Watch Dogs 2 Is Cringeworthy As Hell, But Still Somehow Looks Good

"Hey I'm Marcus. 80's film buff, idealist... hacker."

Watch Dogs 2 looks good. It looks so good I'm almost willing to overlook terrible dialogue like this to play it.

Honest to God, why are video games like this. Why can't they just be 100% good?

Whatever. This is a new Watch Dogs 2 trailer. This game looks like a video game experience I could 100% enjoy. It's a Watch Dogs in the process of discovering its own identity. Watch Dogs 1 was a video game mish mash of things that worked in other games. This is Watch Dogs at college, discovering itself.

Which means it's pretentious and annoying as hell, but at least — on some level — it's quite original and interesting.

I will play this game.


    It's projecting an unseen til now aspect of the game... now he's said 80s film buff, expect the game to be literally peppered with 80s movie quotes from Marcus.

    Have Ubisoft ever made a game that isn't cringeworthy as all fuck? God have you ever seen their e3 press conferences? Try hard hipster is ingrained in their psyche.

      Rayman Origins, Grow Home, maybe Blood Dragon if you don't count intentional cheese :P

    Ubisoft. its not going to be good.

    - Beautiful but shallow open world with nothing to do in it
    - Cringeworthy storyline, characters and voice acting
    - The same 3 side quests over and over again

      That is AC1. AC2 fixed that, and, BTW, Watch Dogs 1 WAS a good game. It was no where near the hype it produced, and the alpha footage being better looking than what they went for did not help, BUT the game was solid, it has cool ideas and missions. Yes, the player character is a bit... stiff, but that dose not change the fact that the game play, even with its little wired things, is still good fun.

      I played AC1 3 times. I know what I am talking abut. :P

        Eh I always give their games a try even though I know I'll never make it beyond 20-30% and I'm always disappointed. Not sure why i do it to myself! :P

        Ubisoft craft great maps and worlds but I always feel there's nothing of worth to do in them. The main story is always a bore and every single npc functions the same way. Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry (actually decent but gets old soon enough), The Division... tried them all.

    Can't wait for this. I loved the original so I'm pretty excited to get my hands on this one.

    I can't wait to unlock towers, do monotonous side 'quests' and not play extra content hidden behind micro-transactions!!

      Don't forget to pre-order for exclusive pants!

    Once again the Watch Dogs protagonist looks like a character your dad makes up thinking he fits in with all the hipster youngins. I mean what's with the dodgy denim vest and scout badges? Ergh...

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