly patrols, and an iron bounty (tho I've got three Forge bounties sitting at 75%, so that'll be easy).

      Hahaha yeah, it was "Head to the pillars" so I dived for the closest one. Then I saw everyone on the other pillar "oh are we all supposed to be on the SAME pillar?" "hey, why did two pillars go?" "...yes, sorry. Same pillar. Got it." hahah! So it was nice that I did get some room to learn for myself. :) Lots of fun. I did get wrecked by the adds once where I got smashed right after I was revived, but on the whole being cautious, using the cover and using smoke bombs when running out to use the bombs helped me stay alive.

      OK cool. Well I'm up to do any of that if you want easy strikes or hard stories. Not tonight as
      a) I'm at the soccer
      b) you'll be raiding... ;)

      but later in the week, knock one off every couple of nights, we'll soon finish.

      It's the 10 supremacy wins that'll take some time. :/

      Also, I think I only finished one weekly patrol last week - that Good Deeds that I knocked off in about 30 mins of Archon's Forge. That's handy to know. Grab them both, do the patrols, finish off good deeds in the forge. Done.

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          I wish I had money for bossiness.
          No deal if I can't use it in Malaga though.

          I don't know if I should trust this poster, with two first names, or the perfect ATM hacker with no first names...

    Found a pair of red coats today, both of which seemed like possible bases I could build on. One was a lady's trenchcoat which was nice and plain in features, though calf length rather than thigh length. The other was... I think it might be one of the uniforms they wear at the Lyric Theare? Had shoulder pads and those shoulder strap things on top, and pockets and lots of buttons... but it's got absolutely NO shape (well, fridge is a shape I guess) and the wrists are ridiculously narrow... and the sleeves are really short too. And have no length in the back so pull the instant you try to move your arms at all.

    I asked the lady what she thought and she reckoned go the trenchcoat, but offered a discount on the other one so I got that for five bucks and can harvest its 16 buttons. Also they were both on the half price rack anyway. Woo :P

      Harvesting buttons is a top idea.

        Not as top as my other idea - creating the hat from scratch. By which I mean an absolutely terrible idea that I will come to regret :P Because nothing that exists (that I've been able to find, anyway) seems to be right shape at all (god damn tricorns everywhere!) except for some little kid's hats that are kind of close but waaay too small. So best I can figure is get my crazy cardboard geometry on to build up some kind of skeleton and stretch out some felt to cover it. Maybe use a regular hat as a base so I'm just building the brim, take a bunch of work out of it. Also there doesn't seem to be anything around in the Halloween sections that I could use for the dead crow he's got on top of it, which is annoying. Maybe I'll get lucky and one will keel over in the backyard or something...

          Maybe use EVA foam and hot glue instead? You can bend it into shape with a hairdryer, and once it's sealed (just paint it with pva glue all over), it's easy to spraypaint. I made a very wearable top hat for my Bloodborne cosplay this way.

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