We’re Giving Away 5 Three Day Badges For PAX Australia!

We’re Giving Away 5 Three Day Badges For PAX Australia!
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We’re only weeks away from what has been one of the most important, and certainly the most enjoyable, dates on the Australian gaming calendar: PAX Australia. It’s a grand three days of frivolity, cosplay, video games, tabletop games, panels, socialising and chilling down in Melbourne.

But as is always the case, some people weren’t able to get a ticket. If that’s you, good news! We’ve got a bunch of three-day badges to give away.

Thanks to Penny Arcade and their representatives, Kotaku Australia has got five (5) three-day badges for PAX Australia to give to you, our readers! We’ll be giving away another 10 next week through our Facebook and Instagram, so if you miss out this time around you’ll get a second and third shot!

So, I hear you ask: how do I enter?

You could be one of these people!

It’s simple. All you have to do is write 100 words or less in the comments below what you would be most excited to play, see or do at PAX Australia this year. That could be anything from a particular panel, to previewing a particular board game, checking out some Warhammer, the retro consoles, cosplay, or even eating some luscious burgers with your fellow Kotaku readers!

Whatever it is, let us know in the comments below. You’ll need a registered account to be eligible, so make sure the email you use to comment is correct — it’s what we’ll contact you via if you’re selected as one of the lucky five winners.

If you are selected as a winner, your details will be passed on to Penny Arcade. They’ll then get in touch and provide you with a bar code, and you’ll be able to pick up your badge at the PAX Australia registration desk from November 4.

Remember, 100 words or less: What are you most excited to play, see or do at PAX Australia this year? Hit us up in the comments, and good luck!

Terms and conditions can be found here.


  • I’d be most excited to see what panels are being run, seeing as there is STILL no scheduling information on the website. I didn’t realise purchasing tickets was meant to be a trust exercise…

  • Hopefully they’ll be running more Halo: Reach tournaments. I look forward to playing in them every year. If there’s only going to be Halo5 I’ll probably just skip out on them.

  • I’d be most excited about testing out the new updated streetpass limit. I can’t wait to have to sit through 100 streetpass introductions at a time.

  • Uh, Alex… I’m assuming your article is correct, so where the T&Cs read
    13. Major prize is 5 x tickets to PAX Australia.
    Should it be 5 major prizes, or a prize pool of 5 tickets, rather than a (singular) major prize of 5 tickets?

  • I’d be most excited to see if they have Oculus Touch or Playstation VR to try, as I’m so keen to try those controllers with a VR headset. I’m also getting in to board games/card games lately so it’d be great to meet some fellow players and see what’s out there. Also I’ve been looking to cosplay at an event again, it’s been six years since I did any so I think it’s time to give it another shot.

  • While I love my video games, would prefer to take this opportunity to play some Dungeons & Dragons, Magic or Imperial Assault and have a laugh with some like-minded people.

  • I’d really like to try all the different VR Demos. It’s difficult to find places to try them and I hope they have some awesome VR/Augmented Reality technology.

  • I’m looking forward to getting some more hands on time with VR. Supposedly Razer’s OSVR is going to be there this year too to have a look at. Also interested in the hobby gaming and the paint and take model painting sessions and workshops.

  • At the PAX booth at AVCon earlier this year I had my first experience with virtual reality with the Vive they were demonstrating. I was completely blown away and if I was lucky enough to go I’d love to try more of it in their free play area.

  • I’m most excited for the indi games area! It’s where there are always these incredibly innovative and fun multiplayer games, which everyone is playing for the first time and having a blast! Especially when I’m in cosplay, playing against another cosplayer, battling it out for our respective universes. That and the boardgames area. It’s the best I’ve ever seen, and it encourages random people to connect up, play together and chat. It’s the most rewarding area for me at PAX and the place I spend all my remaining time with people I genuinely have a ball being around.

