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    What's the cheapest anyone has seen Civ VI at? ozgameshop is out of stock, steam is at 69USD (DIAF, 2k), local EB only had a special edition (at $120), JB has it for $79 - that looks like the likely choice come Thursday night shopping.

      Greenmangaming was best for me. I got deluxe for US$60 and they have standard for US$47.99 right now.

      I bought it from GMG yesterday. With currency conversion it came out slightly cheaper than ozgameshop I think. Came out at $48 USD

      I grabbed it from GMG also. Even living in the USA, they're my go-to for new releases for PC, because they usually have a 20% discount and also aren't in Washington state so no sales tax.

    Only awake because I stayed up all night to complete a Uni assignment. Now that it's done, I don't know whether to go to sleep or celebrate with some games.

    Fired Crusader Kings 2 up on the weekend, started as an independent Chief up in Sweden in the Viking age. Very quickly got vassalised by a nearby Chief, who has gone on to conquer most of Sweden. Meanwhile, I've been practising Eugenics, and my current character's grandson is Strong and Attractive. Just have to find a Genius or two to breed into the family.

      That game always sounds so fascinating, but then I see the price of it and all the dlc(on sale, no less) and decide maybe I don't want it.

        Just buy vanilla, the expansions are cool, but none of them are essential. Paradox has patched the game so heavily that what you get in the base game now is equivalent to what you would pay an extra $30-50 for in an expansion pack.

          Yeah, but if I like the game enough, I know I'll end up buying it all, and even on sale that's more money than I want to spend haha.
          See how I go next sale.

        Gets to $10 during steam sales. Do it then.

        Totally worth it at 3x the price.


      Eugenics and Fratricide Simulator FTW!

        I had two brother and a sister-in-law try and have my (strong son and) heir assassinated, locked them away in the dungeon. Then I sacrificed them to Odin during the Great Blot for +prestige and +piety, totally worth conceding Kinslayer.

    Oh Civ VI you are everything I wanted the game to be as a new iteration, and more. I'm still only on my first playthrough even though I've learnt shedloads and am kind of laughing at my early mistakes. Still seeing it through to the end though, even if it's just to watch Monetzuma's empire crumble before me. That'll teach you to backstab me in the classical era you......

      How are you finding builders? I know they're limited use, but for those of us who have always just automated our workers, is it going to be more micro?

        I hated automating builders anyway so I find the new ones way better.

        They've changed the way builders work entirely. They are now a 3 use (or 5 use with serfdom as a policy) unit which disappears after the last build action is performed. Instead of improvements taking a set time they are completed immediately.

        Roads however are now completely separate from the builders jobs. They are performed by trade routes being run between 2 cities. This is also a great way to help boost young cities by having a trade route bring food to the smaller city from one of your larger ones. As the trade route progresses, it builds roads between the starting and finishing points to connect your empire together! Quite a cool concept imo and it helps emphasise the importance of trade routes not just to earn more gold, but to foster the growth of expansions and also connect your empire and neighbours together.

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          My biggest problem is that in the course of however little time I've been playing the game, I've become completely reliant on trade routes. A barbarian scout waltzed up to my trade route and killed my trader, and suddenly my second city was liable to shrink in four turns. :/

          I'm a big fan of leaving almost all of my civs systems teetering on the abyss, because I am smart.

            Barbarians are something you definitely need to be active in managing early on. You just cannot allow them to stomp around or you will get badly affected. I found this out as well, I had to wait until I could expand because there were Barbarians on my doorstep for a LONG time!!

              I was in the renaissance by the time that happened. They just waltzed up, ignored all my troops and everything else, and just destroyed my trade route. :/

              But yeah, Barbarians are rough early game.

              ... Or late game, when they show up in Helicopters...

                I think it will take some getting used to, but I feel you really have to build relatively wide to get the best our of your empire. That might just be a thing that's happened in my game as I was the only dominant military power on my continent after I sorted out the Aztecs. Still too early to tell really!

