This Isn't A Dream: The Last Guardian Has Officially Gone Gold

Image: Sony

The wait for Team Ico's The Last Guardian has been epic. The game, set for a December 7 release in Australia, was essentially announced back in 2007. It wasn't until E3 2015 we got a trailer of the game in its final form and the anticipation has been brewing steadily ever since. Well, you can now add more fuel to that excitement fire — The Last Guardian has officially gone gold.

As appears to be the standard way of communicating such things these days, Sony Interactive Entertainment head Shuhei Yoshida announced the news via Twitter.

So yes — The Last Guardian is definitely coming out. It's already been classified (two months ago almost to the day), so no problems on that front (and not really surprising).

I guess the big question now is, will it survive the hype train? The boiler is well-fed on years of delays and Sony has already been cooked to a cinder by a certain other game not meeting expectations. Even so, I have a good feeling about this one.

Shuhei Yoshida [Twitter, via GameSpot]


    Still aint gonna believe it til its on the shelves, sorry.

      Yep. I refuse to get hyped for this because of the continuous delays.

      [Waits for the game to come out then gets a group of friends to buy every copy around; driving Weresmurf mad at hearing the game is out but his logic saying otherwise as there are no copies on the shelf]


        Now I dare you to buy every digital copy ;)

          [Rigs routing tables causing everything to route to the Star Trek V appreciation site; rendering Internet in Australia even more useless than usual.]

            Pfffft like you could harm the shittiness of Aussie net... lol

              Not to get too far off topic but tampering with routing tables can (and does) have far more damaging effects than the DNS attacks we have seen.

              Tamper with them, they are can no longer properly find the most efficient route thus causing datagrams to be dropped due to TTL timeouts.

    I don't really get the "hype train" thing. There was a trailer back at E3 in 2009 or whenever it was that they announced it for PS3. Then there was a trailer at E3 last year and this year. And that's pretty much it. 3 trailers in almost a decade, with several years in between of silence so great that a lot of people thought it had been cancelled.

    Where and when did this supposed hype occur? Was it during that holiday I took a few years back when I wouldn't have been paying attention for a couple of weeks? Seriously, Activision would have put more into hyping up of this year's COD in the past month than Sony have done for The Last Guardian in a decade.

      I think part of it comes from their previous titles, Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, which have a large fan following. There are naturally high expectations because of that.

    As much as I loved playing Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, they were far from perfect games. They got by on their atmosphere and ambition. I'm expecting this one to be the same. I don't think it's going to get perfect scores, and I'm expecting some kind of backlash that it isn't the second coming of Christ. But as long as it's engaging and atmospheric, I'm in.


      Or, I'll play it, enjoy it for what it is and hope it's as atmospheric and ambitious as its forebears as you say.

    What does "going gold" mean in this context?

      It means the gold master copy that the physical/digital media is then based on has been approved. Basically means that the game is definitely coming out.

      A master disc (a gold copy) has been released to manufacturers for printing.
      The team now moves on to making patches and post release DLC.

    This game looks like A boring platformer with a unique art design. It sense another no mans sky. Over priced games that should be Indy scale releases. Play board games there better

      I can't help but read this comment as though it is being said by the man from another place.

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