Watch Dogs 2 Makes Fun Of Donald Trump

Video: Somewhat unlike its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 has a personality! I would even go so far as to call it feisty. Warning: minor Watch Dogs 2 spoilers ahead.

The embargo dam on Watch Dogs 2 preview footage recently burst, and some interesting tidbits have surfaced. Tonally, the game seems to take some cues from Grand Theft Auto, at least insofar as it lampoons a lot of pop culture stuff.

In the above video from Eurogamer, Watch Dogs 2 takes shots at everything from Donald Trump, to Martin Shkreli, to goddamn Knight Rider. Yes, the '80s show about the talking car. I don't really get it either.

In Trump's case, specifically, there's a fictional politician with a very "Make America great again"-like slogan. An early mission sees you graffiti the crap out of one of his billboards. Pretty on the nose! But, you know, obviously a little more engaged than the first Watch Dogs.

Most of these things are fairly low-hanging fruits, but it's good to see some legitimate personality from the game. A few of the gags are actually kinda funny, even. I think I'm beginning to feel cautiously optimistic about Watch Dogs 2. How about you?


    Of course it would. It supports BLM and is anti blue. I will enjoy playing this game and fighting the police.

    Of course it does, everyone is making fun of the ridiculous orange clown.
    When your other option is a smiling assassin with blood on their hands, it becomes a necessity.

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