  • Personally I am interested in absolutely everything that PAX has to offer. As I need to single out one thing however, the main draw-card for me would be all the amazing loot I would spend a fortune on and all the awesome cosplay I would witness (and for the first time take part in)

    Just realised that was two things :/

  • I’d love to try some tournaments; Rocket League and Magic: the gathering sealed tournament for sure. Give some VR a go as it seems to actually be sticking around and must worth a shot (though still sceptical). Then there’s all the big & indie games that will have demos and memorabilia that I can never say no to.

    I wouldn’t mind giving cosplay a go or at least learning some of the tricks from the pros that show up in their incredibly detailed outfits to learn how it’s done right. I’ve never really understood what goes into that stuff.

  • I really love the community feel of PAX, it really feels like Australia is on the map and we have something to be proud of. I enjoy bringing my 3ds and sitting on the bean bags and getting spot passes. I love the swag you get and playing games as well.

  • I would be most excited to just attend.
    I’ve nearly bought tickets to PAX a couple of times and, each time, a voice in the back of my head said “No, something will come up” and sure enough something did so that, if I had bought tickets, I wouldn’t of been able to attend and it would have been a waste of money.
    This year it was being in the middle of moving away from Melbourne.
    Would be nice to fly down for the weekend and check it out.

  • I’m very excited to see Dawn of War 3. I’ve been a long time Dawn of War fan (and every other Relic RTS). Everyone is super mad about the footage so far so I’m keeping an open mind – Relic knows how to build a fun RTS. In particular I’m keen to see if they reveal and multiplayer footage – or even a playable demo.

  • While playing Dawn of War 3 would be incredible, I’d be most excited to see the sweet, sweet cosplays put together by our resident TAYbies

  • I’m keen to check out Horizon, some Zelda if they have that there, eat some burgers. Are you or Old Man Serrels going to be there @alexwalker? If so then it’d be cool to hang with you lads and Serrels and I could swap demonic toddler stories

    • We’ll both be there, but I can’t make any promises. Haven’t sorted out a schedule or anything beyond when I’m arriving and leaving so far; most of that will probably get sorted the week of PAX.

  • TBH i would be just stoked to have a day out without the kids doing something im interested in 🙂 bit of a sony fanboi so whatever is on offer there would be keen, plus any game really containing zombies or lego would be awesome

  • I’m probably most excited to try out the two new Codenames Codename: Pictures and Codenames deep undercover

  • I thought I’d do this a bit differently / and rhyme about PAX and what I want to see / but honestly, I wouldn’t know where to begin / As I’ve never been before, and as a gamer I know this to be a sin / Do I check out the Cosplayers and be wow’ed by their needlework? / or get my gaming on at the arcade or Local Area Network / maybe get excited & inspired over what the Aussie indies have to display / or just lose myself in the exhibit hall, which would really make my day..

  • I am most excited to interview the Indie Developers, try out their games, and advertise them to all of my YouTube and Twitter followers. I’m pumped to get into games journalism to highlight indie devs. Second to this, I’m just really keen to hang out with my gaming friends from all around Australia. In some cases, this will be the first time we’ve met in person!!

  • I’m not interested in VR in this generation, perhaps I’ll revisit in the next generation. What I want to see is some good new IPs, some innovative game direction and some stuff that genuinely surprises me. Not sure if there is any of this at Pax but if there is then sign me up.

  • I’m most excited to see the Dragon Friends. They are a live D&D comedy show, that is best described as insane, every time I see them. Plus, they’ll have a real life Senator playing with them, and that man’s a legend.

  • I’m most excited at introducing my 9 month old son to his first PAX experience, while he’s dressed in his daredevil cosplay. #geekparenting

  • Checking out all the indie dev games, meeting up with devs from twitter and asking a bunch of indie game development questions of all the devs I can find! Particularly keen to talk locomotion and peripheral UI in VR with anyone who’s developing for VR.