      I've only dabbled in Civ recently - the last one I got way into was Civ II - but I picked it up and I really, really don't like it. They doubled-down on the parts of 5 that I disliked the most (City-States especially, fuck that shit right off) and the AI is terrible especially at diplomacy. The fact that the defense level of cities is relative to their Civ's tech level is also pretty bullshit - I had one primitive civ that was still in like the Renaissance era when I was in the Atomic age steal a modern civics tech from me and suddenly despite the fact he's throwing knights and stuff at me, his cities are so resistant I couldn't take them even with armies of modern armor, and had to start hitting them with bombers and missile cruisers to knock them down to the point I actually could beat them with my ground forces. That seems bullshit to me. Also why was I still having fucking Barbarians on horseback assaulting my cities and burning all my developments (which require burning a builder that takes 4-5 turns to make to replace, since there's no repair option and you have to delete it and then re-make it) even when it's like 2000 AD and I'm a fucking Nuclear power? Why don't my dudes set to fortify an area wake up and notify me when a hostile unit comes close? How can fucking horselords still be popping up in areas I "don't have line of sight to" when I've revealed the whole map with a satellite? Let alone afford enough military units to police all my borders and also persecute a nuclear apocalypse on my enemies (who all fucking hate me forever because I declared surprise war on China at the start of the game because they built a city in a daft place right between my two and ruined everything). I was playing as Ghandi so nuking everyone was the plan, but I went from friendly with everyone except the Greeks (who hated me because I sent envoys to a City-State they also sent envoys to - I had no way of knowing which one mind you!) to being a hated warmonger for the entire game because I went to war once. It's just broken.

      It also has a bunch of basic UI issues, like moving the camera around and not focusing in on cases where you're being attacked by Barbarians and stuff. Simple issues with targeting or clicking on stuff too (three, sometimes four clicks to have a city shoot at something). Stuff being marked waiting for orders when it wasn't, or not being marked when it was. All sorts of bugs.

      I think it'll be a great Civ in about three years or so when Civ 7 is on the horizon and they've patched it and expanded it to put the content into it that is clearly incomplete or just missing.

        You can actually repair stuff with a builder or the city can repair districts as a production job.

        If you don't like city states you can always turn them off when you at the game up. Just change the advanced setup to remove them.

        Diplomacy is a mixed bag and after watching some footage of someone playing and discussing the game at length, Diplomacy is more nuanced that a lot of previous iterations of Civ. How you engage with other civs will influence greatly how they treat you. The cassus belli war options for example are a neat feature to help reduce the warmongering penalties of other civs going at you.

        It sounds like Civ really isn't the game for you if your want to just romp around smacking people on the head constantly without fear of reprisal.

        EDIT: Can't disagree with some of the UI bugs though. The city bombardment one in particular is very frustrating.

        Last edited 25/10/16 1:27 pm

          I couldn't see an option to repair, only to remove it and rebuild. Repairing districts is fine but it takes forever given that it's a one-turn thing to destroy everything in the district.

          The big issue I have with the diplomacy stuff is that the AI doesn't have the same penalties. They go to war all over the place and it doesn't affect them at all, but heaven forfend you decide to go to war because you'll be denounced by them repeatedly and you will never recover your standing no matter what you do.

            The repair option is not in the district building box, it's a normal unit action on the right where the other unit options like move, sleep etc are. In fact it was one of my biggest gripes too, until I found the button.

            Don't get me wrong about diplomacy either, I'm finding it a really mixed bag at the moment too and wouldn't be surprised if we see a patch to update/fix it pop up soon. I'm also thinking we'll find more ways to appease neighbours the more you play. I'm also suffering from the "you're a dick" vibe from other leaders myself but the warmonger tag is now only being held by the Aztecs who's capital I've had since the classical era :-D The other leaders have taken some bribing and also me being a culturally advanced race to get them on side ^_^

            Learn from the first game or two and try different things in the next game. Alternately leave it for a while to see if some more patches tweak things. Waging war is definitely a tough one to manage at the moment though that's for sure. It's easy to start one and stomp people but whoever is left will hate you πŸ˜‚

            Last edited 25/10/16 2:35 pm

              I'm definitely not playing it again. Once was enough.

                Awww that's a shame mate. You do seem to play a lot of different games though, so totally understand that if it annoyed you on a first playthrough that you wouldn't bother playing again.

