The Next Jackbox Party Pack Comes Out Next Week

The Next Jackbox Party Pack Comes Out Next Week

YES. Finally. It’s time to bring back the impropmptu TAYbie stream.

If the above sentence makes no sense to you whatsoever, then it’s probably because you missed out on the random Fibbage/Quiplash streams I’ve occasionally done with readers and Twitter over the last year. The Jackbox party packs are a bit of a personal favourite, and they’re exceptionally good value for parties and game nights.

And after months of teasing and waiting, we’ve finally got a new Jackbox pack. It’ll be out next week, according to an announcement from the developers on the official PlayStation blog. It comes with five games, ranging from a Quiplash sequel, Trivia Murder Party, Fakin’ It, Tee K.O. and Guesspionage.

As is always the case with these Jackbox packs, there will probably be one or two games that aren’t quite as good as the others. And it’s worth remembering that one of the best Jackbox games, Drawful 2, isn’t part of the pack at all — you’ll have to buy that separately.

Another thing you’ll want to remember is that three of the games — Quiplash 2, Fakin’ It and Tee K.O. — need a minimum of three players. I’d add an extra qualifier by saying that you really want 4, 6 or 8 players for Quiplash (because of how the head to head mechanic works), but it’s something to keep in mind.


    • This is Kotaku Australia, featuring content curated to be of interest to Australians. The fact that the last one didn’t come out in Australia and that this one isn’t listed as available for preorder in Australia I’m sure in no way throws into doubt Kotaku Australia’s clear statements in this article that it will be out next week for its audience of Australians.

      They wouldn’t stake their reputation on anything less!

      • Australians didn’t have any issues picking up the Jackbox party packs on PC or PS4, so you might want to tone down the snark slightly. The first pack is also available just fine on Xbox One in Australia.

        Saying that the last one “didn’t come out in Australia” and “isn’t listed as available for preorder” is pretty misleading, since pre-orders weren’t available for previous games/packs in the last year or so either.

    • Bomb Corp is the bomb!

      But yes, Fibbage is definitely the go-to game that I always play first when I have friends around. Followed by Drawful, then YDKJ or Bomb Corp or Bidiots. Or Nidhogg, but that’s another story.

  • The one thing that annoyed me about the first party pack was that there wasn’t a “bit of everything” mode. You had to pick one game and play it through. Would’ve been nice to be able to play a round or two of each, since they’re all so fun and varied.

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