The Star Trek VR Game Has Been Delayed To 2017

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One of the more exciting VR games due to be released this year was Ubisoft's Star Trek title, a multiplayer game that effectively channels Spaceteam by giving players different roles on the Starship Enterprise.

It's an awesome concept. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until 2017 to play it.

In a short post on their blog, Ubisoft announced that the game was being bumped to March 14, 2017 to "deliver the best game experience possible at launch". "Star Trek: Bridge Crew is designed exclusively for VR and we want to offer a compelling and engaging experience," Ubisoft added.

That was basically the extent of the information, which is a bit of a bummer. Stephen watched a version of Bridge Crew on the Oculus Rift and described it as a short demo. Press weren't allowed to play the game themselves — they had to watch through a window, curiously — but given how well Spaceteam works, and the mania that is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Ubisoft should be able to turn Star Trek into something good.


    I like that it's being delayed if it's going to have a single player campaign. Just having online players for boring and repetitive PvE would be bad for the franchise. It's a great idea, I hope it does well.

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