    Lost our first baseball game of the season on Saturday behind some shaky starting pitching and poor fielding. Mowed the lawns, cooked my batch meal for the week (chicken satay, wooooot), did church, my dad's birthday celebration (which we had completely forgotten about) and then cobbled together steak and chips for dinner last night before finally sitting down with the Mrs for some WoWing. She's getting quite into gearing her hunter now, learning the proper rotation and gearing using Pawn and Mr Robot.

    What did everyone else get up to?

      I haven't played baseball since I was 14, probably the only sport I've been good enough at to play at any decent level. Didn't really like the local team and gave it up, still kind of miss it though.

        Yeah, I stopped playing around then as well and picked it up again a few years ago now. I'm lucky that my club has a great atmosphere and the division I play in is pretty laid back with a lot of the other dads and middle-agers at the club. I'd recommend hunting around for a club and sussing it out, there's really no other game like it.

          I'd have to do a whole lot of strength and conditioning work on my right shoulder if I wanted to play, especially if I wanted to pitch, again. Injured it one too many times to go back to that. What do you play? I was a bit of a utility as a kid, 2B or SS, or backup anything else - 2nd choice catcher or 1B, third choice pitcher and lead-off batter.

            Play wherever the manager puts me really. I caught a bit last season and have played RF and 2B this season so far. Arm's a bit too weak to play 3B and I haven't pitched since I was in my early teens, although, after the weekend, I might have to remember how. 10 runs in the first 2 innings was not great. That's what happens when your main pitcher is only available half the time.

      Is batch meal a dinner thing or a lunch thing?

        Lunches for work. We found it was cheaper than eating out everyday (critical when you're single income and 4 mouths to feed), and tastier than vegemite and cheese sandwiches everyday too. I have a few meals that I rotate through, chicken satay and cajun hot pot are my favourites at the moment though.

          It is a good plan. I am never that organised but we generally try to cook more than we eat each meal and just take that into work. I used to get 4 or of 5 days worth of lunches back in teh day but not my Tiglet steals a bunch of them for her lunch.
          Although I do have a bolagnaise today so isn't all bad

            Yeah, the organisation and finding the time and space to cook an extra meal at night is difficult, especially when you'd rather be sitting down! It does help out heaps though. I think we worked out the the cost per meal of the satay was about $4.20, and it's healthier than a bag of chips!

          It makes such a difference. Can turn $50 a week per person into $40 a week for 2 very very quickly!

          We do batch meals for dinners as we both work and getting home knackered it's way better to turn on the rice cooker and heat through something from the freezer than cooking from scratch or worse, takeaway which would very rapidly kill any benefit of us both working! Yesterday was slow cooker curry. We make enough that there's usually a few different thiings in the freezer - bolognaise, curry of a couple of types, chili con carne.

          Lunches I have a small sandwich tub at work, yoghurts and fruit. Enough for the week. No more than one bought lunch a week, and that's only if there's a reason, like a colleague's b'day or some such.

            I wish I could do freezer stuff but I only have a small freezer. Would love to have a separate full sized freezer

              Ours is a two-drawer section at the bottom of our fridge. It's full of cat food and curry. Do Not Mix These Up.

          It's a good plan. I wish I could do more of this, but I'm limited by freezer space, so I just plan meals that are easy to cook extra.

          Another make-ahead lunch I like is the "instant soup" (, but I make mine in those microwave soup cups that come with a clip on lid.

    Tried out I Am Alive on the weekend. Really hard to get past the grainy/blurry graphics which I get are designed that way but I really found it annoying. Also did not like the way the combat is a puzzle. I thought it would be a survival/resource management game but really it's "surprise attack this guy to get a bullet, use that one bullet to kill guy over there with gun, run and stab that guy before he picks up said gun and shoots you". If that's all it is then I feel like I got the gist after about half an hour and did not feel that time was well spent.

    Also ragequit Puzzle Quest, because the computer blatantly cheats and I realised that despite having fond memories of the game once upon a time, there is no need to return to it.

