Watch PewDiePie Play 20 Minutes Of The Last Guardian

The name of the video: I WAITED 6 YEARS TO PLAY THIS.

Confession time: I am closet PewDiePie fan. When I saw that he was among the first to get an early look at The Last Guardian — a game I've been waiting six years to play — my first reaction was "why?"

But this makes perfect sense. The Last Guardian already has a core of fans who will buy this no matter what. PewDiePie has a different audience and that audience is tremendous. Getting Pewds to play a game is pretty much like getting your game on Conan O'Brien at this point.


    I admire everything hes accomplished but fucked if I will ever enjoy him.

    I've waited 6 years to play this game so I can do without watching someone else play it before I can in another 2 months.

    Cheers Mark, I'll be sure to watch. Don't really know much about the game so would love to see more.

    No different to the pre-release circus that was No Man's Sky, for mine. Just in a shorter timeframe.

    Don't want to watch any of this. I want to go into it as un-spoiled as possible.

    it seems buggy as hell for a game that took 6 years to make..

    So tempted to watch, but I must hold out until December...

    I used to dislike him but he's changed and grown up. He's not as bad as the people that complain about him and it seems like his content will continue to improve.
    Watching his stuff from the past year would probably change a lot of minds.

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