The First Issue Of The Lost Boys Comic Book Has 2016's Best Variant Cover

It's not that one up there. Here's a hint: You can practically feel the oil dripping off those pecs and biceps… Lost Boys #1 is out this week, picking up after the end of the cult '80s vampire movie. It's a fine bit of craft — written by Tim Seeley, with art by Scott Godlewski, Trish Mulvihill and Clem Robins — winking at the goofy comedy aspects of the film while manage to seed elements. But the standout element is the variant cover by Joëlle Jones and Trish Mulvihill.

That's right: It's Sweaty Sax "I Still Believe" Beefcake Man (real name: Tim Capello), the one true immortal to emerge from the movie's vampire myth. Don't tell me you've forgotten…


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