    Played a bunch of Spelunky. I'm still awful at it. I don't really seem to do anything wrong, but sometimes I will run into some situation that just goes badly and suddenly I have no health or I fall into one of the instakill traps when I've managed to build up 8 health. So annoying. I must have started a new Spelunky game like 300 times and I've made it to the ice caves once. ONCE.

      Combat as a puzzle is a good description. What really ended it for me was the pull a gun on a guy with a knife and he will back away. lower gun he approaches, raise gun backs away, repeat indefinitely

    Hey Everyone. Pax meat cost confirmed at $30. Hooray.

    So working on callie isn't enough. I'm also helping Mum build new kitchen cabinets which are long overdue

      Cool cool, pay on the night or do you want it paypalled?

        Paypal Techie now, or pay me on the night, whatever is easier.

      Happy to pay ahead of time. Pay Tech like last year?

        PayPal techie, or pay me on the night

          By The Power Of PayPal!!!


          See you tomorrow! I'll be able to find you lot a lot easier this year through knowing what many of you look like. :)

    Well weekend was pretty uneventful
    Discovered there are such things as solo board and card games which is great as have been interested but no one I know has any interest in such things.

    Have ordered a copy of "Friday" which should arrive this week so looking forward to that arriving and playing it.

    Also wanting to get "Robinson Crusoe" but having trouble locating it at a reasonable price or in stock.

    Considering Scythe also as watched a solo play through online and looks interesting.

    Then keen for mansions of madness too as looks interesting what with the use of an app alongside it.

    Any other suggestions of great out of the box 1 player games or feedback on the ones I have mentioned would be super appreciated :)

      I have Mansions of Madness and it's a cool game, but I have no idea how a single-player version of it could possibly work.

        The 2nd edition uses an app on iPad or steam etc that then allows solo play and the box for the 2nd edition has 1-5 players on it :)

    Steam popped up with a notice, reminding me to buy all the DLC for Skyrim to get a free upgrade.

    Dutifully – as the extreme capitalist I am – I followed it to the store page only to discover that I already own it all. I think I played maybe an hour's worth after the vampire one dropped, and have not touched it since then.

    I'd like to pretend that this means I could jump into Skyrim again, invigorated by the possibilities that the new hat version will offer me, but ugggghhhh, too many games.

      Could...could there be new Bokeh blaghs? Bokeh?

        From memory Fallout 4 on PC had Bokeh, but only on Nvidia cards, or something weird like that, so I'd assume a similar state of affairs for Skyrim.

          "only on Nvidia cards"

          And this is a problem?

            Not for me, no, but I dream of a world where everyone can have a pristine Bokeh effects, even if they have made a bad choice.

        From memory Fallout 4 on PC had Bokeh, but only on Nvidia cards, or something weird like that, so I'd assume a similar state of affairs for Skyrim.

      I never played the Skyrim DLC, my wife did, I kept saying I'll get back to it one day...

      I guess I'll just buy the remaster, because I'm a filthy whore.

    Had an amazing weekend hosting a Splatoon LAN tournament at Nerd Cave in Sydney! We shared the venue with a Smash Bros tournament and got something like 100 people attend, 28 of whom played Splatoon. Everyone said they had a really great time and a lot of people asked me when the next one will be, which I am actually not sure about yet. I'm kinda in a daze about it, I had so much fun and we got Splatoon caps and stickers from Nintendo to give out to the attendees which I was so excited about!

      I want a splatoon hat D=

        Come to the next one ;) There are people keen on getting something going in Melbourne!

          I will! I could always use more splatoon buddies!

      Sounds like a great weekend, glad it was successful

    The Hobbit

    Smaug. A giant winged horror that slumbers on a mountain of treasure...well maybe thats what it becomes. The problem is that mountain of gold must have limits. When the king of dwarves is promising a one fourteenth share it isnt something you can carry home in a couple of chests. Even if your hobbit can tote a fourty pound sack of potatoes those two chests amounting to four hundred gold pieces and four hundred silver pieces seem small. But what of the dragon and its Mountain of treasure?

