Telstra, Vodafone Halts Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 Program

Image: Gizmodo

As the world waits for official confirmation from Samsung about its next step regarding the trouble Galaxy Note7, two of Australia's largest telcos have confirmed they have stopped sending replacement handsets to users.

In statements provided to our friends at Gizmodo, Telstra and Vodafone have confirmed that shipments of replacement Galaxy Note7 phones have been halted until further notice.

Telstra said that they have "asked Samsung to provide us with an update on their investigations as a matter of priority and will update our customers as soon as we learn more." Affected users will receive "loan phones and for those who do not wish to wait for the exchange program a change-over to an alternative smartphone".

Vodafone took a similar tack, saying that their replacement program is being paused and that "keep customers updated on the status of this program as we receive more information from Samsung".

It comes after the Verge obtained an internal Telstra memo saying that Samsung had "temporarily paused the supply of new Galaxy Note7 smartphones following a reported incident in a replacement phone in the US". The electronics manufacturer said it was still "confident in the replacement Note7" and was standing by in the product, although we're still awaiting a statement from Samsung later today.


    Little bit off topic, but I've never been disappointed with Optus until recently. The three phones that I actually want right now are not available (Note 7 is a little bit out of their control). No Pixel XL and no Xperia XZ.
    I really don't want to move to Telstra, but it's looking like the only real option for the near future...

      I'm kinda in the same boat, I've had three major Optus side errors this year, errors that cost me.
      Copped the same lie three times in a row and now I'm shopping around for a new telco.

      Telstra is looking like the last rung on the bar skank ladder

        Just tweeted today abt repalcement nkte 7 prob and vodafone rplied they ll exchange nkte 7 for any other phone frm tomm

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