The Pokemon Anime Character Fans Want To Return

The Pokemon Anime Character Fans Want To Return
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Next month, a new Pokemon anime series starts. It will have brand new friends as well as longtime ones like Pikachu and Ash. There is one character, though, that fans really hope will come to Alola. And that character is Serena.

[Image: The Pokemon Company]

Warning: This article has spoilers if you haven’t seen the most recent episode of Pokemon XYZ.

Debuting in Pokémon XY, Serena is a Pokemon Performer and good friend of Ash. But she’s more than just another buddy, because she is smitten with him. That’s not fan fiction, but cannon. Because of that, there is a notion that Serena and Ash are or should be in a relationship. This is called “AmourShipping”, which you can read about more in depth here

For the last few months, fans have been hoping that Serena will also appear in the upcoming Sun and Moon anime with the hashtag #BringSerenaToAlola. There is even a petition to bring Serena to Alola with over 26,000 signatures. Twenty-six thousand!

So far, it doesn’t look like the character will be making the leap to the Sun and Moon anime.

In the most recent XYZ episode, Serena decided that she wanted to improve as a performer. So…

It certainly doesn’t sound like she’s headed to Alola — at least, any time soon.

This all kind of makes sense, because Sun and Moon looks like a gag anime, and who’s to say she will like goofy Ash. (Who’s to say you will like goofy Ash?)

There is hope that she will eventually go to Alola.

Still, there might be more pressing concerns:

And finally, some real talk:


  • I have a very bad gut feeling that this is already all locked in, and that adding a Serena would involve a major plot and anime rewrite/redraw/re-prouction.

  • When did Twitter turn into Tumblr Lite? I’m sorry but your fanfiction is not going to become cannon no matter how much you sign digital rubbish sites like

  • Just saw an episode of XYZ where Ash is down Ill and challenged by another trainer with a Pikachu and Serena strips off in his tent and disguises herself as Ash to battle in his place. WTF?

  • Methinks the word intended was “canon” rather than “cannon” unless Pokemon has more heavy artillery in it than I had been lead to believe…

  • I honestly despise Serena (not just because I’m a pokeshipper) but because 1: for some reason her voice was really annoying to me
    2: she was always like “oh Pokémon are my friends be nice to pokemon” but then she gets furious with her own Pokémon!
    3: because I think that Pokémon isn’t meant for Bf and Gf. Yuck it makes me sick just thinking about that.
    And if Serena comes back it would only be for one episode like misty may and dawn did. Plus if Pokémon liked the idea of bringing a popular character back, Misty, May, Or Dawn would have been back a LONG time ago. So that’s just my opinion. But what I REALLY care about is that Ash is so stupid it’s like Unova all over again. I hate it. They better bring Greninja back! (Someone actually worth bringing back)

  • I want to see misty in sun and moon because she is very cute and like her attitude and her behaviour with everyone .I want to see her back not in love with ash(misty don’t like ash as her love they both are best friends) but to complete her dream to be a best water pokamon trainer she will reture with better pokamon and much more strong than before and in new look I will be very happy to sea her again and I don’t like to watch serena again

  • We want misty back. We are missing the old gang which was the best and it gonna be very intresting to see her again there r too many people want her back but some r the fans of serena want her back but it will be very annoying to see serena again ahe has feeling for ash but we do not want her chemistry with ash we want to see a great adventur for that misty ia best so this is a request to the writer to get her back to pokemon new season

  • I think that ash has to grown up a little bit and can it be possible that serena misty may dawn all of the ash squad are meet in this season and then ash told them that serena is his gf and misty,may,dawn all are doing well with there guys. They help ash for pokemon battels. New pokemon mystery that about ash past means about his father who is he??and then serena and ash ammourshipping moment with in them. also can add the pokemon ranger thing in it that could make season more interesting and loving. And also add ash fathers story make it more interesting, mysterious and adventures❤❤????????

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