The Big Question: Battlefield, Call of Duty Or Titanfall

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Within the space of three weeks, gamers are going to be presented with three major franchises. If you pre-ordered and paid a small fortune, you'll be able to play Battlefield 1's campaign and multiplayer today. Titanfall 2 comes out the following week, and shortly after that players will have two Call of Duty games to pour over: Infinite Warfare and the Modern Warfare remaster.

That's a lot of heads to shoot. Question is: which game are you going to shoot more heads in?

Just to qualify, there's plenty of other games coming out. The Skyrim remaster lands on the 28th. Dishonoured and Watch Dogs are both getting sequels within weeks. Civilization 6 comes out this week. The new Jackbox Party Pack hit Steam and PSN just this week.

But if you're a Bro Gamer, or just want to shoot something in the head, those three games are the ones that will capture your attention. And for good reason.

Battlefield's campaign is getting a pretty good rap of late. That's intriguing, since Battlefield campaigns in the past have been pretty damn awful. The original Bad Company was the exception to the rule, and I've heard a lot of comparisons drawn between that and BF1 — which can only be a good thing.

But you know what BF1 doesn't have? Giant mechs. On top of that, being able to fly through maps while wallrunning is a massive drawcard for Titanfall 2. Respawn should have a little more launching on all platforms simultaneously this time too, with the original Titanfall being an Xbox-only affair for a while.

And then there's Call of Duty. Like Battlefield, it comes with an already established fanbase — important if you know you're going to be spending tens of hours grinding away in the multiplayer. But having two full campaigns is also a good incentive, even if one of them isn't a fresh offering.

I'm planning on playing all three at this stage, for the campaigns at the very least. My brother is a huge Battlefield fan, and I spent plenty of time growing up at LAN parties playing the original Modern Warfare.

Titanfall does look bloody good at 4K though ... that's hard to pass up.

What about yourselves? Which one of the big shooter franchises are you picking up, and which one do you think you'll end up spending more time with come the end of the year?


    Just to get the "That guy" moment out of the way, I plan to spend the same amount of time with each one. That is to say none at all.

      I thought "that guy" response would be:

      I won't play either because they are all the same, COD sucks, BF is drowning in DLC and micro-transactions and Titanfall will be dead in 1 week like the last one was

      They all do what they do pretty well, but lets face it, none of them are new or fresh.

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      How I feel about the three atm to be honest, forgot they were even coming out.
      I wasn't really interested in Battlefield 1 from the start, Titanfall 2 I was (I rather enjoyed the first) but everything I've seen/heard is that mechanically it's no where near as good as the first was.
      CoD actually looked good for the first time in years but the more I see of it, the less I can be bothered. I think I'll just stick to Overwatch for my FPS cravings - that and the new Doom which I finally picked up in the recent EB sale but have been waiting until assignments are finished before I start it up.

      Personally more excited in Civ VI, Xenoverse 2 and (I know it's a bit further out) Pokemon Sun/Moon.

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    Hah Titanfall; I'm surprised it got any votes (well at least over the other two). I'd say I'm most keen for battlefield; hope it not a buggy mess on release.

      I voted for Titanfall, the original is probably my favourite multiplayer console shooter since Halo 1/2 or maybe even Goldeneye.

      As a general rule I get bored by the flat, brotastic shooting of CoD and I get put off from committing too much time getting good at Battlefield because I know EA are going to cut the player base in half every 3 months unless I give them more than the cost of the game. Plus I never get to use the vehicles properly because I don’t play for a million hours.

      Titanfall was really fun though (I’m aware it too fell victim to the season pass). The smooth wall running mechanic reminded me of old-school arena shooters like Quake 1-3 and Unreal Tournament, plus the titans are awesome and well balanced.

      That said, I have bought Battlefield and my mates are really excited for it. I played 1942 lots on PC and the new game has a similar feel.

      I’d be voting Titanfall > BF > COD

    Long sessions, battlefield.
    Short and sweet, titanfall.
    Zero interest? Cod/titanfall2, since titanfall 2 just feels like cod on maps that are too big.

    I'm still happy with TF2. Haven't seen the need to buy any other multi-player game.

      Have you heard about our lord and saviour, Tachanka?

      *hands Rainbow Six Siege pamphlet*

        And it would be lord and savior if not for the rampant cheating, lack of matchmaking and non-existent player base.
        Maybe things have been fixed by now, but problems like that rarely resurrect games from which people have already moved on.
        It's a shame, it was a great game.

