We Have A Release Date For Dawn Of War 3

Previously, the only thing we knew about Relic's long-awaited sequel to the Dawn of War franchise was that it was coming out next year. Now we know the month.

The release date was unveiled on SEGA's website this evening, which says the next Dawn of War will be released on April 30:

Image: SEGA

There's no date, month, or quarter listed on the Dawn of War website, or its store listing on Steam. It's the first news we've seen of anything beyond a blanket 2017 release for Relic's upcoming RTS.

It's worth noting that April 30 falls on a weekend for Australians, so it's likely that April is more of a window than a specific day. Still, it's the first indication from Relic or SEGA about when Dawn of War 3 will be out — although as often happens, the project could always be delayed before then.

Curiously, the listing on SEGA's site says that Dawn of War 3 will be a "PC Download", as opposed to a PC release. That could potentially indicate that the game isn't lined up for a retail launch, although the same designation was given to the highly successful Football Manager series as well.

Update: Added a clarifying paragraph about the date.


    30/4/17 is a Sunday. I'd say that's a placeholder date, same with Sonic Mania.

      Worth noting that if you scroll over Sonic Mania, it comes up with "Spring 2017". DOW3 simply has Sign Up, More Info and so on.

      It's useful to have an idea of when DOW3 is being targeted for release, even if something happens down the line (unforseen delays, floods, you name it). And it's nice to know sooner, rather than later -- after all, SEGA are the ones who put the date up. If they wanted to aim for a Christmas release, they wouldn't put "April 2017".

    *this is subject to change without notice

    Also trusting release dates in 2016.... 1800-COME-ON-NOW

    Ergggg the graphic style could not have me any less hyped for this round into space murinez, space mushrooms and the most stereotypical take on trans folk. I still don't understand how we ended up with fewer races this time, smacks pretty hard of Sega's usual DLC strategy.

    I guess I will just wait a year for my space Asians to enter the fray and see if they look just as odd in crisis suits as 1000kg space mahrinz doing just about somersaults into the enemy line.

    It’s worth noting that April 30 falls on a weekend for Australians,

    I think you'll find it falls on a weekend for everyone else too Alex :)

    They could've at least put April 1st and had some fun with it

    Last edited 11/10/16 11:49 pm

    Given that the US Financial year ends at the end of January, "April 30th" reads as the last day of "Q1 2017" to me. So I'd suggest that date is placeholder at best.
    Whether they mean 'Q1' or 'Q2' is a different matter. My inner cynic sees this whole article as an exercise in futility though... I see this news like Blizzards release schedule, "it's done, when it's done".

    Dawn of war 3 is not released until midnight or the 28th in Sydney.

    As the install is steam controlled.

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