The Way StarCraft Should Be Played

The Way StarCraft Should Be Played

If you’re a long-running StarCraft fan, chances are you’ll remember this cute infestor that sounds like a 4-year-old making raspberry sounds. It wasn’t a unit that ever actually existed: it was part of a parody animation series called StarCrafts.

But then the animation series went viral. Blizzard got on board, and then the mass of fans got so large that someone eventually started working on a mod. And as of today, you can now finally play StarCraft 2 the way it should be played — with pudgy marines, zerglings you’d keep as a pet, and infestors that sound like 4-year-olds.

Like the web series, the conversion is called the “StarCrafts Mod”. It’s basically StarCraft 2 but with cartoony 2D graphics instead of nice flashy effects and reflections. Which immediately looks ten billion times more fun.

The mod has been in production for over a year, with Jonathan Burton raising almost $US100,000 on Indiegogo. It’s worth noting that not em>everything is exactly the same though.

For one, units can throw cheese, which is really only there to piss off your opponent. Every time you build an infestor, there’s a random chance that one will spawn with a crown on its head (and all of its infested Terrans will come out looking like henchmen). Some marines are just plain fat, and occasionally you’ll get a Dark Templar that looks like Zeratul.

There’s a few bugs and the damage values that appear are a little glitchy right now. But the mod doesn’t cost anything, and you can try it out with the free version of StarCraft 2. Just fire up the Arcade tab once the game is installed and search for “Star Crafts Mod” (with the space), or use the links in the YouTube description once StarCraft is installed.


  • Ah this mod, I played what must have been an ultra early version of it ages ago (only a handful of units for each team) but it was neat

  • Haha this looks incredibly fun. Unfortunately I moved on from starcraft 2, its just not a good or fun game. Even ashes of the singularity does a better job in gameplay.

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