47 Terrible Name Suggestions For The New Red Dead Game

Okay, so we don't know for sure that Rockstar is working on a new Red Dead game but... come on! It's going to happen eventually.

What will it be called when it's finally announced? God only knows, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be any of these 47 names I've written down in the last 30 minutes.

Okay, so I'm fairly certain that Rockstar's next Red Dead game will not be called the following:

- Red Dead Revengeance - Red Dead Relaxation - Red Dead Renumeration - Red Dead Redaction - Red Dead Reduction - Red Dead Renegotiation - Red Dead Rendition - Red Dead Remediation - Red Dead Relocation - Red Dead Relegation - Red Dead Rejection - Red Dead Reincarnation - Red Dead Rehydration - Red Dead Rehabilitation - Red Dead Riverdance - Red Dead Westworld - Red Dead Reflexology - Red Dead Rebullition - Red Dead Regurgitation - Red Dead Rectal Examination - Red Dead Restraint - Red Dead Retreat - Red Dead Recession - Red Dead Regulation - Red Dead Registration - Red Dead Refrigeration - Red Dead Realisation - Red Dead Recalculation - Red Dead Revitalisation - Red Dead Reabsorption - Red Dead Reactivation - Red Dead Reaffirmation - Red Dead Reaggregation - Red Dead Reattribution - Red Dead Recalibration - Red Dead Reception - Red Dead Reciprocation - Red Dead Recitation - Red Dead Recreation - Red Dead Redecoration - Red Dead Reduction - Red Dead Reelection - Red Dead Reflection - Red Dead Reformation - Red Dead Redirection - Red Dead Redemption - Red Dead Revolver

I am very excited about the potential for a new Red Dead game. Very excited indeed.


    Out of all these, Red Dead Redemption sounds the most accurate, because screw accurate sequel numbering!

      Red Dead Redemption 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Got two Reductions there :P

    Also would love the Platinum collaboration of Red Dead Revengeance.

    Red Dead Redeemed
    Red Dead Rockstar
    Red Dead Red
    There, now you have 50 terrible names :)

    Edit :( I'm a really slow typer

    Last edited 17/10/16 12:43 pm

    Red Dead Rollerskating
    Red Dead Redbull
    Red Dead Putting Challenge starring Lee Carvallo

    Rare released something like this number of names that they considered for Blast Corps.

    Red Bread Redemption

    Gritty western cross over where one must travel the lands looking for a toaster

      Tagline: The stale white breads took his loaf, and now this multigrain must leave his toaster behind to spread his own brand of justice.

    Red Dead Rick-roll
    Red Dead Roflcopter

    and my personal favourite, Red Dead Reach-around

    on a more serious note, red dead rebellion? set during or directly after the civil war

    A Red Dead Reduction sounds like it would be delicious on a steak. Medium to Medium Rare...

    Red Dead Fred (points to people who know what this references)
    Red Dead Red vs Blue
    Pokémon Red Dead / Pokémon Blue Bully

      Red Dead Fred

      I never quite thought it was the worst film of '91 like Siskel did, but I was a 5yo boy at the time so I was pretty much the target demographic. I can't imagine it got better with age

    I'm praying for Red Dead Redemption: Definitive Edition on PC, PS4, and XBone. Red Dead Redemption was a glorious game and didn't deserve to be stricken by garbage resolution and framerate.

    Plus my PS3 died and I want to play it again.

    EDIT: But I guess I'd settle for a sequel on same platforms as long as it was equally good.

    EDIT 2: Por que no los dos?

    Last edited 17/10/16 1:17 pm

      That would have to be called "RemasteRED Dead Redemption" ;)

    Red Dead or Die Trying
    Red Dead Rights
    Red Deader than before
    Read 'Dead' like you would 'Red' feat. Dr. Seuss

    Red Dead - Right Said Fred: I'm to Sexy for this Horse!

    Red Dead Revenge of the Sith

    In honour of their new partnering with Crapcom...

    RED DEAD RISING! Join Frank Wests ancestor, Frankforth Westerow as he travels the west drawing pictures of random zombie attacks and sexually harassing every animal he comes across...

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