    Smaug carries the Protoindoeuropean phonetic 'aug-' which we find in other words:
    Augend: the quantity to which another quantity, the addend, is added.
    Augment: to enlarge.
    August: To inspire Awe.
    Auger: a religious leader who fortells events by interpreting signs and omens.
    Augite: A dark green to black precious stone containing aluminium, iron, and magnesium.
    So our dragon and its mountain of treasure are always bigger in the retelling. Its odd that the name of a dragon found in a story written almost a century ago should be even remotely linkable to a language thousands of years old without having been looted from some previous story and storyteller. So is the story of The Dragon's Hoard hidden in plain sight?

    Gandalf, our Wizard looks to be the Auger in this company.

    We have our Arkenstone in the Augite. Certainly Augite is a recent word and most is dark and dull but it comes from 'Auge', a greek word meaning brightness. Gemstone quality Augite is bright, its crystals prismatic, and transparent Gemstone quality Augite comes from a place near the Ken River in central India and is called Shajar. Its found in Basalts so it likely came from the heart of a Mountain. If shajar has a protoindoeuropean root then we will see it in a similar phonetic form of s*g or s*j:

    Sag: to seek out.
    Segh: To hold; through conquest or victory in battle.
    So now we have a part of the plot where the Arkenstone is sought out and then must be held through battle.

    The egh phonetic in this part of our plot gives us:

    Eghero: Lake.
    Eghs: Out.
    So we even have a lake.

    As to our Dragon Smaug? Smeug is a protoindoeuropean root meaning smoke and is a pretty close variant of Smaug so lets look at another phonetic variation on sm(aug): sm(eug).

    Eugene: a name meaning well-born, noble.
    A tale of seeking and holding through battle. A tale of a bright prismatic gem from the heart of a mountain, a dragon of smoke, a lake, a well-born Noble, and an Auger as an Advisor and spiritual Guide.

    So the fragments of the Hobbit fall slowly into a protoindoeuropean tale?

      ...I thought it was explicitly a protoindoeuropean fairy tale? Like, that's explicitly what Tolkien was trying to do?

        Not quite. He delved into old english and northern european lore and built a setting.
        I came along and pulled a single thread from his tapestry, and found something older in a few phonetic fragments that exist exclusivly to function together to tell the tale. It might seem odd that a people would create words just to tell a specific story but that looks like what they did. Somehow this story is the plot of the Hobbit. Without the knowledge of the Author, that should be impossible. This hidden tale is the original form.

          He was a professor of linguistics, I'm pretty sure he knew some of this :)

          Not knocking your observation, it's cool, but a lot of Tolkien's stuff is very deliberate

          Tolkein himself in his letters says that Smaug is derived from the germanic word 'smugan' which means 'to squeeze through a hole', and the Old English 'smygel' which means 'to burrow' (also the origin of Smeagol's name).

          Also you're pronouncing the name wrong. The 'au' in Smaug is said the same as the 'ou' in House.

    Bloodborne update:
    Took down Djura. Old Yarnham is so much easier to navigate when it's not raining bullets. Back in the snake pit, having fun times with the Shadow of Yarnham.

      Man, the Shadows was my first real brick wall!
      Mob management has never been my strong suit so it was a real test for me :P
      Good going good hunter! sounds like you're making steady progress! dem snakes though! probably my favourite area to hate XD

      I'm slowly moving through the game again with a new build... Nice to see some of the early areas again and remember the dread of the mobs... Went down Hemwick Charnel Lane yesterday and that area still gives me the creeps

        Hemwick Charnel Lane was not fun to play with headphones on. I have a path open now so I can sprint past most of the snakes to get to the Shadow, but it's a long run each time. The challenge for me is that I love the axe, but the Shadows are a bit too fast for me to get a big swing in. So I think this battle is the one where I learn how to parry!

    Happy 400, TAY!

