Tasmania Gets Its First PS4 Game

Tasmania Gets Its First PS4 Game

We first featured Party Golf around a year ago, back when its Tasmanian developers were trying to get the project backed on Kickstarter.

Giant Margarita has come a long way since that initial Kickstarter campaign. In the year since we’ve covered them, the team successfully applied for a grant from Screen Tasmania, brought on more staff, and has polished the game up substantially.

And as of yesterday, they hit an important milestone — by making Party Golf the first game from Tasmania to launch on the PS4.

The principle of the game hasn’t changed since the initial Kickstarter campaign: it’s a couch co-op golf game, where people flail around trying to get their ball in the hole provided other balls don’t knock them out of the way.

The use of the companion app to mess around with the game rules is a nice touch too. It almost feels inspired by the way Fantasy Flight are integrating smartphones into their games to streamline the more laborious parts of the process, and the idea is the same here: mess about with the game rules, without having to drop out and restart the match all over again.

Worms could really use something like that.

You can check out Party Golf now on the PSN Store, with a Steam release due later this year.


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