World Of Final Fantasy’s Standalone Demo Is Worth Playing 

World Of Final Fantasy’s Standalone Demo Is Worth Playing 

If you were worried that the World of Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 (and Vita) demo would spoil the full game experience, you can stop. The standalone demo is just a quick romp through the game’s mechanics with a special treat at the end.

Rather than give players the first level or specific scenario from the upcoming turn-based RPG/tour of Final Fantasy history, Square Enix built a self-contained experience that serves as a basic tutorial for the game’s unique stacking combat system. Chibi Final Fantasy characters appear, but only to hand players a helpful item.

Otherwise it’s a fairly linear trek through a location that does appear in the game, albeit under completely different circumstances. Players face off against a variety of creatures that normally don’t appear in the same area, and can recruit them into their party by capturing them, Pokemon-style. OK, it’s “befriending”, but when the requirements for “befriending” are beating the creature into submission or setting them on fire, then it’s not very friendly.

We get the basics of combat, like how to switch between the shiny rotary menu and something old school Final Fantasy fans might feel more at home with.

We also learn the basics of stacking. Basically, the player forms towers of small, medium and large creatures, which for the purposes of combat is a single entity. Stats combine. Abilities compound or merge to form more powerful ones. The key is having the right critters for the right situation. Use Libra to check out your enemies’ weaknesses and you’ll be fine. If all else fails, summon Tidus.

Isn’t he dreamy?

Isn’t he dreamy?

Players who make their way through the relatively short demo will be able to battle and win “Magitek Armour P” in the game’s coliseum at launch.

Or just check out the video above for an almost full play through of the demo, and then kick back and relax until October 28, when World of Final Fantasy launches on PlayStation 4 and Vita.


  • Although I’ve only played FFVII and FFXIII I’m still a little tempted by this. Looks cute as hell! And Vita!

  • Didn’t really interest me enough to buy the game. Not really looking forward to Pokemon: Final Fantasy.

    • Maybe give the demo ago before labeling it “Pokemon: Final Fantasy” because it is actually nothing like Pokemon.

  • Saw the demo pop up last night on my Vita. Dismissed it as I am waiting for full game. May need to start downloading it now (most people may be surprised, but I actually have more Vita games than I am able to get through).

    • Ok, so I was wrong. This was the biggest let down since the Christmas of ’95. The trailers look cool as hell. Actually playing it made me realise how high my expectations are for FFXV.

      The random battles feel archaic, the game feels like it is struggling to keep a frame rate of anything higher than 7fps and it was just a bit boring really.

      Thank God I didn’t jump in and buy the full game.

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