There's A VR Company Called WankzVR

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Sometimes in this job you get hundreds, even thousands of emails that are utter garbage.

And then you get emails offering you an introduction to "WankzVR".

As the name explicitly implies, WankzVR is a firm that provides virtual reality porn. The website — which is unabashedly NSFW, so maybe view it on your phone incognito — says that it supports Google Cardboard, Gear VR and the Oculus Rift.

But back to the name. WankzVR.

They're offering members of the press an opportunity to "try the platform out for yourself" as well as "deeper dive into the technical aspects" for the best 4K virtual reality porn experience.

There's no word on whether support for the Touch controllers is coming later this year. The takeup is apparently been huge though, with more than 6,000 active paying members. A new VR scene is put out every week, with the front page saying each video supports 60fps — frames, not faps per second.

If that wasn't firm enough, the release ends with "Warm Regards" and an offer to send everything over. I'm no stranger to wearing a headset that's been doing the rounds at a convention, but a used VR porno media kit is another level entirely.

Should I do it?


    I think you need to try it out before judging it

    Of course you should do it, how is that even a question? You should also book out one of the meeting rooms in the office to try it out.

    For the sake of Journalism, I think you must.

    And ...... ? So ........?

    I would have thought that i would be more important to report that the Australian price for Oculus Touch is available, it's actually reasonable (US$220) and shipping is FREE. I've been waiting for Kotaku to report that given the last hack job they did on Touch. I guess that's too much to ask though.

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      Hey! A story on that's coming, but I'm only one person.

        Yep, and porn came first (no pun intended). Got the priorities correct.

        Last edited 12/10/16 4:01 pm

    I really hope that they have a performance metric called "Wank Factor"

    Well if you have a case of pink eye in a couple of weeks we won't ask too many questions...

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