    Also hoping to find some graphics devs to talk procedural shaders with and maybe find someone for the team for Neuroscape (VR Cyber warfare game) and BrainSpace (Enterprise AR App)

    • LOL, 2013 PAX Australia was nothing like that. To be accurate, you’d need that picture minus most of the fun stuff but with queues stretching around the entire area, with people who had lined up for an hour or more being told that the panel they had lined up for was now full and they’d just wasted an hour of their time.

  • I would love to go, but with a wife and toddler one ticket wouldn’t suffice. Went first year with wife and broker in law it was amazing. This year I would want to play Thornwatch and go to the Make a Comic Panel as it was hilarious the first year.

  • I would be most excited to go to my first PAX ever, and experience all the awesome stuff that goes on there! The games, panels, cosplays, meeting new people, buying heaps of merchandise and the great food Melbourne has on offer. Also it’d be a perfect late birthday present.
    I also really want to check out some games! I missed my chance at the EB expo, hopefully this will be a chance at redemption

  • I’m going to do a Bloodborne cosplay with TAY friends, play boardgames with TAY friends, take photos of the Wargaming booth for @batguy, visit my friend’s Aetherworks booth, collect all the swag, try VR for the first time, play indie games, take photos of all the cosplays, get streetpasses, and attend at least 1 panel, because I will child-free and able to do All The Things.

  • I would be most excited just to be caught up in the crowds, surrounded by others who share the same excitement and enthusiasm for the culture and hobbies that I love!

  • I’m most excited about pin trading. It would be my first year trading and I hope to go all three days to participate in all the pin related activities (attending certain panels and scoring high on demos). But most of all making new friends within the community.
    And of course cosplay!
    I was devastated to miss out on a 3Day pass and it would mean everything to me to go <3

  • To be honest, I’d love to grab all the freebies from all the booths and the whatnot. It’ll give me a good reason to exercise my newly-obtained t-shirt collection and also, exercise in general…

    …y’know, the kind that forces people to leave the house and breathe in the ultra-realistic, no lag stutter-free, maxed-out render distance experience that is collectively known as ‘outside’.

  • I’ve been living in England for a year & I’m gonna be returning home to Melbourne in a few weeks both single & utterly broke. The thing I’d love to see most at PAX is all my friends in a fun & positive environment.

    Plus I really wanna meet Laura Kate Dale.

  • I’ve been to a few Paxen here in the states and I have heard such wonderful things about PAX Aus from Aussies who attend. I’d love to meet up with Aussie Pin Pals (who I can’t see otherwise because of cost/distance) and see/buy/hoard the new PA pins. I’d definitely hit up the retro console games and would love to see the indie section of games available. It’d be a really cool experience to be on a different continent meeting folks who enjoy the community of PAX as well.

  • I’d be really keen to check out the awesome level of cosplay that’s going to turn up. I’ve never been to an event with serious cosplayers so I would love to see the amazing effort they put in, and maybe try to work something out myself.

  • I absolutely love PAX. Every year I get excited and just can’t wait to get there. I usually go with my boyfriend but for the first time since we’ve been together he can’t go. I have been ummming and ahhhhing about whether to go alone as I love seeing the Nintendo booth each year, sitting in on the amazing panels and lining up to try brand new games. It’s my one time of year where I collect heaps of street passes too. Would be honoured to win.

  • As excited as I would be about trying upcoming indie stuff, I think the board games would hold my attention. I only recently fell in love with board gaming again, and would love the opportunity to explore the leaps they’ve made in the last several years while at Pax.

  • I’m most excited to try and get to see the Major Nelson panel on the Friday; and i suppose the chance to play some un-relased games and buy some con-exclusive loot!

  • Honestly I am most excited about seeing and meeting all the new people! I have a lot people I play online games with coming from interstate and overseas to come to pax and it will just be amazing to meet them all!

  • I love making new friends and trying new games in the Tabletop Area, finding and playing exciting new indie games, plus a chance to maybe try out some VR gaming, not to mention the great variety of panels and guests (LoadingReadyRun will be there for the first time!)
    But I’m most excited just to be there, amongst my fellow gamers, all excited about games. Unironically loving our shared, fantastic hobby.

