This Might Be Dragon Ball Super's Biggest Reveal 

Do you wonder who Goku Black is? Well, if this leak is correct, we could officially find out soon. [Image: you_bet_11 | Toei Animation]

Note: This article contains spoilers. Well, possible ones.

The evil entity known as Goku Black debuted earlier this winter in Dragon Ball Super's Future Trunks Saga.

Besides being a nefarious character, Goku Black can transform into the pink-haired Super Saiyan Rose form.

But who exactly is Goku Black? Online people have been shooting around theories, but in upcoming episodes will finally find out the character's true identity.

As pointed out by Yaraon!, the trailer for episode 60 is up on Toei's official YouTube channel. The clip's title is "Return to the Future: Revealing Goku Black's True Form".

This episode, however, apparently does not actually reveal Goku Black's identity. Instead, what appears to be a television guide listing states Goku Black's true shape will be revealed in episode 61.

This latest leak is unconfirmed, but as we've already seen, the Super Saiyan Rose spoilers leaked last month in a Japanese television guide were later proven true.

The latest leak, which is titled "Goku Black's True Form Revealed!!", states that Zamasu (pictured, below) used Dragon Balls to change bodies and minds with Goku.

There are numerous similarities between Goku Black and Zamasu, staring with facial features and their earrings.

YouTuber The Fan Guy pointed out that there are other similarities, including their ki, their motives, their fighting techniques and even their aura.

[Image via SuperBen 1000000 | Toei Animation]

The thing that has thrown people off is that Zamasu has been shown with Goku Black, but that could probably be explained by there being different Zamasus in different timelines.

YouTuber Geekdom101 wonders if there could even be a Zamasu with Goku's mind, which would certainly be an interesting development. Stay tuned.


    They gave us the answer already. zamasu used the dragon balls twice, once to make a copy of goku that was loyal to him and then another time to make him immortal

      Which was then proven wrong in 59 when Zam and Black are talking on the balcony. Their convo is that of someone who is a wish and a god. Beerus also said Zam was dead which was wrong further pointing out they weren't sure, it was a theory.
      When Black talks, he doesn't sound like someone that was wished for, he sounds like someone who has control over a Goku body. The body might be a wish, but the being controlling I am guessing isn't.

    This is not the biggest reveal at all...The biggest reveal of all is that Goku has NEVER kissed anyone before! Their really making him a weirdo/ idiot in this series

    i wanna see Whis go to town on someone. seeing he is the one that trained Beerus, he would be amazing to see in a fight.

    "YouTuber Geekdom101 wonders if there could even be a Zamasu with Goku’s mind, which would certainly be an interesting development. Stay tuned."

    Well, that ended badly for Zamaku.

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