The Jackbox Games Are Coming To Xbox One Next Month

Earlier this week the third Jackbox Party Pack, after months of teasing, was finally released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There's just one problem: if you were hoping to get the pack on Xbox One in Australia, you'll have noticed it wasn't available. But don't worry, it's coming.

In a chat with the developers over email, Jackbox Games told me that Australians would be able to get the second and third Jackbox Party Packs on Xbox One sometime next month. The developers said they'll have more to say at PAX Australia — not just around the time of PAX Australia, but at the convention itself.

I didn't see a Jackbox Games booth at the show, although it'd be a bit remiss if the Twitch booth didn't play through the latest pack. Question is: how unhinged is everyone prepared to be with their humour in front of thousands of gamers? (Probably not as much as you would be after several drinks with mates.)


    The Jackbox booth is out by bandland, in front of the main theatre. Which means you don't even need to buy a ticket to go check it out.

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