  • Have never been to a convention before, but I would love to go see and speak to the developers behind games developed in Australia to fill my heart with warm feeling about Australia and its place in the gaming industry.

  • If I was fortunate enough to win the 3 day pass to PAX Aus, I’d be sure to soak in the culture of the PAX community and gaming at large by attending as many of the diverse panels available over the weekend as I could. I’ll be honest though, I’d also make sure I did everything in my power to give Breath of the Wild a spin while I’m there too; Nintendo seem to be making great strides towards an innovative console Zelda title with this one. Good luck to all who enter!


  • I’m most excited to see the indie game area it’s always amazing to see what new and creative things are coming through the pipeline from the smaller side of the gaming world than just the triple A title side. Also with the announcement of Major Nelson, to here him talk about his involvement and the development in xbox live would be amazing and awe inspiring.

  • First and foremost…
    I wanna find that elusive triple-pack of wicked-cool Playstation socks that I once saw at EB Games and stupidly & regrettably didn’t buy and have since not been able to find anywhere?!

    Also wanna get my eye-balls on something running on the PS4 Pro, hopefully Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War.

  • I booked in 2 weeks of leave between PAX in advance in January and sadly a lot of plans fell through. I look forward to the panels especially talks from successful tabletop game developers, cosplay shows and tutorials. Michael Jones and Lindsay Jones from Rooster Teeth crew will also be there. Mingling with new and old cosplayers and taking selfies of their awesome creations. The awesome freebies around the booths. The bean bag area for when I need to chill out and be in my zone. But mostly playing all the awesome game demos from our indie developers.

  • What am I most excited for? EVERYTHING.
    Having attended every Pax Aus since it’s launch, I can whole-heartedly say it’s my favourite convention of the year.
    Apart from spending hours upon hours playing on the sega megadrive and kicking my friends butts on Street fighter (hehe), I think I am looking forward to the overall atmosphere. I feel being a cosplayer really gets you involved in the community on a more personal level. People feel an automatic connection with you, which makes them feel comfortable with interacting with you. I love it!

  • Being able to meet and have a great time with friends I met playing games online from all over Australia. Being able to finally meet theses guys in person and seeing the new games and products coming out soon with them.

  • To go to PAX would be a wonderful experience, taking in the booths and cosplayers, looking over with fondness at the warhammer demonstrations and previewing excellent games on display.
    Soaking up the atmosphere and seeing friends immersed in all kinds of pop culture will be the highlight of my November.

  • Last year I spent most time playing new/upcoming games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dark Souls III, etc. but I couldn’t fully enjoy due to the time limit. This time I’m definitely gonna try out the retro area, and probably the console gaming section for some excellent old games that I haven’t played yet.

  • I’m most looking forward to having a Stein or two at Munich Brauhaus after spending the day waiting in lines to be able to spend 5 minutes with some of the games

  • I am absolutely stoked to see the 30 years of Adventure: The History of The Legend of Zelda panel that was very recently announced. But really, the whole experience of PAX is something to look forward to, whether it be the creative cosplays that fellow fans put hours of work into, the countless games that can be played or just the atmosphere of experiencing this event with fellow avid enthusiasts and lovers of gaming. PAX is the epitome of all the love and labour that goes into games and to experience all three days would be, put simply, a dream.

  • Hi my name is Kitty, I like Pax because me and my friends are going. I like Pax because I like video games. I’m excited for Pax because I like games. Overwatch is my favourite game. I look forward to my free skin at the League of Legends Panel. (Hopefully they give out 2 free skins to make up for last year absence). I hope there will be another Ubisoft booth featuring The Division as I look forward standing in lane for another hour just to play for 10 mins. I want lots of free game. I like turtles.

  • I’d be happy just to see the Australian Indie Showcase to be honest.

    I’m down to playing just indies these days because I’m a story driven gaming nut and with kids – so short games with maximum story impact are pure joy to me.

