The Gwent Closed Beta Kicks Off Today

Image: CD Projekt RED/Gwent

If you've been looking forward to The Witcher 3's card game finally breaking off into its own thing, good news!

CD Projekt RED announced on their website that invites have gone out to those who registered for the closed beta, which you can still do here.

"We plan on sending out more codes in future waves," one of the developers wrote. The closed beta is available for PC and Xbox One only, although Gwent is coming out for PS4 at a later stage. The beta won't have a single player mode, although the FAQ says they are planning to add single-player adventures (probably not too dissimilar from those in Hearthstone) "as time passes".

And if you don't get into the beta in the first few waves, don't worry. The closed beta will run until autumn next year, although CDR says "that's only a rough estimate".


    Still going strong in the actual Witcher 3 game itself. Only ever using the starting pack (Northern Realms?), was too intimidated to collect/venture into the other sorts of cards.

    Waiting patiently for my beta notification.

    I'm super interested in this, as I loved gwent in Witcher 3. I'm just wondering if the whole adventure to collect the cards and the people I took them off was what I enjoyed or the gwent game itself

    Between the wife and I we signed up on 5 emails. Not one got through. Only bothered her as I dont really like gwent.

    Managed to get into the beta, but unfortunately don't have access to a PC until next week. Very annoying.

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    It's a lot of fun, very addictive and playing against another person is much tougher than against AI.

    Enough tweaks to the cards that it's not the same as that in-game, but it only takes about 15 minutes to get used to the differences.

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