World Of Final Fantasy Graphics Comparison, PS4 Vs Vita

World Of Final Fantasy Graphics Comparison, PS4 Vs Vita

World of Final Fantasy arrives later this month, bringing piles of pint-sized creatures to two different PlayStation platforms. Square Enix has put together a pair of videos showing off differences in graphics and loading times between the PS4 and Vita versions of the game.

With cross-save support and the promise of hours of tinkering with battle setups and statistics, World of Final Fantasy reminds me a bit of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, a game I played extensively on both the PlayStation 4 and Vita. If I had to choose, it would be a pretty tough… haha, no. I’d choose PS4. As much as I love my Vita, it’s for games I can’t play anywhere else.

Still, Square Enix’s comparison videos (via Siliconera) show that the portable version doesn’t fall far from the console tree. It’s more jaggy, running at 960 x 544 to the PS4’s 1920 x 1080, and there are some differences in the lighting (but not the Lightning) and effects, but otherwise not too shabby.

The other big concern when a game arrives on both PlayStation 4 and Vita is loading times. Here the Vita is slower than the PS4, but also faster.

Basic loading times seem a little longer on the Vita, but the Vita gets into battle a hair faster than the console version, likely due to having fewer effects to process.

With both versions sporting the same features, it really comes down to how and where you want to play. If sitting in front of your PlayStation 4 (or near it via remote play) is your thing, you know what to do.

World of Final Fantasy arrives in Australia on October 28.


  • About time i got a second game for the vita. Got my vita at launch 4 yrs ago and havent played it since finishing uncharted.

    • This is my second Vita. I essentially traded my last one for a New 3DS, but wasn’t a fan of anything outside of Bravely Default and SMT.
      I went and hunted down a good oled Vita and the rest is happy happy days.

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