The Latest Game From Oculus Studios Is An... RTS?

Welp, I didn't see that one coming.

Well, I did and I didn't. The most surprising amount fun I've had with my Oculus Rift so far is with Lucky's Tale, a game that — played normally — would be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill 3D platformer. Put that VR headset on and it literally feels revelatory.

It's something that people still aren't quite catching onto: the idea that very traditional games, if adapted correctly, can be reinvented in VR. It doesn't have to be about 'immersive' first person experiences. Platform games work well in VR. Third-person perspective work well in VR.

And RTS game — I have no doubt — will work well in VR.

So yeah, I'm excited about this. I'm excited that this game is being made and that Oculus Studios is continuing to do interesting things with their internal projects.


    Oh wow, this looks brilliant, please oh please dont be a rift exclusive.

    I love this whole development stage we're still in for VR, just about everything VR studios are doing feels really fresh and exciting, I will be following this game closely I thinks.

      At worst, it'll be a timed exclusive ..... which means the Rift audience will be beta testers and everyone else gets the polished product. That seems to be the way with software development at the moment.

    Oh yeah Oculus Connect is on
    (/coming up). I totally forgot.

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    Is there a God game in VR yet? Seems like a great platform for a new Black and White.

      As soon as I saw the RTS and thought about the point of view and how well it'd work in VR - my very next thought was of a God Game.

      I really hope someone can go and take some of the best Molyneux elements and actually follow through on a good God Game soon!

    please come to psvr, an rts resurgence would be brilliant

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