    To meet people making games like Paradigm and The Eyes of Ara would be awesome. Even though I’d need to fly from Hobart and would know no one, it would be totally worth it just to shake their hands and tell them to keep doing what they do.

  • Last year was my first PAX, and I was enamoured by the panels. In particular Dragon Friends were amazing, and also their first time there too. I quite randomly decided to see them last time, and ‘twould be great to see them again, they’re now one of my favourite podcasts. I also have a smart phone this year, so not getting lost around Melbourne will be great too.

  • I really want to check out some VR, I’m nowhere near being able to have one at home! I’d also like too see some sweet cosplay

  • I really want to check out some VR, I’m nowhere near being able to have one at home! I’d also like too see some sweet cosplay

  • Long-time Kotaku reader (7-8 years?), even longer-time video game lover. I’m interested in the panels – not many of my girlfriends are interested in playing video games (let alone talking about them!) so I’d be most excited by the panels. I love hearing passionate people talk about things they’re interested in! I’m also really interested in diversity in video games, so would be lining up for those panels.

    What a great competition, thanks for giving us the chance, Kotaku!

  • I have been looking forward to this event since last year. Last year was my first time at PAX AU and I was blown away by everything, the community, the games, the art and the COSPLAYS, it was all there. I didn’t get to see enough of it. I was disappointed that Riot Games weren’t there last year, however, now that they’re coming this year, you bet I am looking forward to meeting them. Oh baby, if i win this, i will rock up in my ultimate League of Legends gear.

  • For Honor, for me
    Vikings, Knights and Samurai
    Now let there be war

    Quick, dodge, block, parry
    A sword threatens to impale
    deftly avoided

    PAX would bring honor
    Please grant this humble soldier
    One chance, For Honor

  • I’m just excited to meet new people and have fun! Of course going around and playing the games is great as well but meeting new people is always the highlight for me.

  • PAX is an exciting adventure for creatives and gamers and I love to soak up the excitement of the event with my children who are cosplayers. My children’s cosplay networks extend around Australia and PAX is the major event where they meet up.

    I love seeing all the games, the gadgets, the prize giveaways and the thrill of being among like-minded people. I would love to go this year and support my favourite game and gadget developers and my kids.

  • I would take the opportunity to try some VR. I haven’t had the chance yet and I’d like to test them out to see if I enjoy the experience before blindly buying one. Also, I’d love to play some demos of all the awesome new games coming out!

  • I most look forward to playing upcoming games both console and table top, catching a few panels and enjoying the atmosphere with my partner. It’s very important to me to be with someone who shares a huge love of gaming. It was what we first connected on and to be at PAX and experience that with the man I love is what I would look forward to the most.

  • Three days!!! I would be so excited to have the full 3 days – it would mean I could get a full weekend of different experiences:
    Day 1 attending the panels and hearing the people I respect in the industry talk about their experiences & where it looks like this awesome industry is heading

    Day 2 I’d be able to engage with the indie devs and be inspired from their passion while being able to play upcoming games which I’ll no doubt end up adding to my steam library

    Day 3 would be in attendance with my wife who enjoys games but not quite to the same extent as my own personal obsession. I’d be able to share with her the coolest booths that I reckon she’d be keen on while checking out some new board games which we might be able to buy & perhaps even dig in to some old school console multiplayer.

    Damn I wish there were 4 days – I’d live to bring in my own PC to the LAN, too but there’s simply not enough time!

  • I’d be most excited to see all of the games on display and see if there’s any new tech or interesting stuff being shown – I’m a game dev student at uni and I’ve never been able to go to PAX before! It’d be really cool to try interviewing some indie devs, too, get their opinions on what’s going on. It’d also be really nice to actually get to meet up with some of my gaming friends; never been able to before.

  • I’ve never been to PAX myself but coincidently I’ll be in Melbourne a day before it starts. If I were to go to PAX I would explore everything that I can explore considering it’s my first time. But I really really want to go to the Riot Panel since I’m a huge LoL fan. I’m really interested to know how I can work in Riot games and be part of one of the greatest gaming company. I wish everyone the best of luck for this comp!

