Win! Flights And A Trip To PAX Australia, Thanks To Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh

As the Magic fans among you are no doubt aware, the new Kaladesh set is close to release. Friday September 30 is the official date.

To celebrate that launch Kotaku has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to send two people to PAX Australia! Flights, accommodation and tickets will be included.

UPDATE: And entering just got easier!

We want the spirit of the competition to be as inclusive as possible, so we've updated the entry mechanic to be even more accessible to everyone. As @aethyr, @pylgrim and @boom had already sent a design before we could make the update — we'll be sending them a Magic Kaladesh Bundle deck. They're already winners (and can enter again).

New Entry Mechanic

Kaladesh is all about these vehicle cards. It's a fresh new aesthetic that you could call Aetherpunk.

What's a vehicle card? I'm glad you asked, there's a video above that explains. Also, we wrote a post explaining them earlier this year.

How to enter: Given the introduction of Vehicles in Magic, tell us in the comments (in 300 words or less) about your favourite vehicle story.

We're looking for funny road trip stories about the crew you went with.

The most impressive vehicle you've crewed, driven, rode, piloted. We'll leave it to you! As always, creativity is what catches our eye.

Entries close at 2pm AEST on Tuesday 4 October 2016. Good luck! Terms and conditions can be found here.


    Travelling down the North Island in NZ, my mates and I were driving in an old SUV which has never left the city. This is the first time the car has ever travelled so far. So after a few hours the car's engine started to sound like an old man. We decided to stop for a while and give it a rest, only when we wanted to start it again, we couldn't. It was a rural road with nothing around around us but sheep . So in the end we actually had to push the car for a few kilometres to the next small town

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