    Had a busy weekend up in the Hunter for my cousin's engagement party. Annoying since that was time I could have spent costuming, but it was nice to see everyone again. Plenty of popcorn fodder too, had everyone giving me shit for chatting up one of the girls at the restaurant on Friday (technically she was the one who did, complimenting me on my beard), then one of the bride's cousins on Saturday (she had intentionally sat me next to her "hot, single cousin" who was indeed very pretty and lovely to talk to, though I think I ended up chatting more with the uncle and aunt across from me) and then some girl on the dance floor at the pub that night (she had decided I must be having the worst time, as I enjoy my music internally rather than externally and was propping up the column while watching the band. Kept coming up to say stuff and even got a stroke of the beard in, but I was unable to peel myself away from the wall). This is why I hate both being the only single person in the family and doing anything in front of them ever :P Oh, there was a piano at the place too, so I got dragged up to bang on that a couple of times, including once with one of the uncles who had his violin there and had heard about my musicality, and wanted to jam. Though I don't know how to do that, so just played some of my stuff and he played along. Struggled a bit with the more upbeat songs, but nailed it on the slower blues ones. Damn talented people. I'm too used to digital pianos though, and all the extra space they have above the keyboard. Kept bashing my fingers up against the lid.

    So yeah. Ate way too much, didn't sleep so well but had a pretty good time. Six months til the wedding, guess that's how long I have to learn to get out of my head and dance :P

    Played some Gears of War 4 on the weekend, started Act V, and I think I'm done with the series after this one. I have fond memories of the first three, but I feel like my expectations must've changed.

    Lucked out with enough people online to run Destiny's hard mode raid on Friday... Bungie really nailed the difficulty balance on this one, I think. Vosik is easily the hardest part... but most of the differences were just a case of one more thing to keep track of. Overall, it took us about 2 hours - picked up the sidearm, the sniper, chest, gloves, hand cannon and pulse rifle. Not a fan of the pulse, but that hand cannon... my new go-to weapon. Archetype is same as Fatebringer, but with better handling... so good...

      My Titan is now absurdly high light by dint of reaching Level 40 and decoding a LOT of blue engrams along the way - my self emposed rule was only glimmer, marks, materials and blues may be shared. Each blue I decrypted was bumping me 2-3 light as each one was a 5-6 improvement on the previous thing in the same slot, so many missions or crucible matches she'd go up 15-20 light. She went up really really fast, including a couple of very big jumps when finally getting a decent ghost/artifict. She's up near 360 now. Once she hit 350 I figured she's in the same area as the other two and I'll let her share weapons now.

      So, got lots of story left to do, and following each questline. No missions outside quests for now. When the raid quests appear, I will light the os42 signal.

      Also, ELITE!!! 2.2 drops tomorrow. Amazing graphics improvements. New ships. I've been distracted by Destiny, but got back in yesterday and I'm buckyballing to catch up with the Galactic Nebula Expedition. Will sell data at Jaques. Should be Elite by the time I'm back at the bubble.

        Oh damn, I never got around to testing out the sped-up fighters. Do you know what time locally it's going to hit? I can never remember which way around it ends up.

          8pm is when the AMA on Reddit starts. 11pm is when the Braben livestream starts. So any time between 23:30 and oh-my-god-is-that-the-time 2.2 will go live.

            Uuuuurgh I'm so excited! What are you up to in game at the moment?

              Out on the Galactic Nebula Expedition. Last run to Elite!

              I'm about 9kly from Jaques. :)

                Nice! I might make the trek out there depending on how this new patch goes and what movements the... totally-not-thargoids-but-it's-thargoids affair goes :P... i'm hoping that the horsehead nebula opens up for exploration soon.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    The party has discovered an underground village of nasty Redcaps and they are out for blood. Guard your shins!

    Edit: We're going to try and run the session out of Roll20's video and voice system for this one. If it works well, we might keep using it over Google Hangouts.

    Last edited 24/10/16 1:57 pm


      Edit: Replying here, I can see you've messaged / confirmed on Twitter as well, I'm just staying off social media until after I get home.

      Last edited 24/10/16 2:11 pm

      I was disappointed when I looked it up and found that Redcaps aren't the little toadstool people from Disney's Fantasia and are just weird gnomey things.

        Weird gnomey things with a penchant for violence and kicking shins.

        Only a few shins were kicked last night and the Redcaps were greatly frustrated by the lack of shin-kicking before they died.

          All I can say is thank frack that I have Dimensional Slide

          Last edited 25/10/16 1:05 pm

    I tried the Infinite Warfare beta. I lasted one single match before quitting on it.

