Trying Hard To See Underpants In Summer Lesson

Trying Hard To See Underpants In Summer Lesson

You'll be happy to know that it is possible to see VR underpants in Namco Bandai's PlayStation VR title Summer Lesson. Well, maybe you won't, but someone will be.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

In game, Namco Bandai set up a play area where it's possible to interact with the character as you help her with her studies. Moving your head can cause the screen to go black as seen in this GIF that's been floating around online.

Trying Hard To See Underpants In Summer Lesson

That's why some YouTubers are creating clips to explain how to stay in the play area and, yeah, see underpants.

The clip below, for example, has racked up nearly one million views since being uploaded two days ago.

Basically, you stand two or three meters away from the PlayStation Camera and if you then move around during this early scene, it's possible. If that doesn't work, clipping also seems to do the trick.

Lots of work for some digital drawers, but interested parties, there you go.

Trying Hard To See Underpants In Summer Lesson


    incoming flood of fetish anime VR games
    plus the bonus furry DLC

    edit: I remember doing this to vampire masquarade bloodlines hot chick in the bar
    glad to see the effort is still alive

    Last edited 23/10/16 5:38 am

      Incoming? They're already put there in droves.

        VR? maybe on the vive....

        Last edited 23/10/16 2:00 pm

    One day you will have to have a blue card before you can play a game like this.

    I need to write a macro so I have a permanent paste button for the sentence:

    "What the HELL is wrong with the Japanese?"

      Oh come now, they're just being mischievous scamps :-)

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