The New Call Of Duty Will Devour Your Console’s Hard Drive

The New Call Of Duty Will Devour Your Console’s Hard Drive
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You remember how it seemed staggering that Gears of War 4 was going to consume up to 80GB of hard drive space? Well it’s time to move over, because Call of Duty wants a word with your hard drive.

A French version of the Infinite Warfare retail box has surfaced online. That in and of itself isn’t much of a surprise — the game is due out in less than a month, after all. But what’s staggering is the required file size, with the back of the box saying that a minimum of 130GB is required if you want to have both Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare installed:

It’s worth noting that you can get around this slightly if you buy the digital version of Infinite Warfare. You don’t need to have Infinite Warfare installed to run MW Remastered, but if you’re buying at retail you will need to have the disc inserted to get the game to run. (A measure to prevent people from returning the game and playing the remaster for free, I’d venture.)

Still … 130GB. And it’s worth remembering that come the end of the year, another 6 maps are due out for MW Remastered. So … yeah. Anyone for a 2TB upgrade for their console? Anyone? Activision were also contacted for comment, but did not respond by the time of publication.


  • I think the main thing I took away from this article was that France doesn’t have a fancy flowery way of saying “zombies”.

    I do love they call it “campagne” though. “Multijoueur” isn’t too bad either, but it’s no “campagne”. It just sounds lovely.

    Also, hot dang @ the 130gb I guess. How big is the Day One patch? 😉

  • Out of curiosity (not a specific question for this game), but is the game enhanced for PS4 Pro? I’ve been curious about the effect of this ever since it was announced that games would just come as a single unit for both PS4 and PS4 Pro. Does this mean that you could end up downloading/installing 2 sets of graphical assets, one for the standard PS4 and one for the Pro? So even if you’re installing it on PS4, does you end up with the PS4 pro assets sitting around there taking up space? Or does it only install the assets relevant to the version of the hardware it’s being installed on?

    • Yes, it is. As an added FYI: the MW Remastered campaign, which people are downloading now, is 40.5GB.

        • People who preordered on PS4 could download and play the MWR campaign 30 days early (yesterday).

          • Oh no shit i didnt know that i would have done so – was there a cutoff date? Ill have a look anyway

          • Nope. No cutoff date, you’ve got a month to pre-play the campaign. Just note that it’s the MW Remastered campaign only, not anything else. (And it’s only on PS4, no other platforms.)

    • I remember when id Software was questioned regarding the at the time massive install for Rage. Someone said the exact same thing, saying they were just being lazy.

      Their response: “It IS compressed, if it wasn’t the game would measure in terabytes not gigabytes.”

      Not saying they aren’t lazy (I mean just look at the copy paste of each CoD) but perhaps there is more to it than we think?

  • More proof that modern developers are plain lazy and don’t believe in efficient coding. There is absolutely no way in hell that games need install sizes this big. Hell, install sizes on the PS3/360 weren’t this ludicrous and it’s not like the resolution between this generation and the previous one are hugely different to justify the extra size difference. Developers all go by the lets get this done as quickly and inefficiently as possible, to make money these days approach. A patch can sort the rest out….. Cue multi GB patches too. Ridiculous.

    • Most of the time the game was running off the disc, though. These days the whole thing is dumped onto the HDD using the disc as simply a key. I think I remember MGS4’s install was comparable to a current gen install.

    • As I mentioned to another comment or I’ve noticed big differences between pc an Xbox game sizes. Perhaps the Xbox doesn’t have the grunt to handle the compressed files to the extent a pc does.

    • Yeah, that’s the thing – it’s 2 games. Although from what Alex says in the comment above, it’s 40Gb for MWR… so IW is 90 Gb in order to get to that total of 130Gb?!

      So you can just play IW without installing MWR. I’d be curious to know if you can play MWR without having IW installed as long as the IW disc is in the drive? Although the PS4 tends to just automatically start installing as soon as you insert a disc, so unless they’ve got a way to prevent it from doing that, I suppose it’ll install when you put the disc in, meaning you can’t play MWR without having the full 130Gb IW + MWR installed.

      • You’re right — the kicker is that IW will start installing as soon as you pop the disc in the drive.

        • I suppose you can put the disc in, play MWR while it starts installing and then just take the disc out and cancel / delete the install after you’re finished. Will be a bit of a pain doing that every time, though.

        • I’d assume there’s a way to manually stop the installation for IW … but it’d be annoying to have to do that every time.

  • Not that i am getting this game but it is probably a good reminder i need a much bigger hdd in my ps4.

  • Waiting for the scene rippers to smash both combined to sub 50gb just to show that the compression is hopeless.

  • Go get yourselves a Seagate 5Tb HDD from JB Hifi. I picked mine up for $149 a year ago, runs on USB3.0 and have a FTTP NBN 100Mbps/50Mbps connection. Might take me, say 4 hours to download on Xbox One.

    I pity the fool who purchase the digital deluxe edition with ADSL2.0 and 500Gb internal hard drive!

    • Or the fool that bought the PS4 and now has to upgrade the HD for more than $149 and only end up with 2GB.

  • Well that sucks, I was thinking of getting this digitally, but with my shitty adsl 2 connection it will take me 2-3 days to download MWR and another 5-6 to download IW… and that’s if the connection is decent, but seeing as PSN is regularly slow as **** it could take me two weeks to install both…

  • it literally just took me a week to download the 73GB GOW4 PC version. (finished this morning)
    god damn i am not liking where this is going

  • It was for this reason that I thought Sony’s decision to only allow internal hard drive changes and not external storage was stupid. Sure, larger than 2GB in capacity 2.5 inch HD are on the market, but they are a lot more expensive and typically slower than the 3.5 inch offerings that can be easily attached to your xbox one.

    Considering the state of Australian internet, redownloading games in a timely manner you want to play again is just not an option.

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