  • I mostly want to go to be able to catch up with old friends and people I’ve worked with, since I had to drop out of gaming communities and the industry for a couple of years. It would be great to get back and see how people are doing and what they’ve been up to. I’m already kicking myself for missing out on getting a 3 day pass before they all vanished.

  • As always i would love to come play all the boardgames and cosplays but this year the thing im actually looking forward to most is friends! Theres more than a few of my friends currently scattered across Australia that are flying in for pax and i would be more than excited to see them all again!

  • As a gamer design student, I am most excited to attend any panels that are about game development, specifically VR development and narrative design. I’m also very interested in checking out the Diversity Lounge again this year, as well as attending panels that specifically focus on women in gaming, and diversity in games and development teams. I am also keen to check out the selection of indie games this year. Plus I’m sure the cosplay will be amazing. I’m excited to get photos of cool cosplays of my favourite characters.

    • If you do actually end up going, make sure you line up early for the panels. They are super busy! Worth it though if you need exposure/insights etc.

  • I’ve played computer and table top games for most of my teenage and adult life, but I’ve never really experienced gaming culture outside of my friendship circles.

    I have no idea what to expect from something like PAX, but I still haven’t tried virtual reality so that would be high on the list. I think it would be really cool to bring my camera along and get some professional shots of cos-players.

    Working in a T-Shirt printing shop, i’ve done some work for some of the aus indie developers there. It would be really cool to say hi to them.

  • Pfft only freaking nerds will be going to Pax! Ya damn nerds….. *hugs 3 day pass* Also @alexwalker are you coming down for coverage this year? Bought time I bought you a beer for that GON CS:S tournament years ago 😛

    • Yeah, I’ll be there all three days. Not doing any panels this time around, but you’ll be able to find me wandering the show floor at some point.

  • This year at PAX 2016, I’m really excited to go visit the Riot Games panel for League of Legends. I’ve been playing League of Legends since 2011, and along the way my friends have joined me to climb the ladder. I’m currently Platinum ranked, I wish to visit the Riot Panels to learn more about the community and discover the current meta/trend in order to climb higher before the end of the season.
    I would also love to get freebies from Riot!! Skins codes, etc, lanyards. It’s such an exciting experience when I imagine it.

  • I would be most excited to check out the Bethesda booth especially one week after the release of Skyrim remastered and check out all the hype around Dishonored 2. I’ll also see rocking my vault suit and custom Vault 111 shield so it’ll be amazing to meet so many vault dwellers and play some Fallout 4 on those pretty 4k monitors Bethesda and EB so graciously supply!
    My favourite part is also just the meeting of so many amazing and similar minded people. I’d love the opportunity to go to Pax Aus.

  • I’d absolutely love to go for the experience as I’ve never been before, and to check out all the panels that will be there. I think I’d just love the atmosphere, to be around people who have similar hobbies and interest to me! :’)

  • This is the second time that I’ve composed music for an indie game that is being exhibited at PAX and I’ve only found out that I would be able to attend after tickets were sold out. My background is in composing for theatre and film but I would love to meet more game developers and maybe connect with other people who compose for games. Procedurally generated scores really fascinate me at the moment.

    I would also just love to be there and see how people react to this game I had a small part in.

  • The large amount of panels on the inner-workings of game development really interests me the most. As a possible future participant in the industry, being able to access all that information form such a large variety of knowledgeable people is an overwhelming concept. Along with the large amount of companies and developers there; the amount of fun and information presented at the conference phenomenal. The atmosphere and people will also present another great incentive to attend the convention and with games from Dawn of War 3 to small indie games, the local will be filled with great possibilities

  • I’m most excited to branch away fro PC gaming! I only play on PC, so I’m hoping to expand my horizons to Console games, but even more, Tabletop! I love the idea of gathering up my non-gamer friends for a fun game they can enjoy as well.

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