Wonder Woman Is Becoming An Official UN Ambassador

Not Gal Gadot, or Lynda Carter, or the multitude of voice actors, writers and artists that have lent their talents to DC's premier female hero over the last 75 years. The actual fictional character is becoming an honorary leader in the UN's efforts to bring gender equality to the world. Announced today by the United Nations, Wonder Woman will be officially "sworn in" as the UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls at an event at the UN Headquarters on October 21st, attended by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and a host of other guests.

The event, part of DC's ongoing celebration of Diana's 75th anniversary, will launch a new UN initiative (presumably spearheaded by Wonder Woman in her new "role") to support the UN's fifth sustainable development goal, the equal treatment and empowerment of women and girls across the world. A champion of love, truth and justice like Diana seems like the perfect woman for the job, really.


Originally posted on Gizmodo.


    Good choice TBH. She is a strong women who becomes a great hero and is respected by her pears, not because she asked for special treatment, but because she proved her self to be capable of the job of Hero. Just like any one has to do in any job, and in life in general.

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