The PS Vita Is Not Dead In Japan!

The PS Vita Is Not Dead In Japan!

The PS Vita is not dead in Japan!

Just a friendly reminder. To mark SaGa Scarlet Grace’s release, Sony is releasing special PS Vitas in Metallic Red, Glacier White, and Black with a total of seven different design variations.


  • The PS vita has flourished in Japan for most of it’s release. It’s biggest problem in the West is Sony practically abandoned it in the first few months, no first party titles and no assistance for bringing titles from Japan. My poor vita survives solely on the odd translation by Xseed or similar. which makes me sad as it is one of my favorite portable consoles with so much potential. If Sony started providing the PS2 library (which the vita clearly supports, as we have seen PS2 titles ported ala Sly and Ratchet and Clank) the console could happily rusurge and bring in some serious coin.

  • Every time someone tries to be funny by saying “The Vita is dead”, I twitch a little and then go calm myself down by looking at the constant flow of Vita games coming out each week like life through its veins. Just because Sony stopped supporting it a few months out from its release and AAA developers are too lazy to make an effort with it it doesn’t mean it’s dead, it’s just going to your neighbour’s house for food and milk.

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