The New Trailer For Logan Has Some Powerful Facial Hair

Everyone has facial hair in this movie. Everyone. And not regular facial hair — really good facial hair.

Even Professor X has facial hair. That old bastard is always clean shaven.

This is definitely a movie about facial hair. And super heroes doing super hero things. I'm guessing that will also play a part in this story.

But a secondary part. A clear secondary part.


    It looks like essentially a mix of Old man Logan and Death of wolverine.....

      Well they did say this movie is based on the 'Old man Logan' story line and Hugh Jackman HAS said this is the last movie he will do as Wolverine (unless Hollywood offers him big bucks to make more)

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        Ah am unaware of an Old Man Logan storyline :)

          I believe a variant of the story is currently running in the current X-men comics right now. (a version of wolverine has come back from the future (Old Man Login)) with the intent to kill X-men but ended up saving them or something (haven't read it yet though)

            The new one is a sequel its essentially Logan trying to stop the events of Old man logan occurring.

            Bloody great read so far.

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    Reckon he was burying professor X at the end. Seems interesting and more of a low key movie than the previous entries. At least from what little we saw.

      I'm sure it's just some flowers that got trampled on he planted earlier in the movie and those darn bad guys did it and Wolvie's just very sad about it.

    Ergggg wish we could have the Hulk family, blind Hawkeye, Antman city and Venom Rex.

    Guess this will have to do.

      yeeeeaaahhhh... theres no way in hell they would let the Hulk family story onto the big screen...

        Still would have been awesome.

          Oh hell yes... i've tried to explain the awesome of old man logan to a few non comic reading friends, they all are with me until the hulk family... then kinda look at me like a freak.

            Just tell them that they are essentially the cast of "The Hills Have Eyes".

        For some reason I'm picturing the Hulk family in every day life. You know, the typical things a family does, like have breakfast, chores around the house, commute to school/work, that sort of thing.

        And when it comes to the commute side, I'm picturing how a family of Hulk's would act in a traffic jam, or any road rage scenario for that matter. Would be funny at least.

        Or imagine him in a line at McDonalds, where the person ahead of them is that fussy annoying person we just end up tsking at. Not Hulk, he would be wanting his Happy Meal NOW!!!

        Or getting a coffee, and having to deal with the half decaf/half double caf soy lattee with vanilla crowd.

        That would totally work on something like Adult Swim.

          HAHAHA i'll admit id watch the crap out of that, however no... teh hulks family in Old Man Logan is very much not like Vaegrand above mentioned, they are essentially the family from The hills have eyes

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            Wont know til it comes out, but yeah, I doubt there will be significant Hulk family action. Maybe a cameo, or easter egg, or just some side reference to acknowledge them might be there. A simple "how do you think I got these scars?" would work, or if someone asked that, "a mutant family" and leave it at that.

            Let the fanboys have their squeal of excitement, without distracting from whatever the actual storyline will be. Its the sort of thing Marvel doesnt mind doing, and I'm sure they can relax the copyright boundaries just a little for that sort of thing.

    This has a real indie movie vibe. Really interested in this!

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