Titanfall 2 Takes Shot At Other Shooters, Won’t Have A Season Pass

Titanfall 2 Takes Shot At Other Shooters, Won’t Have A Season Pass

Outlining future plans for Titanfall 2, developers Respawn Entertainment made a blog post talking about what sets their game apart from other shooters. A big one? No paid multiplayer DLC or season pass.

“All maps & modes will be free in Titanfall 2 Multiplayer,” the post reads. “This means no splitting up the community.”

The team stresses that there will be no additional cost to players after they purchase the game. Player who pre-ordered will get three days early access to the multiplayer map ‘Angel City’ before it is released to everyone else.

This practice stands in stark contrast to games like Battlefield 1, which offers a ‘Premium Pass’ that will give players access to DLC as it releases over time. The pass is a pricey $70. Respawn Entertainment seems pretty fed up with these sorts of practices if a recent tweet is any indication.

Looking at Respawn Entertainment’s decision, I’m pretty pleased that they are focusing on players and making sure everyone has the same experience. For players strapped for cash or simply sick and tired of long term DLC packages in their games, this is definitely a refreshing change of pace.

Titanfall 2 releases today on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


  • I’m not entirely against season passes, I think the Battlefield games are better thanks to Premium, but it makes sense for Titanfall 2 given what happened to the original. The game had trouble holding on to players and the season pass was a huge barrier for getting them back or picking up late purchasers. As a brand Titanfall just doesn’t have the gravity to ask it’s players to spend more even if it’s justified.

    • They actually made the season pass for TF1 free on the game’s anniversary. At the time it was seen as a last chance to grab more players, but at the least it’s good to see they learned something from the process.

  • “Titanfall 2 Takes Shot At Other Shooters” You mean they just noticed that people hate season passes and are trying to look like the good guy for doing this when in reality no one wanted passes in the first place.

    Older FPS/Shooter games never had passes.
    Now all EA has to do is remove Origins then i might start buying their games again. Until then i wont purchase any no matter how good since it is nothing more then malware.

    • Origin actually isn’t too bad now. It used to be atrocious, but it’s actually pretty decent now.

      Ideally it wouldn’t exist at all, as I hate having fragmented clients on my PC, but you’re missing out on a lot of good games by boycotting it in its current form.

      • Yeah, Origin as a platform isn’t too bad. in the beginning it was atrocious, but so was Steam. The games on it are crazily over priced ($108 USD for Titanfall 2 for example), but the system is good.

  • shots fired? lol sure thing.

    But im really happy about this news, enough to encourage buying it when it comes out knowing I wont have to worry about investing further in the future just to keep playing it with my friends.

  • Based on my experience with BF4, the DLC is a waste of time and money anyway. It comes out, people play the new maps for a week or two, then everyone goes back to the original maps. I won’t be wasting my money on the premium subscription this time around, I’ll just stick to the default maps.

    • Man, don’t know what BF4 you played, but the servers with the most players were always the DLC + Base map servers, that was the great thing about BF4 is that there was always multiple servers running all the maps, base and DLC

  • Hmm, I might actually support this by buying the game. On principal only.

    EA is out of control with DLC. There were 5 DLC packs for BF4 on top of the base game. It split the community and basically forced you to buy the DLC if you want to play on active servers that run the DLC maps eg. if you only owned the base game you could not play on servers that rotate through the new maps EVEN if the current map was a standard map.

    To stay in the gameplay loop you HAVE to buy the DLC otherwise you may as well shelve it. So you end up paying nearly $150. This IMO is just an unscrupulous way of generating more income for a single title. It’s bullshit, and I haven’t bought any of their games for a while because of it.

    • There was always servers running the base BF4 maps, although it definitely helped to have the DLC. You can’t be surprised when they want to charge for additional content however.

      I’m all for additional content to keep me interested in a game. I played BF4 since it released and til BF1 came out, and most times when I came back to it there were new and fresh maps waiting, can’t complain about that.

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