Tell Us Dammit: Split-Screen

So I was reading earlier this morning that split-screen support has been pulled from For Honor, the upcoming hack-and-slash (literally) from Ubisoft. It’s more of a third-person action game, really, but you get the idea.

Still, it got me thinking: precisely how useful is split-screen to people in 2016?

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that split-screen should go the way of the dodo, or that the feature serves no purpose. But when you have major franchises like Halo dropping the feature, and fewer and fewer games supporting the mode, it’s hard to wonder who still uses it.

I can imagine obvious scenarios: playing a FPS with your partner, sibling, or your child. But the proliferation of families with multiple screens and multiple devices to game on — think of Minecraft — make me wonder if the “problem” that split-screen used to solve isn’t really a problem any more.

What about you? Do you still use split-screen mode if it’s available? Or do you and your friends, partners etc. prefer to play on separate screens?

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