PlayStation VR Outsells PS4 In Japan 

PlayStation VR Outsells PS4 In Japan 

During its first week on sale in Japan, the PlayStation VR sold 51,644 units. In comparison, the biggest selling hardware that week, the PlayStation 4, sold 30,154 units.

[Image: Sony]

Via 4Gamer, here are the hardware sales for the week of October 10 to October 16. Note that the PSVR went on sale October 13.

PS VR: 51,644 units

PS4: 30,154

New 3DS XL: 15,905

Vita: 8,772

2DS: 8,203

New 3DS: 2,983

Wii U: 2,430

PS3: 814

3DS: 346

Xbox One: 323

3DS XL: 71

Those long launch day lines did translate into big PSVR sales.


  • 50k in Japan? so a good deal all around the world

    naysayers of VR where are you now? oh thats right prolly in VR

      • how is that perspective? 1. HD DVD sold well (just not as well as Blu Ray and there was only room for one). 2. That is in the US, not Japan. 3. It’s a $99 clearout, not a new $450 product, lol, “perspective”.

        • Because you picked a single number and are using that as proof of success ignoring all other context.

          I’m sure plenty of people would have seen numbers like that and felt assured Hd DVD would be successful but it wasn’t because new tech adoption is more complicated than units sold.

          Those worried about VR tend to think the technology is very expensive and doesn’t deliver on the depth to make it a more long term thing. The PSVR addresses one of those issues but only time will tell how it faces the others.

          I hope VR takes off, I’m looking forward to trying a lot at Pax but I’m still worried about whether it will overcome its hurdles.

    • i know huh? the naysayers persist with their “its just a fad like 3d tvs!” comments but will jump on the bandwagon when they realise how wrong they are.

  • Came here because I wanted to know why more VR headsets were sold than consoles to run them…

    See that’s not the case and that PSVR just sold more units in its launch week than new consoles… Why should this be surprising?

    • For those (like me) who really wanted to know if week 1 sales of VR were greater than week 1 sales of PS4 (as the articles title hints). Here is what I found:

      Domestic (JAP) sales of the PlayStation 4 reached 322,083 over a two day period since its release in Japan on Feb. 22, according to Famitsu.
      The next-generation console released in the region for 39,980 yen and 43,980 yen bundled with its Eye camera peripheral

      PlayStation VR sold 51,644 units (JAP), at 44,980 yen.

      little bit of math:
      PSVR sold 16% of the PS4’s opening week units.
      PSVR was 12% more expensive than the PS4 during launch.

      What I don’t know is unit allocation and total units manufactured, as I’m guessing they made far less of them than PS4 and are also making a bigger cut of profit per unit than launch PS4.
      Since I’m hearing nothing but “sold out” I’m guessing the launch went well.

      I’d love to see the Christmas sales in a months time as stores will be stocked, games will be out, and kids will be wishing for it.

  • Having used it for a week now, and owning an Oculus Rift CV1, I can say it’s clearly the best designed VR headset for long gamind sessions. It’s comfort is on another level and the visual quality competes and in some very important aspects exceeds other more expensive HMDs.

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