    Played through a few games in the last few weeks. Completed Wolfenstein. It was pretty good, but it wasn't as good as a lot of people made it out to be.

    Also finished the latest Phoenix Wright game, plus DLC. Probably one of their best games yet. I did have a few problems with the game though. First problem is that because they've created so many mechanics, the game gets really crowded and every mechanic doesn't get enough time. Except for the seance, which makes sense since that's the new main focus.

    Second problem I had is that the game thinks your memory is shit and will regularly flashback to previous scenes. It happens so often, sometimes with the same scenes and will even flashback to something that happened 5 minutes ago.

    Third problem I had is that this game probably has the worst breakdown animations in the series history. I had a problem with them in the previous game, but they just got worse. Most aren't interesting enough to watch more than once.

    The DLC isn't as good as it could have been, although the defendant is one of my favourite animated characters.

    Getting to the end of Darkest Dungeon, 1 boss remaining before moving on to the Darkest Dungeon.

    Don't watch S7 Ep1 of TWD unless you are in a good place or can be on a downer for a week. Jesus, it was brutal, even for that show.
    My god.

    Oh yeah, despite having things to do on the day I totally didn't associate the date with the fact it was my sister's birthday til she showed up and one of my cousins wished her a happy birthday.

    I am a terrible brother. Also, son.

    I'm still angry at a high school friend. Cause he got into Omegathon for AUS PAX while I've been signing up for 3 years.

      *Shakes fist at @chuloopa*

        I am litterally the worst.
        And REALLY struggling with Western Press too. If any game is going to have me eliminated, it's that one.

      Really? I'm in the Omegathon too - Who's your friend?

    Lol, ended up getting to the point of exchanging names with one of the girls at climbing tonight (previously chatted a bit here and there, mostly just offering tips etc), which revealed that she was Italian (thought she was French for some reason, dunno why). Cue the total look of shock when I suddenly display my knowledge of Italian pronunciation (8-) 8-) 8-)), and dust off the ancient old phrase explaining that I speak some Italian but not very well. Then a nice long chat about grandparents' nationalities and Italian geography and such. Turns out her Dad's from right near where my Nanna was from, actually. I'm on fire :P

    Also, the 45ΒΊ wall sucks. I knew there was a reason I always avoided it. But yay, five new panels going up tomorrow apparently!

    Last edited 25/10/16 12:21 am

      *sets up cart*

      *takes deep breath*


        Michael Jackson Open Mouth Chewing Popcorn Like a Fucking Savage dot gif

    I'm sure we all have that one friend that some how manages to see spoilers for every show they want to watch before watching it and then complains. I dunno how she manages to do it, but every time GoT, TWD or something else as big premieres each week she manages to come across spoilers, sometimes even stating that the official pages posted the spoilers on Facebook, something I find hard to believe, but whatever. To me it just seems like she goes out of her way to find said spoilers...

    Second week of my two week holiday, and despite all my plans, I'm spending a fair bit of time trying to make a working combat prototype for my game. Turns out, designing things to explode is really entertaining.
    Also decided to start joining in on conversations more. First TAY, so yeah, hello

      Hi there !!! (form one lurker to another)

        Lurkers unite and... do... I dunno, some more lurking? Or hi, probably should have just gone with that

    Arse. Thought I was being super clever using expanding foam to make a mould of my hat to stretch the felt around, and it was perfect last night. But since then it's continued expanding and the bottom's popped out, so it doesn't fit properly any more.

      Booo. I am making an axe, and I have a lot of sticking and painting still to do.

        Oh yeah, whereabouts are you guys again? I feel like it might've been down towards the Shire or something for some reason, though not sure why. Was thinking about whether I could swing by to check out that gown at some point if it works out to be not too inconvenient.

          We're on the Northern Beaches, btw, but my other half works in the city, so I'm sure we can work something out.

      Can you not just shave the foam back down now?

        Exactly what I did! Well, used a hacksaw to remove the bulk of it, then a rough file to get the curves to better match. It's not just good, it's good enough :P

    La la la, sitting around a medical centre because someone had a boo boo at work and our policy is for the first aider to accompany them.

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