Underrail Developer Announces Game's First Expansion 'Expedition'

Image: Stygian Software

Underrail, the (retro) Fallout-inspired RPG from Stygian Software did very well for itself when it came out late last year. For fans, you'll be pleased to hear the developer has no plans to abandon the game just yet, with Stygian announcing a paid-for, aquatic-themed expansion called "Expedition".

All the details for the expansion are available on the game's website, but to give you an immediate idea on what will be included, here's a snippet:

  • A brand new story line that becomes available during the mid-game
  • Over a 100 new areas to explore of various types — shores and islands of the Black Sea, mysterious underground facilities, pirate strongholds, and more
  • New human factions, as well as wild creatures to combat
  • New items and crafting recipes
  • New skills and feats
  • Levelling past level 25 with a special pool of feats to choose from

Nothing is mentioned regarding pricing, however, the current release date is the "first half of 2017". Until then, here are a couple of screenshots showing how the expansion is shaping up.

Image: Stygian Software
Image: Stygian Software
Image: Stygian Software
Image: Stygian Software
Image: Stygian Software

Underrail: Expedition [Underrail]


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