          Rampant cheating? When was the last time you played? Battle Eye decimated the number of hackers you experience, I rarely ever see them now.

          I am going to assume you are talking about on console as the longest I normally have to wait is 40 seconds for a match.

          Sure the game doesn't have a ridiculous player base, but considering that right now there are over 5k players during off peak (12k on peak) playing on steam alone. Its not dead, its community is really healthy right now.

          4.1 breathed so much life back into the game. I can't wait for the next content release.

      Feel the same about Dota 2. I think I'm actually having withdrawal symptoms because I haven't played in 2 weeks.

    Planetside 2, until it dies a cold and lonely death.

    I am always pleasantly surprised with the post launch support Siege has recieved from Ubisoft. That is not to say that its perfect, but it always seems to bring me back.

    Titanfall 2.

    Had so much fun with the first game, plus the single player campaign has piqued my interest.

    ...and missile swarms for days :)

    BF1 - Played through the campaign and was pleasantly surprised. Multiplayer starts tonight.

    Not interested in T2 and mildly interested in CoD purely for the CoD4 remaster - I honestly doubt I'd play the new CoD's multiplayer.

    Throw some GoW4 multi/horde in there and DS3's new DLC (arena mode) and I'm one happy chappy (on the outside)

    TF 2 for me. But I am getting the itch to buy BF 1, apparently their multiplayer is good to.

    Can someone explain to me which edition of CoD Infinite Warfare I need to buy to get Modern Warfare remastered? The Steam page says one thing, but does not list MW in the "this package contains" info blurb.

      You have to get the digital legacy edition or better. If you are getting the PC version you are better off buying a key.

      The above is 65 AUD where as on steam its 80 USD.

    Battlefield, day 1.

    Titanfall 2, is a maybe if it makes it to Origin Access.

    CoD, never.

    I voted for Battlefield, but I'll also be playing a lot of Titanfall. They're different enough, Battlefield will be my "boots on the ground" FPS, whereas Titanfall does the whole 3D movement thing SO much better than CoD.

    The original is still one of the most fun FPS' I've played in terms of sheer gameplay.

    Don't worry CoD, I'm sure you'll get more votes once all the kids knock off school for the day.

    Been playing Battlefield 1 since Monday night (and the trial on the weekend), I don't see myself pulling away from it anytime soon, it is sooo good (other than some annoying early glitches). I really want to get the COD remaster but not willing to pay the ridiculous price they are asking, might wait a month and hope for a drop in price for Xmas. Titanfall 2 will also be when it drops in Price a bit, loved the first game but i know Battlefield will consume me!

      CoD:MW will be sold separately in a few months anyway, they will try to spin it as them doing gamers a favour rather than the money grubbing tactic it was originally.

      They aren't going to leave money on the table by not selling to people who only want MW but I wouldn't expect it before Xmas.

    Definitely buying Titanfall 2 on release day, the Tech Test was one of the most enjoyable online experiences I've had this year. Will get Battlefield 1 sometime in 2017, the beta was a lot of fun but I'm not in a hurry to jump into it yet. And finally I'll then grab CoD: IW whenever it hits the bargain bin, I'm just interested in giving the campaign a go.

    Put down CoD, I'm just being honest.......
    Everyone wants to play the remaster, no one wants to pay for the remaster.

    Tempted to go back and buy BF1, been playing BF since beta 1942 days but it's so hard not to play that on a LAN. 64 players running a semi co-ordinated game is insane compared to online, that and physically seeing the reaction of the other team is priceless.
    Wish people would go back to running decent LAN events again.......sigh.

    Well BF1 is legit - intense and hard. I'll jump into Titanfall 2 - not sure when. I'm actually interested in what the campaign will be like in Titanfall 2. CoD actually didn't look that bad, but with BF1/Titanfall and Overwatch - that's most of my shooting tied up.

    I've always been a COD hater. Always play them but always hate them. Blops 3 I loved for some reason. It was a lot of fun to play and felt slightly less like you were shooting weightless cap guns. Still not sure about IW though.

    Titanfall 2 I'm probably looking forward to the most 'cause I loved the beta, the campaign looks great, and I was a huge fan of Titanfall 1 (except for it dying in the first few weeks). Still play occasionally.

    Battlefield 1 I have to be honest. I put about 6 hours into the beta and only had one moment that I actually enjoyed (Taking out a plane with another plane and cheering with victory before realising I had a long walk back to the battlefield). The rest just felt generic and not very interesting. That said, I'm still going to play it a lot because the final game will surely be a lot better than the beta.

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