The Rock Reacts To His Very First WWE Match

Internet 'react' videos are pretty played out, but I might just make an exception for The Rock.

This is fascinating. The Rock, watching his very first WWE match and commentating. No, it's not video games. But we all love wrestling right?

For me personally, as a huge fan of The Rock, this is super cool partly because of The Rock's story. The Rock started life as 'white meat babyface'. A very clean-cut, generic 'good guy'. He was very quickly rejected by the WWE fanbase who were in the process of getting older and transitioning. They were about to start cheering a different kind of 'good guy', the Stone Cold Steve Austin type — edgier, harder, rougher. In a way The Rock was old-fashioned and the fans would eventually react negatively. That would fuel The Rock's 'heel turn', a different kind of transition into a 'bad guy'. The end result: The Rock as we now know him. Charismatic, hilarious, brutal. So I found it a lot of fun to rewatch his earliest match, particularly with The Rock providing background information on his thought processes at the time.

The cool part: watching The Rock — as Dwayne Johnson — just watching his own match as a normal human being. Very cool.


    That made me smile. That's so great.

    Even my mum loves The Rock.

    I get irrationally angry when Kotaku puts up non-gaming articles, and I'm about to implode if I see another "we tracked a parcel from Japan to Australia" clickbait ad; but The Rock transcends all that and is a welcome addition to my Kotaku news feed. This commenter certainly does smell what The Rock is cooking. :)

    Fuck I hate those react videos. The videos are annoying enough but for some reason the thumbnails fill me with pure rage.

    But the Rock "commentating" his first match was pretty cool.

    I just like how this shatters peoples idea of WWE. He said an hour before the match, he new what was going to happen. Some people still think this stuff is not scripted... and then there going to see this. hahahhaha

      Man, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm %99 sure that nearly every fan of Sports Entertainment/Wrestling/whatever - at least those over the age of 12- knows that the match outcomes are predetermined. Much like the fight scene in that movie you just watched, or the routine that Olympic gymnast performed. Except less choreographed. Matches will be discussed, "spots" will be worked on, timing, flow and overall key dramatic points will be worked out - but actual "scripting" (ie every movement plotted out) is rare at the highest level, as working live in front of a crowd - you have to feed off their energy and keep them entertained. And if punters are going to see multiple shows -they don't want to see the same fight over and over. Much like how a good stand up has a bagful of jokes and a general framework beginning,middle,end for his show - but will work with the audience as to what he actually uses. It's the poor stand up comedians who work entirely off a script.

      The reason most people watch Wrestling isn't to see " who is tougher" - but to enjoy the athleticism, performance, concocted drama and general spectacle.

    That was awesome. You can really hear the joy in his voice - and not a third person reference to himself at all. I'll be looking out for more of these, cheers.

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