This Pokecar Is The Very Best, Like No Car Ever Was

This Pokecar Is The Very Best, Like No Car Ever Was

As far as promo stunts go, decking a BMW i8 out to look like a Pokemon trainer’s dream vehicle isn’t a bad one.

If you want to pick up a BMW i8 in Australia, I’ve got some bad news: you’ll need to shell out a couple of hundred grand. And if you wanted to cover it from head to toe in Pokemon paraphernalia, it’d cost you a pretty penny more.

So Veluxity Luxury Services has a solution: hire their BMW i8 instead. They drove it around Miami’s South Beach and, as you’d expect, passers by kept taking out their phones for a quick photo.

Surely, the attention would eventually get tiring. Although I suppose some people do enjoy that kind of attention; I’m certainly not one of them.

But whether you think it’s too ostentatious, you have to admire the amount of effort that went in. The level of detail is pretty superb:


  • I mean, can we please be practical here.

    How am I supposed to notice rustling in the tall grass if I’m in this thing?

    Not to mention hiking to the Elite 4.

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